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   Chapter 30 Torture Her

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 6833

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Bella and Elsa couldn't help but look back at the king who slowly got out of the car, and Stuart was still suspecting that the voice he heard seemed to be familiar.

They saw that Russell was in a well cut handmade suit in Italy, and a pair of shiny leather shoes was slowly stepping on the ground. His whole body exuded a chill.

Elsa sat up in a hurry, held Russell's leg and cried bitterly.

"Mr. Russell, you have to stand up for me. These two people are obviously bullying me!" Elsa first filed a complaint. 'I had thought that I could teach a good lesson to Bella, but I didn't expect that there was a man who would help Bella.

And Bella even said that she had married with Russell, which was simply humiliating herself. How could a noble man like Russell like a cleaner?'

On the other hand, Bella held up Stuart with her cold eyes. Stuart was almost dumbfounded. He looked at the man in front of him with dull eyes.

'The man in front of me is obviously my idol, Russell, who invested the JY Company, a frightening name!

Did I hear it wrong just now?' Stuart said he wouldn't let anyone bully Bella, but Russell seemed to answer him that Bella was doomed to be bullied by him.


Stuart couldn't imagine what would happen next.

Nathan winked at Stuart and asked him to leave as soon as possible. However, Stuart didn't give up and continued to say to Bella, "Don't be afraid. It's all right!"

"Nathan, why are you still standing there?" As soon as Russell cast a cold and arrogant glance at Nathan, Nathan immediately said to Belle respectfully, "Mrs. Belle, get in the car!"

The words Mrs. Belle brought back the thoughts of Bella. 'It turned out that I was really married to Russell!

Russell's face is livid with rage. There are four words shown on his face, "keep away from me". Even if he is a few steps away, I could feel the coldness from him.'

Belle's heart was filled with fear. 'What if Stuart is in trouble because of me this time?'

"Mr. Russell, I have something to tell you!" Bella summoned up the courage and hoped that Russell could take a look at her.

'But I am wrong. What could I do even if I married him? There is no other woman in Russell's eyes except Alesia.'

"Let go of me! If you still want to live in this city, let go of me!" Russell shook off the hands of the two women and said.

Elsa had just completely understood what was going on. She couldn't tell how it felt. She always felt that everything was not true.

Elsa looked at Bella fiercely. 'She only had a beautiful face. How could she marry Russell?

I should be Russell's wife!'

Unconvinced, Elsa continued to pull Russell's suit jacket and asked in confusion, "Mr. Russell, are you married to her?"

'How much I hope that everything is fake, but I also told myself that even if it was true, I still had the ability to take back the position I had been dreaming of from Bella.'

"How dare you ask me about my private?" Russell opened his thin lips, full of disdain for this woman. In less than a minute, a few bodyguards came up and dragged Elsa out.

Russell cast a cold glance at Bella and said, "You have seen what had happen to her. Do you still want to oppose me?" Then Russell took off his suit jacket and threw it away mercilessly.

Bella was still kneeling. She shook her head in horror, regardless of the eyes of the onlookers around.


Russell is leaving!'

Belle couldn't care anything else. She pushed the door open and went in directly. The moment the luxury car drove out, she saw Stuart's painful face through the window.

Belle looked away, but heard the man's sarcasm. "What? Reluctant? Believe it or not, I will let that man die without a burial place!"

"Mr. Russell, please. I really have nothing to do with him. He just cares about me. Can you let him go?"

As far as Bella could remember, Stuart didn't come from a rich family. He had worked outside since he was a freshman. She felt sorry for him. It took him a lot of efforts to get his current position.

'Russell is like a devil who could control other people's life and death, and could push them into trouble forever at any time.

I should never let Stuart get hurt.'

"But he covets you. At present, he is the only man who dares to shout at me!"

Russell couldn't stand the sweet chatting and laughing of Stuart and Bella. 'The two of them seem to have endless topics to talk about. I wouldn't watch them sweet. My beloved woman died because of Bella.

Therefore, Bella would never get happiness in her life!'

"I beg you, okay? Mr. Russell, please let him go. He and I are just friends..." 'He and I had only met once or twice time anyway. What kind of feeling could we had with each other?'

Belle didn't dare to say the last sentence in the following moment, because Russell had taken out the document and she didn't dare to disturb him. She was afraid that she would make thing worse. Moreover, there were other people in the car, so she didn't dare to use her unique skill.

As soon as they got out of the car, Bella took the briefcase from Nathan. She looked like an obedient little wife, which made people want to kiss her.

At least Nathan thought so. 'But in Russell's mind, this woman has always been doing everything for her purpose. He would never let her achieve it.'

As soon as the door was closed, Bella couldn't wait to say, "Mr. Russell', I really beg you. Don't deal with Stuart..."

"Bella, it seems that you never take my words seriously!" Hearing Bella's words, Russell loosened his tie. His heart was inexplicably burning with anger, as if it could burn at any time.

"I'm very obedient. Don't worry. If you have any problem, tell me at any time. I'll change it..." Bella said quickly with her beautiful big eyes open.

"If you serve me well, maybe I can give you a chance!" 'I want to trample on her dignity with my own hands on the ground.'

"You want to eat, don't you? Okay, I'll do it right away!"

As soon as Bella finished her words, she rushed to the kitchen. But she ran too fast that she hit her head directly. With tears in her eyes, she slowed down her pace and continued to walk to the kitchen.

Soon the sound came from the kitchen.

Russell couldn't help but look at Bella in the kitchen. When she hit the door just now, he couldn't help laughing. 'Her head is injured, and now she hit the door again. She might have to hit silly.'

Russell silently put down the newspaper that had not been turned over for a long time, and his eyes could not help but fall on Belle again.'


Russell immediately realized that he had done something he disdained. 'Why do I care about that woman?

No, I don't care about her at all. I just want to torture her all the time, making her unbearable.'

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