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   Chapter 57 The Abortion Operation

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Hearing that Weston was looking for a psychologist for him, Richard grabbed the documents on the desk and threw them at him. "If you come here to make trouble, get out!"

Did Weston want to say that there was something wrong in Richard's psychology?

When Weston received the document thrown by Richard, he was almost hit in the face... "If you destroy my face, I will be angry with you!"

"Get out!"

Richard was not in the mood to argue with him.

Seeing that Richard was really angry, Weston became serious and stopped joking.

"Is it because of Celia?"

How powerful was Celia? How could she make Richard like this? What did she do?

Richard didn't reply. Weston was sure that it was because of Celia.

"Doesn't she have feelings for you?"

Celia was really the only special woman in the world. She had no interest in Richard at all!

Hearing no response from Richard, Weston was sure again.

What kind of woman was Celia? According to the information Weston got, Celia was just a woman who had been kicked out of the house and her engagement ceremony was ruined. Why did she attract the special attention of Richard?

"Richard, it is just a woman. There are many women who are willing to follow you. They are more excellent than Celia. Why do you have to be with her?"

Weston asked in confusion.

He was not surprised for Richard to fall in love with anyone, but Richard fell in love with a stained woman like Celia.

It really broke Richard's position in his heart.

To be honest, the woman named Celia really didn't deserve Richard.

"What do you know?"

He didn't know why he had a crush on Celia himself. What on earth attracted him? Celia was a woman of average appearance and figure, with a child.

And she was kicked out of the house. Her boyfriend had an affair with her elder sister. How could he like such a woman?

"Well, I don't understand."

Weston sighed and suddenly thought of something. He asked, "Do you think that woman is playing

ou can't think so. You stay away from him for his good.'

Celia kept telling herself that she did nothing wrong.

As soon as she arrived at the parking lot, a person suddenly pounced on her. Celia was startled. A strong smell of alcohol came to her nose, making her frown.

"Go away! Who are you?"

Celia pushed the man in front of her away. The man didn't stand firm and was directly pushed to the ground. The bottle was smashed to pieces on the ground.

"You bitch! How dare you push me! !”

It was a middle-aged man who was pushed down. He was fat and bulky, with stubble all over his mouth, and what he did just now made Celia feel disgusted.

Celia didn't want to argue with him anymore. She opened the door and was about to get in, but her foot was grabbed by a hand.

"Let go of me!"

Said Celia angrily, looking at the man on the ground.

How could she meet such a person in the parking lot of the hospital?

"I have met you before. Are you a doctor? You are the doctor who operated on my wife! "

The fat man suddenly stood up and staggered in front of Celia. He suddenly pointed at her and scolded, "Why did you abort my wife?"

Celia was stunned by his roar. "What do you mean by saying that? Without your wife's permission, we won't have an abortion operation for anyone without permission!"

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