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   Chapter 12 CHAPTER TWELVE

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Glancing around me, I let my gaze slid across the wicked beauty sitting beside me. She was looking exquisite; her hair was the perfect shade. Her creamy thighs were lusciously spread for my gaze. I swallowed deeply, am sure if I slid my hand in she would be more than ready to accommodate me. She smiled seductively at me, resting her head on her desk; she faced me staring at me with cute eyes.

The only thing I could think of was holding Marie in my arms. The feel of her body against mine would make me feel complete for the very first time in my life. I could not wait to feel her body against mine. It was going to a homecoming. I wanted this queen bee in my life.

I wanted to inhale the sweet apple scent coming from her body. She so transfixed me that I did not notice Nicole standing in front of me, she tapped my desk, her annoyance expressly spread across her face

I watched as she eyed Marie, who remained where she was, but the smile on her face had disappeared. There must be some underlying tension between them. I noted.

"What can I do for you?" I asked quietly, I was in no mood to play nice to anyone; I just wanted to prove to Marie that dressing provocatively to tease me was going to be a bad plan on her side. I want to lose myself in her and be truly happy; there is one thing we needed to establish though. She is a very gorgeous woman; many boys were ogling her as she walked into the class, even the male teachers that came to teach had found it impossible to take his eyes off her, which still made my blood boil.

Nicole must have been saying something to me, because she slammed one of my books on the hard desk to gain my attention.

I must have drifted off "Sorry, what did you say? I was just caught up in something, " I said, hoping I sounded as remorseful as possible.

Rolling her eyes, " Tell your girlfriend, my Dad wants her in his office" she uttered, her tone was not nice, picking a book on my desk, she began to read.

"She is not my girlfriend. Nicole, wipe that assumption from your brain, " I corrected, not sure, why I felt the need to clear the error, Nan warnings about Nicole's affection for me still riveted in my head. I was going to have to look a way to put an end to her affections so she would not get hurt, Ignoring the sudden gasp that came out of Marie's mouth, Nicole smiled warmly.

"Marie?" I called but got no response. Hoping she wa

. So creepy.

Richard smirked, still holding Marie who stood wooden to the floor, letting Richard span her waist with his hands.

"Marie and I will go and see the principal. Cyrus, you take care of the Principal's daughter. I will get Marie to the principal's office. However, I need to praise you though you are a true stud. You have two girls fighting over you, you are a man From today onward no one will ever call you a nerd anymore" Richard mocked me while his friends all laughed, the other students also joined in. pain etched in my guts, this was the exact thing I hated.

Marie stood there unmoving, like a pretty doll. She was not the type to stay quiet during occasions like this. Something must have set her off. Nevertheless, I needed her to speak up but she remained quiet It makes me feel so isolated. Left out. Like I was being boxed into a corner with no one to turn to, I had thought that lonely spirit would go away once I met Marie but I was wrong she only wanted a show to show the school she was the queen bee. My heart thumped noisily in my chest. The rumblings causing an ache so painfully I nearly stooped breathing.

I raised my head a little, letting our eyes collide, contrite eyes meeting my stormy ones. Forcing out the pain, I stalked out of the class angrily; the class booing laughter followed me as I walked out. I heard the name callings as I walked out.' Nerd', Mr. know it all. Rich boy. Daddy's boy. Principal's Pet.

It was rare for me to cry. I had vowed never to shed a single tear ever since I realized I was never going to get my Parents love. If only they knew.

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