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   Chapter 44 Go Beyond Expectation

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Chang Du Characters: 7007

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Russell was confused. Something went beyond his expectation. He couldn't help but hold Bella's hand. 'There are many calluses on it. I remember that her hand was soft back then. It could be imagined that she hadn't lived well in the past five years.

Alesia had been dead for five years. In the past five years, Bella had been driven out of the Song family and tortured by me for so long, with a child!

Yes, she is taking care of a child!

She had already had children with someone else before marriage, but she still shamelessly married me!'

Russell told himself that he couldn't sympathize with this woman for a moment. He still had to take revenge for Alesia.

"I'm thirsty..." Bella murmured in pain. Her body ached so much that it was heartbreaking to move.

Russell poured some warm water and dipped it in a cotton swab to wet Bella's lips. Then, Bella licked her lips and continued to murmur, as if she was not satisfied.

"Stop drinking. You can't drink too much water now!" Russell said with a straight face.

"I'm thirsty..." Bella frowned and her eyes were still closed.

'I couldn't stand it anymore!' Russell had to continue to feed Bella with a cotton swab.

'I didn't expect that one day, as the famous elder son of the Su family, I would become a slave of a woman and serve her.'

Bella finally stopped making trouble and fainted.

Russell breathed a sigh of relief. 'Fortunately, she was saved.'

It had been the second day. When Bella opened her eyes, she thought of what happened last night. She didn't know what happened later, so she quickly sat up, fearing that something bad would happen to Russell.

"Ouch!" The wound on Bella's body was pulled, and her face turned pale with pain.

"What are you shouting for in the early morning?" Russell walked out of the bathroom and looked very angry.

"Are you okay?" Bella asked worriedly.

But when Bella saw Russell's vigorous figure, she knew that she was flattering herself. She could not help but lower her eyes. She remembered that the person Russell saved first last night was Jenny.

Bella f

ing married, especially when the man I married is clearly my favorite, but I could never touch him.'

Bella sighed. Before she could tell the nurse to go out first, Nathan had already come in with many bags.

The nurse smiled like a flower. She looked at Bella from time to time and said with a smile, "Am I right? Your husband is so good to you!"

"……" Bella was speechless. 'It turns out that the nurse mistook Nathan for my husband.'

Nathan hurriedly explained bitterly, "You've mistaken me for someone else. I'm a subordinate of Miss. Bella's husband. Don't make fun of me. Miss. Bella is so good. Her husband also is excellent!"

"I'm sorry, Miss. Bella. I didn't mean to mistake!" The nurse was so embarrassed. In the past few days, she had been boasting in front of Bella. It turned out that she knew nothing.

"It doesn't matter. I don't blame you. You can go out first!" There was a faint smile on Bella's face.

The nurse went out carefully at once.

The farce made Nathan touch his hair unnaturally and said awkwardly, "This nurse is talking nonsense!"

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, I'm just nothing to Russell!" 'If he cared about me, he wouldn't have disappeared for so many days.'

"No, it's not like that. In fact, Mr. Russell..."

Before Nathan could finish his words, the door was slammed open. Russell asked in a cold tone, "Nathan? Why don't you continue?"

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