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   Chapter 37 Flash Marriage

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Seeing this, Richard was at a loss. He didn't know what to say. Should he marry Celia for him?

He, Richard didn't need to have a flash marriage.

After walking for a while, Marvin found that the man behind him didn't follow him, so he stopped and turned to look at Richard, confused. "Uncle, aren't you going?"

Richard came back to his senses and walked towards him. "It's not about whether I marry her or not. It's about whether your mother is willing to marry me or not."

He didn't want to see him disappointed, so he said so.

Celia didn't treat him well. It wasn't a one-sided solution between them. Moreover, neither of them have this thought at the moment.

When Marvin heard this, his gloomy face immediately revealed a touch of light. What did he say? It was not about whether he would marry her or not, but whether his mother was willing to marry him or not...

So he was willing to marry his mommy?

"Are you willing to marry my mommy?"

Because Richard didn't say anything just now, Marvin thought he didn't want to marry his mommy. In fact, it wasn't his fault whether he married her or not. After all, he hadn't known his mother for long.

It was really difficult for him to answer in such a hurry.

Richard didn't know how to answer his question. He held Marvin's hand again, walked forward and changed the topic. "Did many people want you to be a child star of their companies in the past?"

"Yes." Marvin nodded, he used to receive invitations one after another in the past, but his mommy declined them politely. "Uncle, you can't tell my mommy about our secret agreement between the two of us, or I will be doomed."

His mommy would be very angry at that time. He didn't want to see her angry.

"I know."

"Uncle, I like you so much." Marvin was so happy that he didn't know what to say.

Richard lowered his head and looked at him. He was bouncing while walking. How happy was he?

He didn't understand why Marvin always wanted to make a match between him and Celia. Was it just because he liked him? Didn't he think about Celia?

Everyone was stunned when Richar

grown up. I shouldn't have slept with you. But I just want to sleep with you today."

Celia turned around and pinched his face. "Who said you shouldn't sleep with me? You are still young?"

"I'm almost four years old!"

Marvin said proudly.

"Well, go to bed now. Get up early tomorrow morning. I'll drive you to the kindergarten." Celia urged.

"Okay!" Marvin closed his eyes obediently.

The next day——

Outside the window, the birds were singing happily, and dew slid across the tip of the leaves. The fresh air was refreshing.

Marvin turned over on the bed and sat up. Then he found that Celia was no longer beside him, he rubbed his eyes and got out of bed in a daze.

He held the bed, scratched his messy hair and walked out.

When he saw Celia in the kitchen, he opened his sleepy eyes and called, "Mommy."

"Hmm? You are awake?"

Celia looked back at him and couldn't help laughing when she saw him like this. "I'll tidy up your hair later. You go to wash your face and brush your teeth first."

Marvin touched his hair and found it was curled up.

He turned around and went back to his room.

Celia sent Marvin to the kindergarten. After Marvin got off the car and entered the school gate, she still didn't drive away. Her eyes were unfocused, and she tightened her grip on the steering wheel.

She had no choice but to do so.

She admitted that she was selfish...

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