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The bell rang. Another class was over. Yet, Cyrus was not back in class. Cyrus was not one to miss classes. He was definitely angry by what Richard had said to him. The bastard had tried to walk me to Principal Francis office but I shrugged him off. I went to the Principal's office alone only to be told by his secretary that I was never summoned. I plastered a plastic smile on my face for the secretary, went back to class and briskly finding my seat. I only needed Cyrus to come back to the Class to explain why he felt it necessary to inform Nicole of our relationship status. I could break that girl's neck.


I groaned inwardly, but raised my head, Blond hair falling around my eyes; I pulled it back, my polite smile back on my face

"Yes, Miss?" I smiled at the physics teacher who had taken a special likeness to Cyrus and I, practically every teacher in the school loved Cyrus. He was the combination of Brilliant and Handsomeness. He was definitely in high demand. I was only a tag along because of my beauty and my luxurious blond hair. Most of the teachers like to feel it, whenever I walk past them.

"I did not see Cyrus during my class. I saw him earlier today at the Cafeteria so I am sure he is in school. Do you know his whereabouts?"

I got up in response, "I will go look for him then, Miss, I will have him report back to you when I get him" I sure hoped my voice sounded natural. I was so eager to go look for him but students were not allowed to walk around freely during class hours, which were why I had stuck to my sit, waiting for the next period, which was free, to go look for my absentee boyfriend. He would be mine whether he likes it or not, I will seduce the hell out of him.

I quickly cleared my desk, making the teacher give me a wary look; I smiled at her, giving her my best Richmond style. I was about dashing out the door to go looking for my African Prince when I heard my name again; I turned back slowly only to meet her assessing gaze on my uniform.

"Let that be the last time you dress like that. It is against the school rules. Alright" She warned sternly pointing her thin finger at me.

I nodded to her without saying a word and dashed out of the classroom. How I dress is up to me decide and not for the school. However, it all depends on Cyrus affirmation of our relationship. I do not care how windy it is going to be after everyone finds out. I just want to be his source of happiness. Moreover, I would make sure he acce

ake pity.

"The feeling is mutual dear. I hate you too" I deadpanned. Her dark eyes glared at me this time, chest heaving, she pulled herself to a standing position. I did the same, straightening my skirt.

"Cyrus said he likes you and that he can never accept me"

Letting out a hooting scream, I winked at her" Serves you right bitch, " I muttered under my breathe.

"But I am not going to back off. I also like him, and I liked him before you came here. You have never even done anything for him expect put him in trouble. I saved him from trouble with my Dad and the students so many times. What have you done? Other than sitting up pretty like a doll" she barked at me, she lunged her body at me, trying to tear at my skin with her fingers but strong hands pulled me back from her, looking back I scowled at my Brother George. This boy had the worst timing. I could handle Nicole. It was easy to make her roll down the stairs and then I will claim she hit her leg on a stone and fell. Actually I had the plan hatched in my brain, I was about acting it out when George pulled me.

Sensing my annoyance at him, he left me hurriedly and went over to Nicole who now sat on the chair, crying, more tears and snort coming out of her, disgusted at the sight I turned away but turned back sharply.

George was bending over her and talking sweetly to her trying to calm her down. I chuckled to myself. Let the romance begin. I would make sure it definitely happens. First I need to find my Prince Charming, secondly, I will make Nicole fall in love with George, thereby scandalizing Principal Francis that his seventeen-year-old daughter loves my fifteen-year-old brother.

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