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   Chapter 8 CHAPTER EIGHT

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"Marie Richwood?"

"Shit, " I muttered, shocked by how shaky my voice was.

"Principal Francis?"

"I was told someone was impersonating my name on their first day school, what do you have to say about that Marie?" he asked quietly, putting his hands at his back like a disoriented preacher.

I sent Nicole an icy glare, which she returned with equal fervor. I would deal with her later, I turned to Principal Francis and sent him my sweetest smile, one I had used on teachers at Dale High a lot, and it helped me escape Detention lots of times. They were all so magnetized by it.

"I am sorry about that Sir; I just needed to see Cyrus real quick and I knew he would not leave his books unless I used the name of a higher authority like yours"

"Is that so?" he asked incredulously clearing not believing a word I said. It was the truth though surprisingly.

I nudged Cyrus who remained silent; his eyes were darting back and forth as though he wanted to escape Principal Francis presence. My body throbbed at the touch but knew I needed to help get him away from the Principal.

I noticed Nicole was staring brazenly at Cyrus; she was so lost in her stare, that she did not see me observing her.

Wanting to catch her in her snare, I turn to Principal Francis" Sir, if I may ask how you came to know we were over here?"

"How I came to know does not matter Marie, what matters now is how you both came to be stained with Paint on school property?, even children in kindergarten have overgrown all this" he said sternly, looking at Cyrus and I one after the other.

"Marie sent Anna to the class to call ……"Nicole tried to talk but Cyrus caught her off smoothly.

"She needed me to explain some things to her which she did not understand in class that was why she sent Anna to call me in your name Sir"

"And where is the book if I may ask? And why come to the football court?" he asked suspiciously

I was getting tired of the questioning though, my body still throbbed painfully from where Cyrus slammed me against the wall, and I might have to warn him not to do that next time

I smiled warmly at the thought, 'next time'. I would agree our short make out session had been hot, I slid a glance his way but his gaze was on Principal Francis, he did not waver, so did Nicole's her eyes were practically undressing him

I scoffed in annoyance. He is mine.

I was surprised when Cyrus pulled his map coordinat

called leaving in the same creepy way he came

Nicole however was not done; she sauntered over to Cyrus who arched a brow at her curious.

"Are you okay? "She asked sweetly bringing a hand to his face to wipe off a paint had stuck to his skin, she tucked her hand in his" Come on let's get you cleaned up? I will get your uniform from the admin myself"

"Shouldn't you be doing that to Marie?" he asked his voice devoid of any emotion. It was hard to tell if he was displeased or not.

She flicked a gaze to me, and then flicked it back to Cyrus irritated "why should I do that?"

"She is a female, I am a male. That's why. I can clean up myself thank you" He said dismissively, taking on that arrogant streak of his. He moved out of her reach and began walking towards the classrooms.

I whistled loudly, and followed Cyrus but Nicole's words dragged me back" Leave Cyrus alone, if you are not going to stay. Don't let him fall in love with you. If you won't be by his side till the end"

Nicole's words made my triumphant mood turn sour "And how do you know that?" that fact was just a suggestion my Dad had made.

She snickered "I have my ways. Just don't make him waver. If you will not love him completely. He needs someone who can give him love"

"I don't know about love but I plan on getting to know Cyrus better, if you have any problem about that. You can go hit your head against an electricity pole" I snarled. I was done arguing I turned away from her and began going after Cyrus.

"I love him" Nicole called after me. I stopped in my tracks

"And I am not giving him up to you anytime soon" she declared.

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