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   Chapter 45 I'm Sorry

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Hearing what Jeremey said, the music on the whole dance floor seemed to stop.

Looking at the man in front of her in a daze, Moira even forgot what to say.

He liked her?

Moira felt a little confused.

She was just a women who was no longer pure.

What of her was worth his love?

"Don't you believe me?"

Seeing that Moira stopped doing anything and stood still, Jeremey asked anxiously.

"No, it's not that I don't believe you. I just think it's incredible."

Moira answered in a daze, looking at Jeremey at a loss.

Taking a deep breath, Jeremey understood what Moira meant.

All of a sudden, he let go of the hand that was holding him, took a step back and knelt on one knee.

Jeremey took out a delicate black velvet box from the pocket of his coat and opened it carefully——

There was a shining diamond ring inside.

Then, Jeremey raised the diamond ring in front of Moira.

"Something has been buried in my heart. I always want to say it, but I can't say it."

"Today, I will take advantage of this celebration meeting to speak out what I want to say."

"I know you might refuse me."

Speaking of this, Jeremey's face was full of bitterness.

"But I still have to tell you my feelings."

"You know what? From the first time I saw your picture, I felt that you were so special and wanted to dig out your secrets."

"At this moment, you showed up, like the God has sent you to me."

"At that time, I was ecstatic and gave you a helping hand. In fact, I just want to get close to you for the love in my heart. "

"Later, when I got along with you, I found that you were a very simple and beautiful girl."

"I'm happy and relaxed when staying with you. And I haven't had such a feeling for a long time. "

"The more I know about you, the more I want to protect you. I want you to have a carefree smile every day."

"Now, this feeling has already surpassed my life, making me unable to extricate myself as if I were addicted to drugs."

Speaking of this, Jeremey paused for a moment. Looking at the stunned and bewildered Moira, he smiled slightly.

"Promise me one thing."

"What?" Asked Moira in a daze.

"If you don't want to be with me, please don't hide from me."

"Just let me watch you from behind like your guard. Okay? "

"Okay, I promise you. But... "

Looking at the expectant eyes of Jeremey, Moira had to answer.

But before she could finish her words, Jeremey interrupted her.

"You don't have to say but, Kylie, be my girlfriend. I will make you happy, okay? "

As Jeremey spoke, he raised the diamond ring in his hand in front of Moira and looked at her hopefully.

"Be together, be together, be together..."

The people around them began to make a fuss, and immediately, Moira's face began to burn.

It was like the most beautiful and pure fire cloud in the evening, which stunned Jeremey.

Since Jeremey got down on one knee, everyone on the dance floor had noticed the scene.

Everyone had already retreated to the periphery of the dance floor, leaving a position for the brave man, Jeremey, in the middle.

"Well, Mr. Jeremey has always been well-known for abstinence, and even has the

gotten even she suppressed it.

Just like there were some people, you could choose not to think of them, but that didn't mean you would forget them.

What made Moira more terrified was that——

She couldn't get rid of Hans!

"Hans, you're such a bad guy."

On the morning of the second day of the celebration party, both Jeremey and Moira slept late and didn't get up.

Last night, the two of them didn't feel sleepy at all in their own rooms and kept their eyes open until dawn.

After sleeping for a while, it was time for lunch.

"Ah -- I'm so tired."

As soon as Moira walked out of the room, she stretched herself.

Last night, Moira tossed and turned in the soft and white Simmons bed for half a night. She had counted to one thousand sheep, but she was still awake.

It was not until the morning sun shone on him that Moira fell asleep for a while and got up after a while.

"HMM Good morning. "

At this moment, Jeremey yawned and pushed the door open.

"Ha ha, why do you have dark circles around your eyes?"

Looking at Jeremey with amusement, Moira laughed at him rudely.

She was always pissed off by Jeremey's teasing.

Now, she finally had a chance to refute.

"It's all because of you..."

Rubbing his eyes, Jeremey mumbled. For a moment, Moira was speechless.

Yes, her refusal must have hurt his heart.

"Ha ha, don't laugh at me, you have dark circles around your eyes too!"

After regaining his consciousness, Jeremey looked at Moira and burst into laughter.

After the jeering, the atmosphere between them finally returned to normal.

It seemed that the confession of love at the celebration party yesterday was just a dream.

Looking at the cheerful and smiling Jeremey at the table, Moira sighed slightly.

Well, that's good. He was very happy.

'I'm sorry, Jeremey. My mind is in a mess now. I can't accept anyone.

But I'm afraid that I have brought you a lot of harm.

Then I will try my best to bring you happiness and make you laugh.'

However, what Moira didn't see after she turned was that——

Tears were welling up in Jeremey's eyes.

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