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   Chapter 10 I am Marco Walter

Unknown Feelings By Angela Characters: 3649

Updated: 2020-09-22 10:30

Jane's POV

He helped me in eating some food; he wiped my face gently. He said, "I will help you to wipe your body after that; you can sleep for some time."

When he said, I panicked and said with all my strength, " .no, I am fine like this"

How can I allow him to wipe my body? I don't even know him.

When I said this, I saw him smiling from year to year, and he said, "You deny me, but what if I had already seen your body when you were in a coma?"

After I heard him, my ears got red; I could not face him, he is right, I don't know what all happened with me in the last one year.

I think when he noticed my embarrassment, he laughed and said, "Don't worry angel, I haven't done anything wrong in your eyes. Mary, my head maid, had taken care of you for the last one year."

When he said, I felt relieved. But what caught my attention was he called me angel, wherein I think he is a fallen angel, who saved me.

After saying this, he again kissed on my forehead before leaving.

I want to stop myself from having any feelings for him, I don't even know his name, leav

und floor. I have never seen his bedroom because I cannot walk properly until now.

I am just able to walk for a maximum of 10-15 steps, and I get tired.

I sometimes feel like my body froze for a year, and now it's melting slowly.

I got to know that I am in Chicago, I don't know where my Dad and sister is, I just miss my Mum so much.

I can't even go to her grave; I don't know whether my Mum will forgive me or not for what I did?

She always uses to say that running away from a problem is never a solution, and I tried to apply that throughout my life, but that horrible night, I was weak.

I didn't want to be the mistress of an old businessman; my Mum always said that I should marry someone who loves me.

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