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   Chapter 11 Marry me

Unknown Feelings By Chang Du Characters: 3832

Updated: 2020-09-23 20:48

It's been three months, and I have fully recovered; now, I can walk without any support.

I am back to my healthy life; I sometimes cook for Mr. Walter, he is a lovely person, sometimes even if the food is not good he will never complain he will smile and just say, "at least you tried"

As I have recovered, I can't sit idle, I have graduated in finance and management, so I thought of speaking to him about staring work.

I cannot be dependent on him for the rest of my life.

So I decided to speak to him while breakfast, I was already waiting for him on the dining table.

I saw him coming downstairs from his bedroom, he was wearing a navy blue tailored suit, and he was looking murderously handsome.

I could not take away my gaze from him; he walked closer to me, smiled, and said, "Good morning, Angel."

At that time, I realized that I was staring, or I would say drooling at him; I felt embarrassed and tried to cover my embarrassment saying, "Good morning, Mr. Walter."

He sat on the head chair, and breakfast was served, as we were eating I looked at him and said, "Mr. Walter, I thought as I have recovered, I should sta


We settled on a table; after that, we ordered our food. I asked, "Mr. Walter, why are we here?"

He looked at me; he was about to open his mouth to reply to my question a waiter came with wine and served us.

Once the waiter left, I looked at him, giving him expression to continue, and what he said next, I almost spilled the wine out of my mouth.

He said straight away, "Marry me, my angel."

I was dumbstruck, after hearing what he said, I mean no one can deny a person like him; he is perfect marriage material, an idol husband.

Kind of person, for whom many girls would line up at his one call, he is filthy rich, has a body like Greek god, and murderously handsome, but I still have my questions without which I will not take my decision.

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