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   Chapter 46 Sadness

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"Moira, I'll take you to the seaside after dinner."

As they were having dinner, Jeremy suddenly suggested.

"You've been here for more than three months. I haven't taken you to have fun yet."

Hearing this, Moira put down the tableware in her hand and stared at Jeremy in a daze.

"Don't you want to go to the seaside?"

"You're so kind, Jeremy. Thank you!"

The excitement of Moira made Jeremy stunned, but when he saw the innocent smile on her face, he understood.

It seemed that what she liked most was the scenery of the seaside.

Moira did like the sea very much. Every time she stood by the sea, she would feel broad-minded.

As if all the troubles in the world were not important.

However, Moira didn't have many chances to go to the seaside. She had only been there twice with Ralph.


Thinking of this man, Moira bit her lips slightly.

She hadn't contacted Ralph for a long time.

How is he now?

At that time, she left alone. Ellen and Ralph stayed to deal with Hans, could they do it?

Thinking of the overbearing look on Hans's face, Moira couldn't help but feel worried again.

She always felt that Ralph and Ellen were no match for Hans.

After all, Hans was the president of J Group, who has a lot of money.

Although Ellen was a female star and Ralph came from a rich family, how could they compare with J Group?

Ralph was just a photographer. What he had to face was the whole J Group!

I'm afraid I couldn't get out of the Chu mansion without Ellen?

"What are you thinking about, Moira?"

Seeing that Moira was absent-minded, Jeremy asked curiously.

"No, I didn't think anything."

Suddenly, Moira's thoughts were interrupted by Jeremy, which startled her.

She hurriedly picked up the hot milk on the table and took two sips to cover it up.

Seeing the panic and resistance of Moira, Jeremy's eyes darkened a little.

Are you still rejecting my approach?

If I had known that I would be far away from you after I confessed my love to you, why would I have expressed my feelings.

Jeremy's mouth was full of bitterness. He regretted.

However, when Jeremy saw the ruddy smile on Moira's face, he sighed slightly.

Well, she was the disaster of my life, I couldn't get through it.

After dinner, Jeremy kept his word and took Moira to the seaside.

Looking at the blue sea and feeling the sea wind, it was really a good enjoyment.

The awkwardness between them after the confession had also been changed a lot during this quiet situation.

Although sometimes Jeremy's eyes were full of love when he looked at Moira, it was still much better than the previous kind of naked possession.

"By the way, why did you have time to take me to the seaside today?"

Drinking the fresh juice, eating the specialty of the seaside and basking in the warm sunshine, Moira suddenly asked.

Although it was a good enjoyment, she didn't want to know nothing.

Her intuition told her that there was something in Jeremy's mind.

"I want to have a good rest with you for a while. We will be busy later."

Seeing that he couldn't hide it from Moira, Jeremy confessed.

"Because the short film was very successful. Now you are famous in B Ci

"But even if the body is not cold, the heart is still cold."

Looking at the absent-minded Hans, Lillian felt that Hans's sadness seemed to have infected her.

Mr. Hans was missing Mrs. Moira.

However, Mrs. Moira left so decisively at that time. Would she come back?

Thinking of that innocent girl, Lillian felt bitter in her heart——

The girl who followed her and wanted to eat crab cream and egg yolk was gone.

"Mr. Hans, since you miss Mrs. Moira so much, why don't you go and find her?"

Lillian asked softly. She was also very nervous.

After all, as a servant, she shouldn't ask Mr. Hans about his private affairs.

But now, in her eyes, Hans was just like a poor child who had broken up with his lover.

In her memory, only eight years ago, when Mrs. Lois just passed away, Mr. Hans had been so decadent.

"How can I find her? I can't find her at all. She left too thoroughly. "

It seemed that he was tired of watching the rain. Hans turned around and walked towards his room.

"Without any information about her, she just disappeared."

"I can't find her."

The sad tone disappeared in the air with the steps of Hans.


Although Judd had followed the orders of Hans, he had never given up looking for Moira.

But as time went by, the hope in his heart became smaller and smaller.

Last time, he found some clues of Moira in B City, so he sent someone to look for her, but there was no news.

After all, Moira was busy with shooting with Jeremy on every film set.

How could she have time to wander around in the city?

Therefore, although Judd had tried his best to send his men, there was no news of her.

Looking at the thin face of Hans, Judd felt bad, but he had no choice.

Moira, where on earth have you been?

Although there was no hope, Judd and Hans still insisted.

In other words, it was Hans who insisted.

He believed that he could still see her, even as a stranger.

"Haven't you got any news about her yet?"

One day, Hans came to Judd's information processing center and asked indifferently.

Hearing this, Judd didn't answer, but lowered his head even more.

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