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   Chapter 55 Auditory Hallucination

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When Celia lowered her head and continued writing the medical record, she only felt a strong gaze fall on her, making her uncomfortable. When she raised her head and was about to question something, she saw his deep black eyes.

"Why are you staring at me?"

There was no aura in her heart when Celia asked. His gaze made her feel uneasy.

Without answering her question, Richard continued to stare at her.

Celia touched her face and silently took out the mirror.

What was on her face?

The face in the mirror was very clean.

Celia didn't care about him. She picked up the cup and was about to drink water, but the cup was empty. She stood up from the chair and was about to go to the water cooler to get a glass of water.

When she passed by Richard, she experienced what she had experienced in his office the other day again.

She was forced to sit on his legs.

Celia screamed, "What are you doing? This is hospital! Someone will knock on the door and come in at any time! "

As soon as she spoke these words out, she felt like she had an affair with Richard...

Richard kissed her on the lips and asked for more kisses.

The cup fell from Celia's hand and broke into pieces on the ground.

When he let go of her, Celia immediately got up from him. Her heel stepped on the broken glass on the ground, then she slipped and went forward.

In front of her was Richard. She knelt down hard on the ground and supported herself on Richard's legs with her hands reflexively, and her face... Buried in an indescribable place between his legs.

Richard's hand that wanted to hold her up froze in the air. He looked down at her and sneered, "It seems that you can't wait?"

Celia raised her head and stood up immediately, regardless of the pain on her knees.

She couldn't even imagine what kind of posture they were in just now.

All of a sudden, Celia wished she could find a hole in the ground to hide herself!


"I'll go get a broom."

Then she turned around and went out, unable to find the direction.

Richard looked at her knees.

Didn't it hurt?

Celia thought to herself at th

Thinking of what had just happened, she blushed again. How could she hit that part of Richard!

'Celia, you are really good at picking a place to hit!'

Richard left the hospital with Hilda.

"Richard, what did you say to the doctor?"

Hilda asked with a smile, afraid of making Richard impatient. It was the first time that he took the initiative to come to the hospital with her for a pregnancy test, which made Hilda feel flattered.

At first, she thought she had an auditory hallucination.

She didn't expect that he would really come to the hospital with her.

Would their relationship get closer because of this?

"I asked you something you should pay attention to."

There was no emotion in Richard's tone. Even if it was a warm word, it was cold from his mouth.

Even so, the smile on Hilda's face deepened. She held Richard's hand tighter.

"I'll take care of myself."


"Richard, let's have dinner together later, okay?" Hilda asked expectantly.

"I have work to do later."

Said Richard.

"… All right. "

Hilda felt a little disappointed. They hadn't had dinner together for a long time...

"Can you go back by yourself?" Asked Richard.


In Hilda's heart, she was eager for Richard to send her back, but she couldn't be so thoughtless to let him send her back after he said those words.

Then Richard added, "I'll ask the driver to send you home."

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