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   Chapter 47 Stand Out

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Seeing Judd's reaction, of course, Hans knew the answer.

With a sigh, Hans turned around and left.

"Keep looking for her. No matter what the cost is, I want her news."

Before he went out, Hans said in a low voice.

Hearing the CEO's sad sigh, Judd clenched his fists.

It had been eight years. This was the first time that the CEO had been so sad for a woman in eight years.

Thinking of Moira's smiling face, Judd couldn't help but feel confused.

Was it really right to let her escape then?

But why did he also feel sorry when he saw Hans's heartbroken?

It was not only Hans, but also Ralph and Celia who were looking for Moira.

"Celia, why didn't Moira contact us? Did she leave with all the memories? "

Holding the phone tightly in his hand, Ralph looked at Celia blankly.

The two of them were sitting in the Crystal Mark private room. In a bad mood, Ralph called for the companion of Celia.

There was a silence. Celia didn't know what to say at this moment.

In fact, Moira not only took away her memo

ith Hans? "

"No, you don't have to worry about him. As long as you want to come back, I..."

Speaking of this, Ralph suddenly shut up.

He remembered that Moira didn't know his real identity as the heir of the Z Group.

When he was in Chu Mansion, Moira decided to investigate that matter. Ralph just told Moira vaguely that he knew the senior leaders of Z Group.

However, if Moira knew it now, would she think that he had some hidden intentions?

At the thought of this, the word "I protect you" that almost blurted out was suppressed in his heart.

It was better to tell her that later.

"Ralph, don't blame yourself. J Group is too powerful for us to fight against. "

Noticing Ralph's silence, Moira thought he was blaming himself for not helping her. Moira comforted Ralph in a soft voice.

After telling a few things about herself here, Moira hung up the phone.

Ralph looked at the black screen of his mobile phone and remained silent for a long time.

Well, as long as she was fine, he would be satisfied.

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