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   Chapter 45 Hurtful Words

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 7045

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The coldness all over Russell's body made people feel chilly. Nathan immediately raised his hands and surrendered, "Mr. Russell, you've misunderstood. I didn't say anything. If you don't believe me, you can ask Bella!"


Russell frowned. 'When does Nathan and Bella become so intimate?'

Nathan slammed the door and covered his chest. 'Whew! I am so scared that I almost is in trouble.'

Russell looked around the ward and found nothing unusual. 'But what does Bella look at me?'

Russell walked to Bella gracefully and calmly, and said gently, "Don't you welcome me? Do you think I'm disturbing you and others?"

"I didn't mean that. Don't get me wrong!"

'I could only stay on the bed now. How could he disturb me and others? Except for the nurse and Nathan, there seems to be no one who has contact with me.

No, is he suspecting me and Nathan?

What a ridiculous joke!' Bella couldn't help but cover her mouth and snicker.

"What are you laughing at? Huh? Bella, how dare you!"

"I didn't laugh at all. I swear to God!" Bella let go of her mouth, 'But I couldn't help complaining myself since when my smile point became so low.'

"Stop your damn laughter!" Russell shouted unhappily. The coldness all over his body made people want to retreat.

Bella picked up a glass of water from the cabinet and took a gulp. But she choked because she was too anxious.

'When people are unlucky nowadays, they will even choke when they drink cold water. Isn't that my current situation?'


Bella coughed loudly, showing a painful expression on her face. The cough affected her whole body, and she felt the pain of the wound tearing.

Russell glanced at Bella with disdain, reached out his hand, paused in midair for a moment, but still reached her.

Bella could feel the tenderness in Russell's hand, as if she had the whole world.

Russell's little action easily made her heart beat fast. Bella couldn't help but sigh that this man was really a charming man!

'No matter five years ago or five years later, I couldn't escape.'

Bella calmed down and tried to than

ged the clothes of a cleaner and cleaned the CEO's office for Russell.

Russell was a neat freak. His home and office were mainly in black and white. When Bella went to pick up the note under the table, she saw several vigorous words.

'The kidnapping has something to do with Jenny!'

The thought of kidnapping and the moment when the knife stabbed into her body still haunted Bella.

'It turns out that everything is not an accident. Someone did it on purpose!'

The blood all over Bella's body was boiling. 'I have no enmity with Jenny all the time. Why did she treat me like this?'

Bella slumped into the leather chair, lost in thought.

'Obviously, this note should be written to Russell by Nathan. Russell casually threw it on the ground, which proved that he didn't care about me at all and wouldn't let Jenny be responsible for what she had done to me.'

Thinking of this, Bella was heartbroken and disappointed with Russell.

Bella went back to the cleaning room absentmindedly, but the director came to her with a smile. "Bella, someone is looking for you outside. Remember to go back quickly. I'll help you with the work first!"

After this incident, almost the whole company had a different view of Bella. They were afraid of offending her and they would be in trouble if Russell knew it.

After all, because of Bella, the year-end party of the JY Company was postponed!

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