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   Chapter 9 Because I'm The Father Of The Child

Mack Daddy: Love Begins Again By Bao Fu Ya Ya Characters: 6957

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Seeing this, Marvin was stunned, and there was also surprise in his eyes. However, he didn't react as much as Celia did. He let go of her hand and entered the room consciously.

It was a matter between adults. As a child, he'd better not interfere.

At this moment, all Celia's attention was on Richard, and she didn't know when Marvin had let go of her hand.

"Richard, this is my home! I order you to leave as soon as possible. You have seriously affected my life. I can call..."

"Just do it, I didn't stop you."

Richard sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and interrupted her coldly.

Without any hesitation, Celia went through her bag to look for her cell phone, but she didn't see it.

She had looked for her phone in her pocket, but still couldn't find it.

She remembered that she had brought her phone with her?

"What? Your phone was missing? Do I need to lend you mine?" Richard said, shaking a black phone in his hand.

Celia didn't go to take the phone. She was so angry with him that she had never seen such a shameless man!

"I didn't expect you to be so persistent. I've told you that the child has nothing to do with you. Now you not only need to have your eyes checked, but also your ears treated!"

"It's you who broke the appointment. Do you know the consequences of standing me up?"

All of a sudden, Richard stood up from the sofa and walked towards Celia with a cold face. The coldness was emitted from his bones, and the temperature in the living room instantly dropped to below zero.

As Celia stepped back, she became flustered. She vigilantly looked at the man approaching her. "You... What do you want to do?"

She spoke incoherently.

She was much stronger than she was four years ago. After going abroad for a few years, she had a completely new look, but there were still some facts that could not be changed.

With her back against the wall, there was no way back.

Seeing that Richard was still approaching her, she pointed at his feet and said, "Stop!"

Hearing this, Richard stopped. He sneered, "You are the first one who dares to order me."

"I didn't promise you at that time. Why did you said that I stand you up? Richard, we are all adults. You should understand the most basic principle of being a human being, right?" With her back against the cold wall, the vigilance in her eyes did not disappear at all.

"I'm just informing you, not asking for your permission."

All of a sudden, Richard raised his hand. Thinking that he was going to beat her, Celia immediately turned her head and covered her head with her hand, but the pain didn't fall.

She slowly opened her eyes and put down her hands. Richard put his hands on the wall behind her, forming a posture of kabe-don. His aura was too strong, and Celia felt as if there was a piece of ice standing in front of her.

"Can you stay away from me? I'm not interested in you."

A helpless expression appeared on Celia's face. Although he was very handsome and he might attract many girls, it did not mean that she was attracted by his gorgeous face.

Richard didn't get angry because of her words, and he didn't take his hand back. He lowered his head suddenly, and then Celia looked at him in astonishment. His delicate features suddenly enlarged in front of her, and her heart could not help but tremble fiercely.

His breath sprayed on Celia's face, making her very uncomfortable.

Somehow, she pushed away Richard with all

her strength.

Her heart thumped wildly. "Please get out!"

At this time, Celia noticed Marvin. When she was about to call out the name of Marvin, she found that the door of a room was opened a crack, and then a head popped out.

It seemed that he wanted to know what was going on outside, but he didn't expect to be caught right in front of Celia. Their eyes met and he felt a little embarrassed.

Marvin opened the door a little and walked out slowly. "Mommy..."

Celia looked at Marvin and wondered what was wrong with him today. He used to protect her most and didn't want anyone to quarrel with her.

But today, he hid in the room!

Of course, she didn't want Marvin to come out at this time. She didn't know what terrible things this man would do.

"Get in."

Celia stared at Marvin and said.

"Okay, mommy."

Without any hesitation, as soon as Celia gave the order, Marvin turned around and rushed into the room. It seemed that he was not going to help her fight with that man, he was just waiting for her words.

Celia was speechless. She looked at Richard again and said, "Please, Don't disturb Marvin and me anymore. We just want a stable life. Please forgive us and don't bother us anymore, okay?"

The tough method didn't work, then she could only try the gentle one.

"No." Without any hesitation, Richard refused directly, "DNA must be tested. The only condition that I will let go of you is that you come and talk to me with the result of DNA test in your hand."

With her hands hanging on the side of her legs, Celia grabbed her trousers tightly. With the DNA test result in her hand? That was to say, everything had to wait for the paternity test?

Thinking of this, Celia couldn't help shivering. She raised her eyes and looked into his eyes. "He is my son. Why should I listen to you? Who are you?"

She said the words one by one.

"Do you need me to repeat what happened four years ago?"

... Things happened at that night four years ago, Celia could clearly remember that the man could never be him. Otherwise, once the matter was settled, it would be irretrievable.

"Four years ago? Huh... Didn't you know which woman you had planted a seed on? If you are sure it's me, why do you have to test the DNA?"

Hearing that, Richard squinted his cold eyes. This woman's words were harsh. Was it because he spoiled her too much?

"Okay, I'll take the child back to the E Family tomorrow!"

After saying that, Richard turned around and left.

Hearing his words, Celia turned pale with fright. Looking at the back of Richard, she immediately said, "No way!"

Ignoring her, Richard slammed the door and went out. Celia followed him out and shouted at his back, "Richard, why makes you do this? !"

"I'm the father of the child. Isn't that enough?"

"He's my son. He has nothing to do with you. Don't just pick up one of them on the street and take him as your son. In such a big family, do you, who is omnipotent in J City, lack a son?" At this moment, Celia had lost her mind because of the last sentence of Richard.

That was her psychological defense.

"If you do lack a son, you can find any woman on the street and they will be willing to give birth to a son for you! Why do you insist on holding us? Are you crazy?" With her fists clenched, Celia stared at Richard with red eyes.

She was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. Her wrist was suddenly grabbed and she was thrown to the wall.

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