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   Chapter 11 CHAPTER ELEVEN

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"You look gorgeous, Marie. Are we sure you are going to school and not a party?"

I observed myself in the mirror, my blond hair was perfectly styled, and I weaved the edges, giving it a semi African look. I allowed my hand brush over my extremely short skirt. There was nothing I could do about the customary white shirt other than make sure I loosened at least two buttons while Cyrus was looking. My makeup was top notch also, though I tried to make it look as natural as humanly possible then I finished it with a bright red lipstick. The uniform had been longer when it was given to me but I had reshaped it to my taste. No quirky uniform was going to spoil my reputation. No way I would allow myself to wear the nunnery skirt I was given.

Mom continued staring at me expecting a reply to her question "Marie?"

I turned to give her a charming smile, letting the smile take over my face" Mom I'm going to school not a party" I answered dutifully replacing my smile with a Richwood smile

Mom was having none of it, she stood up from my bed and came to face me "I am not buying that Marie, There is something going on, I know you like dressing like a queen bee and I sincerely have no problem with that, but there is a major change today. You are looking more African, as if you are trying to please someone, " she stated logically, giving me a quizzical look.

"Mom, relax I am just going to school, this is the way I dress up whenever I go to school back home" I managed to let out. My mom was such a drama queen at times.

Mom shook her head at me, taking hold of my shoulders" This is Africa Marie, these things you are putting on is not allowed, students are not allowed to wear these" she said gesturing to my uniform" you know that but you are still wearing it which means

ges now. Discovering Cyrus was a part of my life will not be a good thing. He would definitely decree his pound of flesh for all the pranks and tricks I have made him go through over the years.

My mom looked at me" What have I done wrong? There is no harm in him knowing" if only she knew, George was as black bellied as I am. The faster I get George a girlfriend here the better for my starting relationship with Cyrus.

"He does not have to know, " I emphasized.

"Whatever" he muttered, "Dad wants you in the car now. I don't want to be late to school because of you" He gave me a look that told me he would still find out what I was planning but by then I would be ready. I vowed and I need to set to work right away.

"Mom, I need to get to school now"

"Alright, I will just stay here and tidy up a few things. "She glanced around my scattered room taking it all in; I had clothing's hanging from every corner of the room.

"Bye Mom"

"Tell Cyrus he is free to visit anytime he likes" she called after me. I rolled my eyes, I only said I love him we have not finally began dating but I am sure it will not be long before he asks me and if he does not I will do the asking, I cannot wait.

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