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"How are you preparing for your exams?" My mom asked me at breakfast, the following day being a weekend. Thanking God for small mercies, she suddenly developed stomach cramps from not eating properly and the doctor advised her to stay home.

"Exams has not started Mum, it's just the beginning of the term"

"Really?" I thought it was at least close to the midterms"

"You thought wrong"

Dad soon joined us on the dining table, offering us a mundane apology that no one needs, at least not me.

"Sorry, I am late to the breakfast table."

Mom rolled her eyes, but otherwise kept quiet; she has discovered over the years that arguing with my Dad was a lost cause. He would stick out his needles like a porcupine.

"So Cyrus, Principal Francis says you are tutoring some American girl, " Dad said giving me a strange look.

I was not going to fall into this trap; I gave him the smartest reply to save myself "Didn't Principal Francis already tells you, why you are pestering me?"

Dad sighed, " I am trying to make a conversation here Cyrus, must you always be so hard?" he said sounding tortured.

"The son has to look like the father isn't it? I am not a bastard after all. I am glad you acknowledge that" With that being said, I pulled my chair backward and left the dinning. I was sickened to my stomach of being the perfect boy. It was high time they know they lost me a long time ago.

As I left the room, I could hear their raised voices, Mom was pleading with him to let the matter go but Dad was adamant. I could hear his steps thundering after me.

I snickered; I was not ready for a confrontation now. By my judicious calculations that would be when I am ready to go to the university, I have a trust fund

o warmly, and she was all moans and whimpers when I touched her to my satisfaction. I smiled at the thought

"Take a look at you, you are all smiles just thinking about her." she teased "So when are you bringing her over to see me?" I need to see the girl that has managed to capture the heart of my baby, several girls have tried it over the years, but they all failed. What about that principal Francis daughter, you told me she was always running after you, running to your rescue. You don't like her?"


"Is that her name?"

"Nicole does not like me Nan"

"Boys don't know these things. But no girl will go out of her way to protect a guy all the time just for nothing; she definitely has something for you"

I stared at her puzzled. No way has Nicole had feelings for me, to me she was just a girl who is kind and acts out of character for me some times. It suddenly clicked; wide eyed I turned to look at Mrs. Adams who had been observing me all this while, a mischievous smile on her face.

"She likes me?" shocked at my discovery. If she finds out I like Marie, she might get furious or worse jealous.

Mrs. Adams nodded "Yes, she does"

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