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   Chapter 13 Poor Relationship

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Bella's hand froze in the air, Sonya's cheerful laughter resounded in her ears. At this moment, she was like a contemptible scoundrel. She could only stand still and bear the mockery of Russell

He took her to choose the necklace on purpose and brought her to the Song family, probably because he wanted her to be doomed.

George rolled his eyes at Bella, passed her as if he didn't see her at all.

Linda was about to say something, but George stopped her at once. "Come and have dinner. Don't act like you have lost your wits. It's beneath your dignity! "

Bella clenched her fists. She knew that she would face this when she came to Song family, but she was still brought here by Russell.

He hated her to the core and wanted her to be the biggest joke in the world. And what he did today was undoubtedly successful.

Her face was deathly pale. She quietly walked out. The gifts had been sent out, and she wouldn't have to serve them in person, would she?

Russell, who had just taken his seat, turned around and found that the Bella was gone. He became upset and was about to stand up.

Next to him, Sonya quickly grabbed his hand. Realizing that he was leaving, she said pitifully, "Russell, It's not easy for us to have dinner together we have engaged..."

"Of course I will have the meal with you. But I need to find my assistant first!"

George stretched out his hand to stop him and said with an apologetic smile, "Don't worry, my dear nephew!" Then, George said to Nanny Wu, who was standing next to him, "Help me find that woman back!"

Nanny Wu nodded submissively. Her eyes were red and she felt sad.

When she ran out, Nanny Wu saw that Bella was outside. She felt lucky that she didn't leave.

"Lady Bella, it's so cold outside. You should have wear more clothes. Go inside and warm yourself up!" Nanny Wu felt sorry for the thin clothes of Bella. At the same time, she felt powerless and disappointed about what the Song family had done to Bella.

"It doesn't matter. I don't deserve to be a member of the Song family. Nanny Wu, I have caused you trouble in the past years!"

"Lady Bella, what are you talking about? In fact, Madam has been missing you all these years. That year, she went to the airport to look for you in the rain and fell ill..."

Nanny Wu briefly explained the situation of the Song family in the past five years. To Bella's surprise, there were still people in the Song family who cared about her.

Nanny Wu cared about her, Linda, the woman who she called mother cared about her.

"Come back with me. You know what kind of person lord is. He has never failed in doing anything he wants. Lady Bella, come in!"

Holding back her tears, Bella followed Nanny Wu back. She didn't want to embarrass those who cared about her.

They were having a happy meal, while Bella was like an intruder. She trembled all over and clenched her hands, not knowing where to stand.

"Come and eat!" Russell said expressionlessly.

Russell's words saved Bella. She sat in the worst position and used a completely different bowl and chopsticks. She looked at the crystal clear rice in her bowl and the dishes covering the table. The food tasted like wax for her and she couldn't swallow a single bite.

George glared at her. Bella was so scared that she picked up the bowl and ate quickly.

The atmosphere was too embarrassing. Sonya was very angry. She stared at Bella with hatred. Damn it! How could the murderer have sit on the same table with the family? How could Russell call her to have dinner in person!

It was unfair!

With a long face, George broke out in a sweat. In order to break the awkward atmosphere and make Bella understand her position, he said with a smile, "My dear nephew, Sonya has graduated. When will you hold an

engagement ceremony?"

"Of course it's up to Sonya!" Russell calmly took a sip of wine.

"Better chance than choice. The 8th day of next month is a lucky day. Maybe..." George said in surprise. When he thought his proposal was about to be taken, Russell suddenly said, "Mr. George, it seems that your company has submitted another loan recently."

The smile on George's face became unnatural. He explained dryly, "Dear nephew, you know that the market is stagnant recently, and the Song Group is in a financial strait. So I have to borrow some money. But don't worry, I will pay it back immediately when we have money!"

"I'm not blaming you. But you know, this is the taboo of running a company. It's okay as I don't have a substantial relationship with Sonya now. Once we are engaged, I'm afraid that all the shareholders of the company will say that I'm favoritism..."

"Okay, dear nephew. Don't worry about the engagement right now!" George said hurriedly, hoping to redeem the loan.

Sonya, on the other hand, was furious. The engagement ceremony was about to be held, but it was delayed by a loan. She was so angry that she wanted to kill someone to vent her resentment.

The atmosphere was very embarrassing. Meanwhile, Bella felt the call of nature. When she heard that George and Russell were talking about the company's affairs, she felt like sitting on pins and needles, and she could not help but blush. She said apologetically to everyone, "I'm sorry, I'll excuse myself for a moment!"

After saying that, she nodded to Russell apologetically. After getting his response, she ran to the bathroom quickly.

"She's still as uneducated as before. If you need an assistant, Sonya could do the job."

Russell glanced at George and found that he was really a cunning old fox. He had learned a lot from George from his ruthlessness. Today, George tried every means to send his daughter to Russell's bed, but he didn't expect that Russell not really serious on Sonya.

Neither Bella nor the Song family could escape from his revenge!

It was Song family who indulged Bella, who had finally killed Alesia.

Sonya slipped away without raising the notice of the others.

As soon as Bella finished washing her hands, she saw Sonya stumble towards her. She asked angrily, "Bella, are you blind? You've hit me! "

"I'm sorry!" Bella apologized.

"Do you want to end up this with an apology? Let me tell you, you'd better not have an improper desire for Russell. You are nothing to him now. I am the only one who deserves to marry him! " Sonya said through gritted teeth.

In the mirror, her face became ferocious. Blue veins stood out on her forehead, and a fierce light shone out from her eyes, making people tremble with fear.

"Since you are so confident about yourself, why do you care about my existence?" Bella said helplessly. Although she felt guilty to the Song family, it didn't mean that Bella would be bullied by Sonya.

From childhood to adulthood, Bella had always felt that the two elders of the Song family treated her well, even if she later had a younger sister. But she did not expect that this sister should be such a hypocrite. What she got would eventually belong to Sonya.

As time went by, she learned to stay away from her. After all, she thought they were biological sisters at that time, so it didn't matter if she gave in.

It was not until all the things changed overnight that she realized that she had no blood relationship with Sonya.

That was why they were so indifferent to each other.

The accident that year made her out of everyone's sight. She went abroad, and the Song family members kept away from her.

Sonya smiled evilly. Looking at the raising corners of Sonya's mouth in the mirror, Bella felt a little scared.

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