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   Chapter 13 Don't Bully My Mommy

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Then Marvin took out one more paper crane from his schoolbag and gave it to Greg for free.

Greg, who was holding the paper cranes, was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Marvin would gave one more paper crane to him for free. With a smile, he put the paper crane into his pocket and asked, "Do you like making handcraft very much?"


Marvin nodded and put his hands in his bag.

"What handcraft can you make?"

He could make money at such a young age, and he must be a great man in the future.

When Marvin heard this, he raised his head and looked at Greg. With a gleam shining in his eyes, he said, "A lot! Are you going to book them? I can make all kinds of small animals. I will make whatever you say!"

"Really?" Greg looked at Marvin with a big smile on his face.

This child was really pleasing.


Marvin nodded sincerely.

Celia couldn't stand it anymore, so she said, "Well, put down your schoolbag, Marvin. Let's have dinner."


Then Marvin zipped up his schoolbag and put it aside.

She didn't object that he made these small handcraft to make money, because it was the income of his labor, and he didn't ask others for it unconditionally.

After a while, the waiters served all the dishes, and the fragrance immediately filled their noses.

On the way, Celia went to the bathroom. When she came out, she found that the door was locked. But she put her phone on the table and didn't take it with her. She patted the door and asked, "Is anyone there?"

She hadn't offended anyone since she came back. No one would want to give her a hard time.

If someone wanted to give her a hard time, she wouldn't open the door even if it was broken. Now unless the cleaner opened the door or Marvin found that she hadn't come back for a long time.

Who on earth wanted to give her a hard time? Celia searched her brain but couldn't think of this person.

About twenty minutes later, the door was still locked.

She felt helpless, she just went to the bathroom, but how could things like this happened to her?

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and an anxious voice came from outside, "Mommy, mommy, are you inside?"


Celia looked at the door in surprise, finally it was Marvin who found her. She was very touched. "The door is locked from the outside. You can try to open it. If you can't open it, go to find the cleaner."

"Mom, wait a minute. I'll be right back."


Did many people give up when they saw the door couldn't be opened? It was impossible that no one came to the bathroom in twenty minutes.

After a while, the door of the bathroom was opened by the cleaner. When Celia saw Marvin standing outside, she smiled at him and was very gratified.

He was really smart. He knew that she hadn't returned from the bathroom for a long time, so he came to look for her. If it was not Marvin, she might be locked up for longer.

They returned to the table and left together after they three finished their meal.

Sitting in the car, Celia looked out of the window and saw a familiar figure. She hadn't seen her for four years, she was still so arrogant.

This woman, she hated her from the bottom of her heart, she took away her family, her boyfriend, and made her lose everything.

If it was not the director of the hospital who saved her, how could she still live in this world? She would have been a pile of bones, let alone she had Marvin today.

"Mommy, what are you thinking about?"

Suddenly, a small hand covered her hand that was grabbing the steering wheel hard. She t

urned her head and looked at Marvin. Her tightened body relaxed and said, "Nothing."

Then she started the engine and drove away.

When they went back to the apartment, it was getting dark. The elders in the neighborhood were taking a walk and chatting, and their lives were full of happiness.

The two entered the elevator and Marvin asked curiously, "Mommy, who played a trick on you today?"

"No, nobody. It must have been locked by someone accidentally."

Celia put her hand on Marvin's head and rubbed it from time to time. She didn't know why Marvin had so many hairs, because her hair was relatively few.

The elevator door slowly opened, and Marvin grabbed the corner of Celia's clothes and walked out.

As soon as the two entered the room, there was a knock on the door.

"Marvin, open the door."

Celia carried the fruits and vegetables she bought on the way to the fridge.

"Okay, mommy."

Marvin walked to the door and opened it. When he saw the people outside, he forgot what to do next.

Celia took a look at the door and asked in confusion, "What's up, Marvin? Who is it?"

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw the man outside.

Celia almost broke down in an instant. How could this man haunt her all the time?

They looked at each other with their eyes wide open. It seemed that they hadn't noticed her yet. When she looked at them carefully, Marvin looked like the copied Richard...

Celia grabbed the hand of Marvin that was on the doorknob and pulled him back vigilantly. She took a step back and asked, "Do you come here to see the photos? Come in, please."

Richard strode in and looked away from Marvin to Celia. He said indifferently, "I want to see your wedding photo more."

Celia's heart trembled. What did this man mean! He was so smart that he even wanted to see her wedding photos.

"Sorry, the wedding photos are abroad."

"Didn't they send the photos to your phone?"


Celia was successfully rendered speechless. After a moment, she said, "I don't know why you are checking this so carefully."

Suddenly, Marvin loosened his grip on Celia's hand and walked towards Richard. He swung his fist at his thigh and said, "Don't bully my mommy!"

Celia was a little surprised. Why didn't he come out to defend her yesterday? It was strange today.

Richard looked down at him and didn't care about his fist. His slender figure suddenly squatted down. At the moment, Marvin was not scared, instead, he looked at him angrily.

"Little guy, don't you want to know who your father is?" Richard stared at Marvin's angry face. His eyebrows resembled him too much. With so much information on his face, he couldn't make a mistake.

"I only want my mommy!"

Marvin said firmly.

Before Richard could say anything, Marvin was suddenly pulled away. With a frown, Celia looked at Richard and asked, "What are you talking about with the child? Marvin has a father and he is abroad now! What do you mean by saying that? Don't be so shameless to say that you are his father."

She didn't want to mention these things in front of Marvin. She believed that he cared about it in his heart. He had envied other people's children to have a father since childhood. His envious eyes made her feel sad.

Richard looked up at her discontentedly and stood up, "Photos."

Celia looked at him for a while, and then turned around and took Marvin towards the room hand in hand. On the way, Marvin turned his head and looked at him. The two of them looked into the eyes of each other.

The anger in Marvin's eyes had disappeared.

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