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   Chapter 6 Fake Daddy

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When they came out of the gold ingot shop, they should have gone home to have a rest and asked his mommy to dress the wound well. But it happened that his mommy appointed with the principal to meet today...

"Miss Celia, your wound is very serious. Come to my office and I'll bind it up for you." The principal looked at her worriedly.

"Thank you so much."

Fortunately, the principal had everything in his medical kit. He disinfected the wound and applied a layer of gauze to it.

Celia wanted to throw away the bloody handkerchief, but Marvin held it tightly and didn't want to let it go. Before they left, he put it neatly in his pocket.

It seemed that he was afraid that someone would take it away.

Sitting in the taxi, Celia rubbed Marvin's face and asked, "Marvin, what have I taught you? The dirty things are all covered with bacteria, which is not good for your health. Why do you still put away the handkerchief?"

Marvin shook his head, raised his bright eyes and said seriously, "No, it's not dirty. It's just stained with my mother's blood. Just go home and wash it. Besides, this is the handkerchief of the fake daddy. We have to return it to him next time we meet him."

"What?" Celia thought she had heard it wrong and asked in surprise, "Daddy? What fake daddy?"

"Mommy, don't you think I look like the fake daddy?" Then Marvin put his hand on his chest and said, "Besides, when I saw him, I had a strange feeling here. Although I didn't know what it was, I didn't hate it."

Marvin's words reminded Celia.

Thinking of this, she felt that her son was indeed a little like the bad man today.

But how could it be possible? Although she didn't remember, it was too mysterious...

"He's not your daddy. You're my son. And, he has a bad temper. My Marvin has a good temper. Besides, you're such a little warm man. I'm sure he can't be your father."

Celia held Marvin in her arms and kissed him on the forehead.

"Moreover, J City is so big. We won't meet him again in the future. Do you dislike that mommy didn't take good care of you? " Celia teased, pretending to be aggrieved.

Patting on her shoulder, Marvin shook his head and said, "I don't want mommy to work so hard. I also want someone to take care of you. Only in this way can I rest assured."

Although Marvin was so young, he had always been considerate, which made Celia happy.

She tightened her grip on the baby and rubbed her head against the boy's face. "It's enough that mommy has you. You are mommy's little sun."

But the little boy didn't think so. Sooner or later, he would try his best to find his daddy and make up for what his mommy had suffered in the past few years!

When they arrived at the apartment, the two of them just entered the elevator. When the elevator was about to close, a hand suddenly reached in.


A loud male voice squeezed in. The elevator door opened, and a sunny and fresh smiling face appeared in front of her.

"I'm sorry... Celia?" When the man saw her face clearly, he was shocked. Then he laughed brightly, "You're back!"

He is... Who?

Celia smiled politely. She quickly searched the information about this person in her mind, but she didn't remember anything.

Noticing her confusion, the man scratched his head with embarrassment and intro

duced himself, "You may not know me. I'm also a student of the JD Medical College, but I'm a junior to you. Nice to meet you. My name is Greg Zhan."

"Hello." She shook hands and nodded.

As soon as she touched Greg's hand, Greg took it back quickly.

"Brother, your ears are red." Marvin looked up at the two people.

Only then did Celia notice that the young man in front of her, who was 1.8 meter tall, had red ears, and the smile on his face was not as natural as before.

Was he shy?

Greg laughed awkwardly and said, "Well, maybe I was too tired after running too fast just now. I didn't expect you to be so careful."

"Yes, mommy. Am I great?" The little guy held the other uninjured leg of Celia and looked obedient, wanting for his mommy's praise.

Celia pinched Marvin's face and laughed, "You're the best."

Hearing the identities of the two people on the other side, Greg was a little surprised, but when Celia looked up at him, he had already concealed his surprise.

"Here I am. I'm leaving now." She took the child's hand and waved goodbye to Greg before leaving.

When she opened the door, the little guy still looked at the elevator. "Mommy, that big brother likes you."

What the little baby said scared Celia, and the key in her hand almost fell off.

"Where did you learn this? You are not allowed to watch TV series anymore. It has taught you bad."

"I'm not a bad boy. I can see through other people's heart. Do you believe me?" Marvin frowned and said mysteriously in a low voice deliberately.

Celia was amused by her chubby little baby.

"Okay, then you try it now. What is mommy thinking now?" She looked at Marvin with a smile.

Marvin pulled her to sit on the sofa, frowned his eyebrows, stared at her face for a while, and said seriously, "A woman's heart is like a needle in the ocean..."


'What a smart boy! Who does he follow?'

In the following days, Celia was only responsible for picking Marvin up. She didn't expect that Marvin would soon adapt to the domestic teaching method.

After her leg was fully recovered, Celia began to work. As a result, Greg was one of her first group of students.

He was also the only male student of gynecology.

"I didn't see that you want to be a woman's friend." Celia teased him.

Greg's ears turned red again.

As soon as the theoretical class was over, Celia's mobile phone kept ringing. Although it was a normal prompt tone, it was inexplicably urging. The phone of the principal of the kindergarten was on the screen.

Celia's eyebrows furrowed. When she picked up the phone, she heard the principal's anxious voice, asking her to come to the kindergarten as soon as possible.

The people of the E Family were going to take Marvin away by force.

Hearing the news, Celia's heart suddenly tightened. She hung up the phone and went straight to the kindergarten.

Who is the E Family? In her impression, she didn't know them at all, nor did she offend them. How could they grab her child in broad daylight?

On the way, Celia called the police.

When she arrived at the kindergarten, she saw her son playing with a familiar man.

At that time, Celia rushed over and protected her son in her arms. When she saw the man's appearance, her eyes instantly widened!

It was him!

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