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CEO's Exclusive Maid: Your Love Binds My Heart By Mu Hui Xin Characters: 7126

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After signing the contract that day, Collin became [苏晟君]'s maid and personal assistant, on call twenty-four hours a day.

At this time, Bella had cooked dinner. She picked up her phone, but she didn't dare to call Russell.

Russell was really fussy. No flaws was allowed in the house. As long as he didn't like it, he would order her to clean it.

In order to get used to the twenty-four hour order of this man, Bella had to move to the servant room of this villa.

Bella had seen the real estate advertising on the magazine before. The villas here were among the most expensive mansions in the city and even in the country. The people living here were either rich or powerful. Although she lived in a servant's room, it was still very luxurious.

The key point was that she was the only maid. She almost doubted if Russell had dismissed all the servants in the villa before she signed the maid contract.

She was so tired to catch her breath. She didn't even have time to go back to see her son. She could only let her son continue to live with Louise.

When she heard the key opening the door, she didn't even had time to take off her apron. She quickly ran to the door and opened it.

Although she couldn't see her son, she could welcome Russell back every day. Seeing him eat the food she cooked making her feel a little sweet in her bitter heart.

The thick perfume swept over her nose, and she couldn't help yawning. She had been allergic to pungent smells since childhood. Usually, perfume would not make her feel uncomfortable. But this perfume was too strong.

What did Bella see? She could almost feel that her face froze in an instant.

Russell's arm was hooked by a beautiful woman with a perfect figure. If she remembered correctly, it was Elsa, who played the heroine in a popular TV show recently. Her son once said that he wanted to pursue her in the future.

She kept coughing. The famous star, Elsa, covered her nose with her hand and said in a coquettish voice, "Russell, look, is this how your maid welcome me? I'm not in a good mood anymore! "

Russell caressed her back and comforted her gently, "Don't be annoyed. You can teach her a good lesson if you want. My servant is too bad tempered."

"Okay, Russell. That's what you said. I won't stand on ceremony!"

Bella looked at the scene in front of her in disbelief. She had thought that tenderness would never appear on Russell again, but he was so gentle to this gossip star.

She was furious and asked in disbelief, "Are you serious about her?"

"When do you have the right to question Russell? Mr. Russell, it seems that your servant needs to be taught about how to behave! " said Elsa angrily, stamping her feet hard.

Bella was aware that she was out of control, and Elsa couldn't accept it for a moment. With a pale face, she lowered her head and said depressingly, "I'm going to serve the dishes!"

Bella served them at the table. No matter what Elsa wanted, she would send it to her as soon as possible.

After dinner, Elsa suddenly said that she wanted to eat tofu pudding sold in the restaurant at the pedestrian street.

Upon her suggestion, Russell's cold eyes immediately swept across Bella and snorted, "Go now!"

It was snowing heavily outside, and she didn't even wear her coat when she came out. The cold wind poured directly into her clothes, which made her shiver and her face turn black.

She kept wondering why Russell would fall in love with this woman? She didn't want him to make do with anyone. Even if that person died

, he still deserved a better woman. Moreover, he should have been engaged with Song clan.

The phone in her pocket was shouting. It was the last thing that Bella wanted to hear from Russell. But she seemed to think too much. Russell had never contacted her or told her his phone number.

Now Bella had Russell's phone No., which was obtained by her after begging Nathan for several times. Nathan had warned her not to let Russell know about it, or they would all be doomed.

It was Louise who called.

Bella felt something was wrong. When she received the phone call, she was stunned and tears fell silently. She asked again and again, "Louise, is Igor okay? Where are you now? Are you in the hospital now? I'll be right there! "

Although she still had a task, it was not worth mentioning compared to her child. She thought they could understand her.

Wiping off her tears and taking a deep breath, Bella jumped into a taxi. She held her phone, struggled for a while and dialed the number bravely.

Russell didn't answer it!

She dialed that number again. She didn't believe that he wouldn't answer the phone!

She also sent a message to him, indicating that she had something to deal with tonight and couldn't go back.

Unexpectedly, not long after she sent the message, her phone rang. It was Elsa.

"What's wrong with you, you little maid? You don't want to buy me tofu pudding, do you? Who gave you the courage to go against me? " With the support of Russell, Elsa were not afraid of anything.

When they just entered the room, Elsa doubted whether this woman was the girlfriend of Russell. She was jealous of her beauty, especially her attractive eyes. But unexpectedly, Bella was just a maid, so she was not afraid of her anymore.

"Miss Elsa, I'm sorry. My son is sick. I have to go to the hospital to take care of him. Can I ask for a leave? I will apologize to you later! " After saying that, Bella hung up the phone boldly. She bit her lips and begged the driver to drive as fast as possible, with sweat all over her head.

Unexpectedly, Russell called her in person. He said in a low voice through the electric wave, "Have you forgotten your duty?"

"I dare not… My son has a fever. I need to see him! " Bella was so anxious that she began to cry, and her voice was choked with sobs.

"I don't care what the reason is. If the tofu pudding hasn't been sent back in 15 minutes, you would never see your son again!" Then he hung up the phone.

Even if Bella wanted to say something, there was no chance.

But she decided not to go back. She didn't believe that Russell was such an unreasonable person.

But she seemed to have imagined the world too beautiful.

A phone call messed up her expectation.

"Something bad happened. Someone came to pick up Igor just now. I don't know who they are. I can't stop them!"

"It doesn't matter. I know who they are. Louise, thank you for your help tonight. You can go back and have a good rest now!"

She had to face what she should face.

When Bella put the phone into her bag, the taxi was stopped. Two bodyguards in suits stood before her and said expressionlessly, "Miss Bella, Mr. Russell has been waiting for you for a long time!"

With an expressionless face, Bella followed them into the car, like a lifeless porcelain doll.

If he hated her, he could just come at her. Why must he hurt her son? Igor was still sick! She couldn't help cursing, "He is really unreasonable!"

All the bodyguards turned their heads vigilantly, and Bella had to shut up.

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