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   Chapter 44 I Like You

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At that time, Hans was very angry. He simply thought that he had set a huge net by sending out the notice.

Then, wherever she went, she would be brought to him.

However, one day, two days; one month, two months.

Soon more than three months had passed, but there was still no news of Moira.

He regretted.

What if she resisted desperately and got hurt when she was caught in that strange place?

If she was hurt by others, could he forgive himself?

Taking a deep breath, Hans decided to face the result directly.

"Mr. Hans, our people found an interesting clue - yesterday, the foster parents of Moira received a remittance of six thousand dollars from B City."

Seeing that Hans had finally calmed down, Judd said softly.

"And according to my speculation, it will take about one night from A City to B City by train."

"In other words, it must be sent by Moira."

Judd said in one breath, looking at Hans in silence.

He was also a little nervous. These words were all his own deduction, but who knew the truth?

Maybe he made a mistake in

soft tone.

It was Moira's favorite English song, Tender Love.

With the sound of music, Jeremey and Moira danced trippingly on the dance floor.

All the dancers around were stunned——

Jeremey was tall, and the charm of a mature man was undoubtedly shown on him. While the combination of nobility and innocence of Moira made the man unable to turn his eyes away.

When they danced on the dance floor, others would think that they were a perfect match.

"Do you like the celebration party tonight?"

Jeremey gently wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered in her ear.

"Yes, I like it."

Feeling the sudden approach of Jeremey and the hot breath on her face, Moira could not help but blush again.

"I'm glad you like it. It's specially held for you."

"I know. This is a celebration party for me."

Moira looked at Jeremey and said in confusion.


Taking a deep breath, looking at the woman who was confused by his objection and looking at him, Jeremey plucked up the courage to continue.

"This is for you, because I like you."

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