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   Chapter 9 CHAPTER NINE

From Hate to Love By fasheaster Characters: 9279

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It was only two days later, as I sat in my room with Cyrus who was sitting with every bit of my school books scattered around us on my study table that I found out Nicole identity

"She is Principal Francis daughter, she is our age mate also" Why do you ask?" he answered, nose bent in a book.

I shook my head "Nothing, just wanted to know, she seems to have so much power in the school that's all"

"Never mind that, whatever respect she has gathered has nothing to do with Principal Francis, Nicole is just kind and caring to a fault that's all" he said dismissively, he picked up a further mathematics workbook, I had been working on and began glancing through.

He would not know a crush when he sees one. I sighed. I would have to make my move before he leaves, Nicole was going to be so disappointed.

Suddenly re-energized I gathered some of my school books close to me, pretending to

s, turning my mood wherever he wishes.

He pulled me closer to him, he carried me suddenly setting me on the desk cleared of our books, I was frozen, his breath kissing my lips as he exhaled

He grabbed my hips. Firmly. "I mean, I know you are a very good student, too good to be controlled by Principal Francis, you barely even listened to a thing I said throughout our lesson" he mocked

I opened my lips to argue but Cyrus hands were quick on them, getting serious, his thumb traced my bottom lips in a gentle caress, he gave it a soft tug "I want to be happy like you are, it was your bright nature that drew me closer you and your mischievous nature, I need some of that happy streak in my life, I have been far depressed by my parents. It is time I set out to go find love of my own"

"Love?" I echoed, stunned

"Yes love" with that being said, he lowered his mouth on mine, alarm bells going off in my head.

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