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   Chapter 6 Give The Child Back To Me

CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 7122

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Back at the gate of the villa, Bella tried hard to hold back his grief and cheer up. Soon, she came to the living room and found that there were tofu puddings in front of Russell and Elsa!

Then what was the meaning of send her back and capture her child? Did they deliberately treat her as a fool?

"I thought you wouldn't come back. After all, it is normal for such an insubordinate maid to take this opportunity to escape from us, right?" Before Bella could explain, Elsa couldn't wait to complain first.

The tofu pudding in her hand fell to the ground. Bella quickly walked up to Russell and said angrily, "Give my child back to me!"

"Ha ha, Bella, are you aware of who you are talking to? You are destroying your own life by talking to me like this! " Russell picked up the teacup and said calmly, even though he was angry.

"I know I was also responsible for what happened that year, but please, Igor is just a child and he is sick. Russell, my lord, please let us go!"

Tears welled up in her eyes. She couldn't control herself at the thought of her son being sent to an unknown place by Russell.

Unable to hold back his anger anymore, Russell walked quickly to her in several steps. He pinched her chin with his slender fingers and asked ferociously, "You finally admit that you did it? You can't run away, Bella! "

"I didn't plan to run away!" What Russell had done had made Bella completely disappointed. Did he send his men to follow her and her child in order to prevent her from running away?

The trust between people had actually fallen to this point.

She felt embarrassed. She thought she had always been a dutiful person since the incident five years ago. Now her dignity was ravaged like this. In this situation, she didn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

"If you could serve us well, I don't mind letting you see our child!" How dare she hang up the phone! How dare she glare at him!

Elsa shook her charming hair, picked up a piece of fruit and gently persuaded, "Mr. Russell, don't be so serious with this kind of woman. You'd better fire her as soon as possible. I'll find you some better maids."

"How dare you teach me how to behave? Go away! " With a malicious and insidious look on his face, Russell loosened his grip on Bella's chin, and his sharp black eyes, which were full of killing intent, swept over Elsa.

His behavior and eyes made Elsa shudder. She had thought that her fortune was coming. But in fact, Russell didn't take her seriously at all. Now she was thinking about her future.

If she offended Russell, she would have a miserable ending.

Trembling, Elsa stood up. In a trance, she almost fell to the ground. Bella quickly reached out to hold her, but her hand was thrown off by Elsa. Bella withdrew her hand and put it tightly in her pocket.

She didn't expect that Elsa ran away in a hurry in the next moment.

There were only two people left in the big living room. Russell slowly opened his mouth and snorted, "Bella!"


"Do you want to see your son?"

Hearing that, Collin's eyes lit up. She replied quickly, "Of course I do. Are you really… Will you really let me see my son? " She raised her eyes and asked cautiously.

"It's not impossible. Go and ask Elsa back and I can give you a chance!"

As soon as he finished his words, Bella ran out of the room in a hurry. Elsa didn't go far. When Bella saw her, Elsa fell on the snow and looked terrible.

With the help of Bella, Elsa entered the room. Bella looked at Russell expectantly, hoping tha

t he would keep his words.

"Have you finished? Now Elsa is your master! " Russell didn't put down the financial magazine in his hand, but glanced at them.

"Mr. Russell, I thought you didn't want me anymore. I swear I'll behave myself in the future," said Elsa, as she quickly shrank into Russell's arms. Tears welled up in her eyes

Bella realized that in order to see her son, she must serve Elsa well. She hated the feeling of being dominated by this woman. But Russell left her no choice.

She saw that there was snow all over Elsa's body. She knelt down with her head down and gently patted the snow off.

She was humbled enough. She didn't dare to cry out as long as she knelt down although she couldn't held her tears.

However, both Russell and Elsa knew that she was crying, which made Elsa very proud. However, when Russell heard her sobbing, he was irritated for no reason. He threw the magazine on her and shouted, "Get out!"

"I want to see my son. Please!" Bella had no energy to guess this man's thoughts any more. She hugged his thighs directly, as long as he was willing to let her know the situation of the child.

Nathan came in tiredly and pulled Bella up. Bella struggled with all her strength, but Nathan was too powerful that her hand turned red and swollen in a few seconds.

Nathan cautiously made a gesture of shush to her. After she relaxed her vigilance, he pulled her out and closed the door of the hall. "Do you want to kill me? Mr. Russell has decided to let you see the child. I'm here to pick you up! "

"Is he really willing to do that?" Bella was overjoyed. She didn't forget that she begged him humbly just now, and he just turned a blind eye to it from beginning to end.

"You may think about it yourself. My job was to send you to the place!" Nathan opened the door and Collin jumped in.

She finally saw Igor in a VIP ward of a senior private hospital. She was relieved. She looked out of the door secretly. Fortunately, Nathan didn't follow her. Did it mean that she could accompany Igor today? Anyway, she made the decision to stay.

Early in the morning, Bella received the order and went back to the villa to make breakfast. She quickly made sandwiches, eggs and salad. Then she looked around and listened carefully. After confirming that there was no one around, she squatted down and secretly called Louise. She asked, "Louise, have you arrived at the hospital? Is Igor fine? "

"Well, don't worry. Igor is full of vim and vigor now. Didn't you say that Russell hates you? Why did you send Igor to such a high-end hospital? It's a VIP ward. I can't imagine it all my life! " Louise said in an exaggerated voice.

This private hospital was famous all over the country and even the world. The patients here were either rich or powerful. Because of the high medical quality, it was very expensive, and the number of patient allowed was limited every day, making patients flocking here.

"Don't think about it anymore. I'm afraid you can't afford the medical fees. I'm not allowed to call you now. Please help me take care of the child. I have to hang up... " 'As long as Igor is fine, everything will be fine, ' Bella thought with a smile.

All of a sudden, her hand was empty. Bella was stunned. In a twinkling of an eye, she found that her mobile phone had been thrown out in a parabola.

She looked at the figure in horror along the slender hand. It was Russell. She lowered her head sadly and didn't dare to look up. She felt frustrated. Why could he caught her every time?

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