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   Chapter 4 Sign It

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It was Bella again! Randy lowered his head in chagrin and sweated deeply. In order to make Mr. Wang forgive him, he deliberately fired her in front of him, but now the CEO was looking for her!

Randy replied obsequiously, "Nathan, here is the thing. This morning, Bella came to pack up and left. I don't know where she is either."

"Wasn't she still there yesterday? Why did she resign today? Is this how you act as the general manager? " Nathan took glance at Randy. In fact, he thought that Bella was very prescient to resign so soon.

But now that Russell wanted to meet her, as his special assistant, he had no choice.

"You have ten minutes to find her. Otherwise, I would regard you unqualified for the position of general manager!" Nathan exchanged a look with Randy and soon followed them in.

The people present still hadn't come back to their senses from the excitement and shock just now. The new president was so handsome that they were almost having a sense of inferiority. The female stuffs were all complaining.

"Why didn't anyone inform me about his arrival in advance? At least I could have a better makeup! "

"Yes, he was so handsome, just like a god falling from the heaven!"

At the same time, in a corner, Bella witnessed what had just happened. She didn't know why she cried. Just now, she heard his assistant mentioning her name. Did he want to see her or come to revenge her?

Bella didn't dare to expect any love with him. All she wanted was to look at him quietly from far away.

She picked up the suitcase and slowly stood up. But she was still stopped at the door.

"Bella, I warn you. You'd better not say anything when you see the president later, or I won't let you go!" Randy and the security guards stood in front of Bella. This woman was his nemesis. She not only offended Mr. Wang, but also embarrassed him before the new CEO today. How could he bear this?

But Randy believed that this woman should have nothing to do with Russell. He was afraid that she would snitch on him in secret.

The suitcase was taken away by one of the security guards. The next second, Bella was controlled by a female security guard and quickly walked into the elevator.

"You…… What are you going to do? It's illegal for you to do so. I'm no longer an employee of the company! " shouted Bella.

She was almost raped that night, and now Randy was brazen enough to ask for credit with her!

She couldn't imagine how Russell would abuse her. Just the thought of this made her heart sank.

The door of the CEO's office was slammed shut with a bang. Bella looked at the man sitting in the chair in panic. His eyes were fixed on the watch on his wrist, and his face was full of disdain.

When Nathan went out, he walked past Bella and said, "You'd better not play any tricks!"

Bella opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but finally, she lowered her head.

She stood still and stared at her feet, not daring to look up at that person.

What should she say? Last night, she tried her best to explain to him, but he didn't hear a word. She didn't expect him to give her another chance today.

"Are you dumb?" a malicious and insidious look flashed across Russell's eyes. She was stunned instinctively and her hair was about to stand up.

This voice seemed to come from the hell. Bella felt cold all over her body and could not even speak fluently.

She tried to calm herself down and replied weakly, "You… I'm not a member of this company anymore. I'm leaving! "

"Who allowed you to resign? Bella, don't be so self-righteous! " Russell sneered. His cold breath was likely to add to the cold atmosphere in the CEO office.

"I… I've already gone through the resignation procedure! " That's right. Bella smiled sadly. No matter what she said and did, it would be wrong. When could Russell listen to her?

After Russell made an internal call, Nathan knocked at the door and came in respectfully. He stuffed a stack of documents into the arms of Bella and said, "Miss Bella, you have leaked the confidential information of the company. If you don

't compensate within three days, we can only take legal action!"

"What?" With her mouth wide open and eyes dull, Bella was stunned for two seconds before she finally digested what Nathan had said. She trembled and quickly unfolded the documents It was the files signed at the dinner party last night. She just went there with Randy. Why was her name written on it?

"Miss Bella, we have done a professional evaluation. The signature on the document is yours. Your transaction with Mr. Wang has already damaged the interests of the company!" Nathan said with regret.

Unable to stand it anymore, Bella rushed to the opposite of Russell with the document in her arms.

There was only a desk between the two of them. Compared with the anxiety and warmth of Bella, Russell looked gloomy and cold.

"I didn't do it!" Bella explained loudly.

"Nathan, how could you allow a shameless woman shouting in front of me?" Russell slowly took out a cigar, and Nathan immediately took out a delicate lighter to light it for him.

After making the actions in one go, Nathan walked up to Bella and persuaded her in a low voice, "Miss Bella, you may go out first!"

"No, I won't go out. I just want to make it clear today!" It didn't matter whether Russell would believe or not. She didn't have five million dollars of compensation, and no one could help her. Besides, she was sure that she had never done such a shameless thing!

Bella made a bold move. She pushed Nathan out of the room, and then locked the door of the CEO's office.

Leaning against the door, she took a deep breath and finally made up her mind.

"I really didn't do it. I didn't do it yesterday, and I didn't do it in the past!" Bella announced seriously. Her voice was full of determination, and her little face turned red because of anger.

"Miss Bella has never changed since then. I really admire you!" Russell stood up and said sarcastically.

"I know..."

Russell walked quickly to the side of Bella and strangled her by the neck. His face was full of sharpness and coldness. How could this woman have the courage to mention what had happened in the past? Wasn't she afraid of retribution?

"You don't deserve to mention what happened in the past. It was you who should die, Bella!" Blue veins stood out on Russell's face. As long as he thought of what happened that year, he would have the impulse to kill this woman.

"I know no matter what I say, it would be in vain. Please let me go!" Bella knelt down with a bang.

What was dignity for her? Her dignity had been lost for a long time. Now her only hope was to live in peace with her son. She was not the girl who was fearless just for love in the past. Now she had the person she cared. Even if she didn't want to live, she had to live shamelessly.

"Let you go?" Russell tightened his grip. Seeing the woman struggling, his heart ached, but he had no choice. This woman deserved to die!

"That year..."

"Enough! If you want to live, I advise you to think about how many chips you have in your hand! " Russell pushed her down to the ground without mercy.

With her head against the wall, a black mark appeared. But she didn't feel pain. Instead, she felt much better. If humiliating her could make him feel better, she didn't care.

Bella continued to kneel on the ground and said, "As long as you could free me from the compensation, I'm willing to do anything!"

"Are you really willing to do anything?" Russell asked sarcastically.

Bella nodded.

After a short while, Russell returned to his seat, threw a contract to Bella and said coldly, "Sign it!"

With a trembling hand, Bella picked up the contract on the ground. After reading carefully the terms on it, her heart was finally broken into pieces.

He hated her. He always thought that she was unforgivable! Even if she was innocent and she tried her best to explain to him, it was still useless

Now he had made her desperate. What else could she do apart from sign this contract?

She had no choice!

Thinking of this, Bella replied resolutely, "Okay, I'll sign it!"

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