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   Chapter 29 I Won't Let Anyone Bully You

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 6835

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'In that case, don't blame Elsa for being rude.'

"I have married Mr. Russell. If you have any questions, just ask him. I haven't accepted it in for the time being!" Bella said.

'The woman's fierce voice keep buzzing in my ears.' Bella was so tired that she had to close my eyes and fell asleep soon.

It was not until the chattering Elsa saw the sleeping Bella that she realized that she was talking to herself just now.

"Petty! What did Bella say just now?"

Petty trembled. She looked at the expression on Elsa's face and answered cautiously, "Miss. Elsa, just now she said.... She said she married Mr. Russell!"

"Impossible! How could Mr. Russell marry a cleaner? Mr. Russell had asked her to serve me before. It must be this woman who wants to make trouble for me on purpose!" Elsa had thought that she would become Russell's wife and became Mrs. Elsa of the Su family as long as she tried her best. Elsa was in a mess.

'But now, it seems to be different.'

Elsa shook Petty hard and kept asking. Petty felt aggrieved, but she couldn't lose her temper on this super star.

After a long time, Elsa finally figured it out. 'The only explanation could only be that this woman was lying!'

Elsa took action in person, shaking Bella hard.

Bella was not feeling well, and now she was shaking so violently that she almost vomited, and a burst of nausea in her stomach.

"You Stop shaking me..." Bella said painfully.

"No? I'm going to shake you to death, Bella!" Elsa became more and more aggressive. Petty, who was standing next to her, looked at Bella and found that Bella seemed to be in a bad health. She wanted to hold Elsa's hand, but she heard Elsa's roar, "Even you are going to stand on her side?"

"I dare not!" Petty replied seriously.


Bella vomited all over Elsa painfully. She looked at the filthy Elsa with guilt. She swore that she didn't do it on purpose.

'I couldn't help but vomit. I know that this woman would hate me.'

Bella felt like weeping but had no tears.

As soon as Nathan came in, he saw this scene. He covered his nose with two fingers and frowned, "What happened?"

Elsa was about to lose her temper, so she ran to Nathan and complained. Nathan quickly stepped back and said in disgust, "If you have anything to say, just say it. Don't come over!"

"You... You dislike me! I'm a superstar, a pure lady!" The reputation of Elsa had been defeated by Bella, 'And now this man dared to provoke me.'

Elsa held back her anger and said tearfully, "Mr. Nathan, please speak for me in front of Mr. Russell. This woman vomited on me. It's so disgusting!"

"Go wash yourself. I also feel sick!" Nathan added.

Elsa stamped her feet and rushed into the bathroom in anger.

Nathan covered his nose and said to Bella, "Just pack up and go downstairs with me. Mr. Russell is downstairs!"

"But Miss. Elsa!" Bella glanced at the bathroom apologetically.

'If a super star was vomited by me, it is estimated that I will leave a hurt on Elsa all her life.'

"You know Mr. Russell's temper. I advise you not to ask for trouble!" As soon as Nathan finished his words, he quickly ran away from this disgusting place. 'I couldn't help but vomit when I thought of the disgusting scene that Elsa showed off in front of me just now.'

Bella quickly changed her clothes and followed Nathan out.

When Elsa was in the bathroom, she heard

clearly that Bella was going downstairs to see Mr. Russell.

Elsa told herself that she wouldn't give up the position of Russell's wife to others. She was afraid that Russell would run away, so she changed her clothes in a hurry and ran away. She must tell him before Russell left.

When Elsa went downstairs, she saw that Bella had entered Russell's car!

Elsa was about to lose her temper. Regardless of anything, she rushed over and pulled out Bella who had just gotten on the car. She reached out her hand and was so angry that her face was full of anger. "Are you kidding me?"

"What are you doing?"

"What am I doing? How dare you ask me why? If I don't teach you a good lesson today, I won't be Elsa!" Elsa was fully prepared for the slap, which would make Bella deaf.

"Let me go!" Bella was not easy to be bullied. She had suffered all kinds of hardships when she worked outside these years.

'If it weren't for Russell, I would have fought with her.

Didn't Russell marry me today? I would like to see whether in Russell's mind, his nominal wife is more important, or Elsa is more important!'

"I'll kill you!" Elsa was full of jealousy.

At the same time, Bella was also in a bad condition. Her face flushed and a murderous look of resistance appeared on her face, which made Elsa shudder.

When the two faced each other, Elsa found that Bella was also very tall. Although Bella was a little taller than her, the momentum of Bella was not inferior to hers at all!



The two women roared and started fighting.

The two fought fiercely and didn't show weakness to each other. Their moves were powerful and their aura were fierce.

Nathan covered his eyes and couldn't bear to see it anymore. He carefully asked Russell, "Do I need to help?"

"No need!" Russell continued to take a rest with his eyes closed. 'It is none of my business how the women outside are fighting. As long as they doesn't die, it will be fine.'

Seeing this, Nathan felt pain. 'Women are really troublesome. Wherever there are women, there will be wars. I'd better be careful. If I offend Russell, I will be in big trouble.'

"Stop!" A man's voice sounded, which shocked the two women who were fighting.

Holding a bunch of roses, Stuart saw two women fighting with each other from a distance. 'One of them is exactly the Bella whom I had a crush on.'

Stuart immediately threw the flowers away and pulled away Elsa. At the same time, he shouted angrily, "Bella, hurry up! This woman is crazy! How dare she are to hit you!"

At this time, Bella was very embarrassed. Her face was covered with many wounds by the sharp nails of Elsa, which were bloodstained. Her hair was messy and her eyes were empty. She sat on the ground blankly without saying anything. She felt very sad and wanted to cry.

'Russell is also here, but he watches me being beaten by Elsa. I should have known that I am just like Elsa a dispensable object to him.

But I couldn't help but feel sad.'

Tears streamed down Belle's cheeks. Stuart shook off Elsa's hand and examined Belle's wounds anxiously. 'She had just been in the hospital. What if she got hurt again?'

Stuart hugged Belle gently and comforted her, "It's all right. I won't let anyone bully you!"

"But she is doomed to be bullied by me!" A majestic voice slowly came out of the car, and the surrounding air suddenly froze.

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