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   Chapter 12 Find Someone To Make Do With It

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 7194

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If someone asked Sonya which woman she hated most, the only answer would be Bella.

They hadn't seen each other for five years. She didn't expect her to be more beautiful.

Sara's long hair was loosely tied behind her head, and her slim figure was clear and attractive. Her skin was as white as snow, and her charming eyes were also very shocked when she saw her.

Since Russell was present as her nominal fiance, Sonya certainly couldn't lose face.

She stamped her feet secretly, and then withdrew her hateful eyes from Bella. She turned to look at Russell tenderly and acted like a spoiled child, "Why didn't you tell me you brought the guest here? I haven't prepared meal for the others today! "

"It doesn't matter. I don't need to have meal here!" Bella stood up immediately and said urgently.

Years ago, the ruthlessness of the Song family made her realize that she had no home at all. The warmth of the past was like the illusion, and what did not belong to her would finally disappear. She smiled dejectedly and accepted it calmly.

"Russell, since the guest came, I'll go in and ask nanny to get another bowl of rice!" Annoyed, Sonya stood on tiptoe, kissed Russell on the cheek and then walked into the room.

Russell didn't refuse!

Was the rumor true that Russell was going to marry Sonya?

Didn't he love Alesia the most? Did he just want to find someone to make do with?

Bella's mind was in a mess. These days, she had heard about the relationship between Russell and Sonya. But she thought it was just a rumor as she believed that Russell would not forget about Alesia. But what she saw today had fully shown that it was possible for Russell and Sonya to get married!

There were only the two of them left. Bella was lost in thought, different thoughts rolled on her mind. She couldn't figure out why things would become like this.

"Let's go inside!" the man snorted and turned around.

When he was about to enter, Bella clenched her fists, bit her lips and whispered, "You… Are you going to marry Sonya? "

"It's none of your business. Remember who you are! " Russell didn't turn around, but gave her a cold back.

"Sorry, I crossed the line!" Lowering her head, Bella was at a loss and talking nonsense in front of Russell.

She couldn't help but laugh at herself. Russell and Sonya were of equal social class and similar talent. How dare she, who was regarded as a murderer by him, give him any advice?

She must be crazy! She didn't know why Russell brought her here today, but since she had already come, she couldn't leave immediately. She took a deep breath and followed Russell.

The decoration of the Song family was more luxurious than before. She glanced at the photos on the tea table in the living room and found that she was no longer there!

Bella choked with sobs. She didn't know what else she wanted to pursue. Five years ago, she was no longer a member of the Song family. She should have known this.

But when she saw that everything that she was familiar with had changed into a total mess, and the person who called her sister didn't even wanted to treat her a meal, she felt as if a knife was inserted in her heart, and she was so uncomfortable that she couldn't breathe.

When Nanny Wu came out with the dish, she saw Bella standing behind Russell.

She ran over in a hurry and cried with joy, "My lady, is it really you?" A pair of withered hands held Bella tightly, as if she was holding a treasure.

Her face turned red because of sobs. She tried hard to hold back her tears and forced a smile. "Nanny W

u, I'm no longer a member of the Song family anymore. I would be sorry if you keep calling me like this!"

"My lady, don't say that. It's good to see you back. If madam knows it, she will be happy!" Nanny Wu looked at Bella carefully and sighed.

"Nanny Wu, are the dishes ready?" Holding Linda's hand, Sonya went downstairs slowly. When she saw the intimacy between Nanny Wu and Bella, she became angry.

Nanny Wu took a look at Sonya, gritted her teeth, gave an apologetic look to Bella, and turned back to the kitchen.

Linda was stunned. It was Bella!

She hadn't seen her daughter for five years!

Sonya noticed the coldness on Linda's hand. Her face turned pale. "Mom, she is not a member of the Song family any more. You should be conscious. Haven't you suffered enough these years? It's all because of this woman! "

Bella lowered her eyes sadly.

Russell, on the other hand, didn't seem to care at all about Sonya]'s aggressiveness towards Bella. Instead, he watched their argument with interest.

Sonya was about to explode with anger. Why was the people around treating Bella so kind? What made her sad was that her biological mother and her fiance all looked at this bitch. Did they really ignore her?

Sonya got rid of Linda quickly and walked to the side of Russell. She changed her gloomy face into a smile and said to Russell "You must be hungry, aren't you? Let's have dinner together. The dishes cooked by Nanny Wu are very delicious! "

"Oh? Really? " Russell put on a false smile.

"Of course, but not everyone can eat the food of our family. Russell, do you think so? People who don't know the situation might think that someone was coveting the wealth of the Song family. Russell, be careful. Women nowadays are mostly greedy! "

Bella couldn't stand it anymore. Yes, she felt guilty to the two elders of the Song family, but she didn't think she owed anything to Sonya!

She turned around and was about to say something like she didn't care about the food here and she won't starve to death without the food here. However, when she turned around, she found that her father, George, was standing behind her.

She was stunned, as if she had seen a dreadful monster. After she regained consciousness all of a sudden that year, the news that George had broken up with her was on TV and newspapers all over the street, as if the existence of his daughter was a shameful thing and he wished she could be driven away immediately and never contact him.

"What are you doing here?" George was also shocked. After all, in the past five years, she had never appeared in the Song family as promised.

"I… I'll leave right now. I won't disturb you... " Bella was trembling when she spoke. George's word was so cold that she couldn't help but spasm.

"Who let you go?" Without hesitation, Russell pushed Sonya away and said calmly, "Take out the gift. Remember your duty. You may lose face, but I can't!"

All the people present were confused and looked at them up and down. They didn't know the relationship between Russell and Bella.

"My dear nephew, you and her..." George asked nervously.

"She is just my personal assistant!" Russell took the gift from her trembling hands.

Seeing the gift, everyone in the Song family breathed a sigh of relief. Sonya rushed over at once and jumped on the body of Russell, with a big happy smile on her face. "Russell, I know you are the best!"

Bella's hands were empty. It turned out that the gift he asked her to carefully choose was forSonya. She felt as if something was missing in her heart.

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