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   Chapter 8 Who Is The Child's Father

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The first time Celia turned her head to look at the passenger seat, she asked nervously, "Marvin, did you get hit?"

"No, mommy, how about you?" Marvin frowned and glanced at the luxury car outside the windshield. "That person can't drive as well as me."

"I'm fine. Wait for a moment."

Just now, Celia was so scared that her heart beat so fast. She unfastened the seat belt and got out of the car. She wanted to see who could drive so fast and turn like this!

She walked to the car and saw the person on the driver's seat. Her face froze.

It was him again!

When Celia saw him, she turned around and left without saying anything.

She admitted that she was a coward...

It was better not to provoke such kind of person in the future.

Back in the car, Celia was about to drive away, but Richard didn't mean to drive away. He just blocked her with the back of the car.

Celia backed the car and was about to leave, but Richard didn't intend to let her go. He kept blocking her, which caused the dissatisfaction of the driver behind her. The horn kept ringing.

In the end, Celia couldn't help but get out of the car angrily. She walked to the driver's seat and slapped the window hard with her hand. "What on earth do you want? !"

It was he who broke the rules first. It was good that she didn't hold him accountable. What did he mean by blocking her on purpose now?

Did he think she had no temper?

The window was rolled down slowly, and a perfect and impeccable side face came into view. Through the sunglasses in front of him, a cold air was emitted from the car, which was close to Celia.

She paused and saw that the long street had been in a traffic jam. The drivers were honking with dissatisfaction. Some drivers even poked their heads out of the window and scolded.

"Hey, are you leaving or not? Are you crazy?"

"Don't waste everyone's time because of you. How can I meet a low-level person like you? Hurry up!"

"Richard E, right? Can we solve our problems in private? Is it necessary to take revenge like this?"

Richard looked at her coldly and said, "I'll ask you again, who is the father of the child?"

"Is it interesting? Who is my son's father? It has nothing to do with you. Don't make me misunderstand that you, the CEO, have ulterior motives for me."

Celia pretended to be calm, but in fact, she was so nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her throat.


Richard laughed ironically and took off his sunglasses. His deep eyes were like a whirlpool in the deep sea, making people unable to extricate themselves.

"You'd better answer my question. It's useless to say that. It takes up your time, and... Everyone's time." Richard glanced at her from the corner of his eyes, indicating the situation she was in.

Celia sneered and said, "Do you think that Marvin somewhat looks like you, so it must have something to do with you? As a CEO, why are you so stubborn? There are so many people in the world who look like each other. Do they have to recognize each other as their relatives?"

Richard's face darkened. He clenched his fists on the steering wheel, as if he was going to open the door and beat her up the next second.

Celia didn't dare to look him in the eye anymore. Regretting what she had just said, she couldn't help but take a step back.

"I don't mind recognizing someone as my relative. See you here at four o'clock this afternoon." After saying that, Richard raised the window and drove away.

Looking at the car that

had already gone far away, Celia regretted deeply.

This was the consequence of mouth base.

At four o'clock, she didn't even get off work!


A shout pulled Celia thoughts back. Seeing that the car owners were about to get off, she walked over and made three standard bows. "I'm sorry, everyone. I'm sorry for taking up your time."

After saying that, she went back to the car and immediately drove away.

She sent Marvin to the kindergarten and told the principal that no one could pick him up except her.

"Bye, mommy!"

Marvin waved his hand and smiled at her.

Celia smiled and waved her hand... Then she turned around and left.

Marvin would be hers all his life. Nobody could take him away.

When Celia arrived at the hospital, she was already late. She went to the director's office and apologized. When she walked out of the office, she met Greg.

"Celia, didn't you have a good rest last night? There are dark circles under your eyes."

Looking at the dark circles under her eyes, Greg guessed that she must be late for work because she didn't have a good rest last night.

"Yes, I didn't have a good rest. It doesn't matter." Celia put her hand into the pocket of the white coat and said, "I'll check the room again. Do you want to go with me?"

She had to follow up the physical condition of the pregnant woman every day.


Greg nodded.

In a blink of an eye, it was time to get off work. Celia looked at the time, and it was just five o'clock.

She had to pick Marvin up at the kindergarten.

After Celia got in the car, it suddenly occurred to her that Richard had made an appointment with her.

He wanted to test DNA...

Of course, she refused in her heart. She couldn't guarantee that Marvin had nothing to do with him, so she wouldn't take the risk to let Marvin test the DNA with him.

An hour had passed since the appointed time. Would he go to the kindergarten to take Marvin for the paternity test again?

Celia immediately started the engine and drove out of the garage.

When Celia arrived at the kindergarten, she was in a mess. When she arrived at the classroom, she was relieved to see that Marvin was lying on the table obediently.

There was only one person in the empty classroom. Marvin fell asleep on the table...

Celia's heart ached. She walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder. "Marvin, time to go home."

Her words sounded a little sad. She worked hard to give Marvin the best life, but she was busy with work and sometimes ignored him.

Just like today, all the children had gone home, leaving him alone waiting here until he fell asleep on the table.

When Marvin opened his sleepy eyes and saw the woman in front of him was Celia, he immediately smiled happily and put his arms around her neck. "Mommy, you're here to pick me up!"

His tone was full of surprise...

"Sorry for keeping you waiting."

Patting Marvin's back gently, Celia picked him up and walked out.

"Mommy, put me down. I've grown up. I can walk by myself."

She was so tired after a whole day's work that she had no strength to hold him. Besides, he was a man now. How could he let his mother hold him?

"It doesn't matter. I just want to hold you."

Holding Marvin in her arms, Celia continued to walk out, not intending to put him down.

The two of them went back home and opened the door. When they saw the person sitting on the sofa, the key fell from their hands and fell on the ground.

"How did you get in here? !"

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