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   Chapter 59 Beyond Dispute

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Celia understood why Marvin said that. He just wanted to ask Greg not to disturb her at night and she needed to have a rest.

Greg looked at Marvin and smiled awkwardly, "Really... Okay. "

After a while, Greg packed up and left.

When Celia was about to say something to Marvin, Marvin stood up from the sofa and said, "Mommy, I'm going back to my room to have a rest. Good night!"

"Marvin, come back."

When Marvin was about to run away, Celia stopped him.

Marvin yawned and looked at Celia sleepily. "Mommy, I'm really sleepy. Let's talk about it tomorrow."

Then he ran into the room in a flash.

Celia couldn't even stop him...

Celia knew that Marvin deliberately prevented her from getting along with Greg.

It was not a big deal to discuss about questions. Marvin thought too much.

On the second day, Celia went to work normally. Everyone who saw her looked at her strangely.

Celia didn't know what happened until she met a nurse in the elevator.

"Good morning, Celia."

The nurse greeted initiatively.

"Morning!" Celia smiled at her.

She felt that the nurse had something to say, so Celia asked, "What's wrong? Is there anything wrong? "

"Have you read today's news hot search?"

"What's wrong?"

What does today's hot news have to do with her? She doesn't like to read the gossip of any star.

The nurse took out her phone, found a video and handed it to her. "Look."

The location in the video was the parking lot of last night. The main characters were her and the man who had drunk to make trouble for her yesterday...

The video only lasted for more than ten seconds. It recorded the scene that she pushed the man to the ground.

The video title was a doctor of a hospital hit a patient's family.

"What? He suddenly came to make trouble for no reason. They made a deliberate misinterpretation!"

Celia returned the phone to the nurse. It was already on the hot search. Were the media idle all day?

Wait... Someone must have done it on p

"In the video, you attacked first!"

"There is surveillance video in the parking lot. Shall we check it out?" How could they slander her when they was so flustered? Couldn't Lana find someone smarter?

Those persons were speechless.

They didn't know what to say in an instant. Was there a monitor in the parking lot? They seemed to have forgotten that.

"You'd better clarify the public opinion about me on the Internet by yourselves, or I have to go to the court to sue you. This will be a crime of defamation."

As soon as Celia said this, all of them couldn't stand firm.

"Are you going to stay here and argue with me?"

Asked Celia.

At this time, the people surrounding her slowly dispersed.

Lana was so stupid.

When Celia returned to her office, she changed into the white gown and put the brooch on the left clothes.

The busy day began.

Those people didn't come again, but the headline of the hot search was not cancelled. The director of the Department talked to her.

When the director asked Celia what had happened and why it had become a hot topic on the news, Celia told the director what was going on.

"You have to keep the evidence in the future. What if the surveillance video of the parking lot is turned off and someone else wants to frame you? You can't defend yourself at that time!"

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