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   Chapter 2 She Is Back

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Four years later

In the gynecology office of J City First Hospital, a little boy wearing an asepsis mask was entertaining himself.

Clad in a red T-shirt, shorts, a Super Mario hat and shiny little shoes, he continued playing hopscotch.

The boy jumped up and down. The nurses who passed by couldn't help but come to a halt and stare at this cute dude.

Some of them entered the office, just to get a glimpse of him.

"Hey, beautiful girls, do you want to join the game?" he asked, seeing their awe-stricken faces. Taking off the mask, he revealed his chubby and charming face. He was a sight to behold! Blinking his big eyes, he looked at the crowd.

Once his face came to the view, their admiration intensified. People had difficulty peeling their eyes off his face.

"What a lovely boy! I wish I could take him away!" a nurse exclaimed.

"Yes, I want to pinch that chubby face!" another nurse declared.

Having heard their conversation, the little guy's face turned crimson red with shyness. Gazing apologetically at them, he replied, "I am sorry but you aren't allowed to touch me. Mommy said there would be bacteria on your hands..." He stopped speaking, as an idea entered his mind.

Gesturing for them to wait for him, he ran and got a hold of his schoolbag. After rummaging through it, he took out a few heart-shaped artworks made of colorful papers. Each one of them had a smiling face messily drawn.

The boy smile, quite pleased with his work. "But you can have them. I made them myself. Give them to the patients who are in a bad mood. They will bring smile to their faces. And the good news is you will only have to pay 9.9 dollars. Don't miss your chance, hurry up. My signature is on each of them!"

His unique sales method made the nurses burst out laughing.

They had never seen such a charming child before.

Of course, it was not his first attempt at making money. Even when he was in a kindergarten abroad, he often sold artworks made by himself. He figured it would be too hard for his mother to make both ends meet. He wanted to take some burden off her shoulders.

After all, he was a man!

A nurse squatted in front of him and teased him with a smile. "What's the use of your signature? I'd rather touch your face," she said and raised her hand to scare him.

The boy frowned, took a step back and puffed out his chest confidently. "What makes you think my signature is useless? I'm a great singer! I will become a star in the coming future. Do you still think my signature bears no value? At some point, you can earn lots of money with my signature!"

As soon as he finished speaking, the crowd burst into laughter again.

"What are you laughing at? Did you all forget you are at the hospital?" a man said in a vigorous voice.

Even though he wasn't loud, it contained a sense of authority.

The nurses stood straight and their smile froze.

It was the director!

There was a rare smile on his usually taut face. And beside him stood a tall and beautiful woman.

This woman's skin was smooth and fair. When she didn't smile, she looked cold and gorgeous. But the second her face cracked into a smile, purity emanated f

rom it.

One could tell that the boy resembled the woman when they smiled.

Leaving everything, the boy ran towards her and squeezed her thighs. "Mommy!" he shouted excitedly.

With tenderness in her eyes, Celia rubbed his hair dotingly and asked in a slightly reproachful tone, "Marvin, are you making trouble again? Didn't I tell you that it is wrong to talk loudly in the hospital? Now look! You got the nurses into trouble as well. The director will punish them because of your mischief."

Listening to his mommy's words, the little guy's heart brimmed with guilt.

He let go of Celia's legs, straightened his collar with his tiny hands, walked up to the director and bowed sincerely.

"Director, I'm sorry for the commotion I have caused. I was engaged in a small business of selling my artworks. I wasn't aware I was disturbing the order of the hospital.

Please don't blame the nurses. I am the one who should be punished..." "Ha-ha!" Someone laughed, interrupting Marvin from finishing his speech.

The director, who had been trying hard to control his laughter, couldn't hold it back any longer. He shook his head and smiled. "What a smart boy! I am impressed with your sincerely. I won't punish you nor will I punish them."

"Thank you for your forgiveness!"

Celia was befuddled by the words that came out of her son's mouth.

'Where did he learn these words?' she thought, astonished.

"Well, we shouldn't be disturbing the nurses anymore. Mommy will take you to a good place, okay?" Celia squatted down and pinched her son's cheek.

He accepted the offer happily.

Celia held his hand and went to rooftop of the hospital. Four years had passed since she had planned on ending her life.

The place was still the same. It overlooked the charming city scenery.

But her mentality had changed. And the baby in her tummy that seemed like a burden at that time had become her entire world.

After four years of training abroad, she was back with a new identity. From an excellent obstetrician in J City, she had turned into one of the top ten doctors in Asia. She had an excellent medical team, as well as countless high-quality medicine merchants, equipment and other resources.

Literally everyone in the medical field knew her. Receiving too many letters from the hospitals to work for them, she was a little overwhelmed.

She chose settle back in J City. After all, she had a few scores to settle.

"Oh, I'm really happy you are here Thank you for helping me," the director said, touching her shoulder.

Turning around, she looked at him with teary eyes. Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.

She felt nothing but warmth for this man who had saved her life.

If the director hadn't come to rooftop at the right moment, she would have fallen into the abyss, turning into ashes. She wouldn't have received any of these achievements. But most importantly, she wouldn't have experienced motherhood which was the most beautiful relationship

"Director, you saved my life. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today. I don't know how to pay you back for everything you have done for me."

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