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   Chapter 28 Ungrateful Woman

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 7261

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With a pen in her hand, Bella thought of the time after she reunited with Russell.

'I love him and have never changed from beginning to end. I thought that after five years, at least I should let go of these unrealistic fantasies, but I couldn't help it. Even if he is very bad to me, I still love him.'

Bella took up the pen and quickly filled in the form, as if she had made a huge decision.

Twenty minutes later, Russell hadn't come back yet. Bella felt more and more uneasy. 'Did Russell regret it?'

Someone came in!

The whole civil affairs bureau had been cleared up by Nathan. At this moment, only Bella and Nathan, together with some staff, were there. They could clearly feel the person coming in.

It was not Russell! It was a man in a suit and leather shoes.

The man took out a few documents and introduced himself, "Hello, Miss. Belle. Mr. Russell entrusted me to come here. I'm Kennedy, the holding lawyer of the JY Company. This is my business card!"

Bella took the business card in confusion. Her brain went blank for a while and she couldn't figure out why this man came.

"Have a look at these documents. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future, Miss. Belle, you'd better sign them. It's good for both you and Mr. Russell!" Kennedy Tang said in a businesslike manner.

Bella picked up the documents, which were nothing more than property certificates.

'I thought that Russell was thinking wrong. I had already seen through it. Even if I tried my best to grab something that didn't belong to me, it wouldn't really belong to me.

I love him, not his money.' Thinking of this, Belle picked up the pen without hesitation.

Kennedy adjusted his glasses and stopped her, "Miss. Belle, don't you need to have a look?"

"No need!"

After signing the agreement, Bella thought that at least Russell would appear for a while. 'After all, marriage certificate is a big matter, and I couldn't deal with it alone.

What's more, I haven't recovered from the shock. My mind is blank, uncomfortable and confused.'

"Miss. Belle, you can leave now after filling in the form. As for the marriage certificate, I will try my best to help you!" Kennedy said seriously, but his serious expression made people laugh, probably because he had a baby face and wore glasses.

"Stop pretending. Kennedy you are not suitable to be serious!" Nathan grabbed Kennedy's glasses and threw them into the trash can.

Kennedy shouted angrily, "Nathan, if you don't make fun of me all day long, do you want to die?"

"That's right. You're so funny. Well, I'll drive Miss. Belle back first. You go through the formalities by yourself. Tell me when you finish it!" Nathan smiled and patted Kennedy on the shoulder.

"Why should I tell you?" Kennedy despised Nathan. 'How dare Nathan was to laugh at him just now!'

Nathan pulled Bella and went out. 'If Kennedy continued, we might not be able to finish the work and can't explain to Mr. Russell.'

Bella stopped and asked anxiously, "Why did he marry me?"

"You're married. Do you think it's necessary for you to ask this question?" Sometimes, Nathan admired Russell. 'He know what he wants from the beginning to the end and wouldn't change his mind because of a woman's crying.

As the saying goes that those who achieve great success don't care about small details. It probably refer to Russell.'

"It's not good to get married for no reason. Should I go in and stop them..." 'Maybe I could stop Kennedy from getting the marriage certificate.'

"You have underestimated the speed of Kennedy. Do you think all the people around M

r. Russell are ordinary people?" 'It is estimated that Kennedy will get the marriage certificate soon.'


Bella got married!

On the way back to the hospital from the Bureau of civil affairs, Bella was surprised. She picked up her phone and wanted to call Louise to tell her about this, but she was afraid that Louise would be worried, so she decided to give up this idea.

'But what should I do?

I am married to the man I have been missing day and night, Russell! Until now, I still couldn't accept this fact.

What should I do? I am so flustered. I am afraid that everything is like a beautiful moon in the mirror, which would break up with a slight touch and make me eternally doomed!'


Belle couldn't help wailing!

But Belle didn't know that her scream directly called Elsa who lived next door.

Elsa's assistant was a smart person. She soon found that Bella lived next to them and had already reported this to Elsa. Now, Bella's scream finally made Elsa get something on Bella

Elsa smiled cunningly and said, "Petty, let's go and teach that ungrateful woman a lesson!"

The door was kicked open with a bang. Bella suddenly came to her senses. She was not in the mood when she saw it was Elsa.

"What? Are you unhappy to see me?" Elsa said provocatively, her voice full of contempt as usual.

"I don't dare. Miss. Elsa, if you have anything to say, just say it. I'm listening!" Bella said politely. 'I don't want to get myself into trouble. After all, Elsa came to me now. If something unexpected happen to Elsa, it must be my fault.

At that time, I might be unable to explain myself no matter how hard try, as if I had returned to five years ago and had no chance to explain.'

"It seems that you have a clear estimation of yourself!" Petty Chen, Elsa's assistant, wiped the chair for Elsa. Then, Elsa sat down elegantly and arrogantly.

Bella sneered at this, 'Isn't she just a super star? What's the big deal? She has bullied me to such an extent, but I have to endure my anger.'

Bella didn't say anything, just waiting for what Elsa could say.

Elsa winked at the assistant next to her. The assistant quickly took out an envelope and said, "This is one hundred thousand dollars. Take the money and leave. Don't appear in front of Mr. Russell in the future!"

Elsa knew that Bella had a special position in front of Russell. She couldn't figure out their relationship in a short time, but she was sure that they were not lovers, or she wouldn't trade with Bella so shamelessly.

"Pay me off?" A sweet smile appeared on Bella's face.

'What happened today? It seemed that I had taken all the good things in the world. I felt deeply honored.'

"Bella, I warn you to leave with the money. If I see you by Mr. Russell's side again, I won't give you any chance even if you want to get the money in the future!" Elsa said maliciously.

"What if I say no?"

Bella also wanted to leave, but she knew that if Russell really wanted to deal with her, it was useless even to escape to the ends of the earth.

'Besides, I have married Russell.

This unborn fact also told me that I couldn't act rashly, or it would only bring endless harm to myself.

I have to stop myself when I am with Russell. For the sake of the people around me, I have to work hard!'

"How dare you? Bella, do you believe that I will kill you directly?" Elsa was so angry. 'I could tear up Bella at any time. I have been working hard for so many years in the society, or I wouldn't have been involved in the relationship with Russell, but this woman has challenged me again and again.'

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