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   Chapter 43 A Clue

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Jeremey looked closely at Moira's face. Although the medicine had been applied, the red and swollen wound still made him feel pitiful.

It took a long time for Jeremey to suppress the pain in his heart.

This girl was too simple.

Couldn't she see that Aliyah was deliberately bullying her?

"Mr. Jeremey, I know I was wrong. I will never be narrow-minded again. Please let me stay."

Just when Jeremey felt sorry for Moira, Aliyah ran to him and apologized, crying.

When Jeremey told her the truth, Aliyah knew that she was wrong.

"Go away."

But Jeremey didn't listen to Aliyah's crying at all. He just pulled Moira to the hospital for treatment.

If the wound on her face was not properly handled, they would probably leave scars.

However, for an innocent and beautiful girl as Moira, it would be a pity if there was a scar on her face.

"Jeremey, please give her a chance. She is also pitiful."

Moira stopped and gently pulled the corner of Jeremey's clothes.

Looking at the imploring look on her face, Jeremey was furious.

"Pity her? Who beat you to disability just now? Why did you ask me to keep her? "

"But she really knew she was wrong. Look, she is crying like that."

Moira begged.

The longer Moira worked in this industry, the more she knew what a good director meant to these actors who were still struggling at the bottom of the society.

Everyone had a dream of becoming famous.

Aliyah's acting skill was not bad, but she had never been outstanding.

As soon as she came here, she took her chance to become famous.

How could Aliyah not be anxious?

"Well, I'll listen to you this time. Aliyah, you know what you should do in the future. "

Jeremey turned to Aliyah and said coldly. He really couldn't stand the imploring eyes of Moira.

"Thank you, Mr. Jeremey. Thank you, Miss Moira!"

Aliyah's red and swollen eyes shone with surprise.

She really didn't expect that the girl who had been tortured by her would plead for her.

With a grateful heart, Aliyah watched as Jeremey pulled Moira away.

Jeremey took Moira to the best hospital in the city.

After a while of applying medicine to her wound, Moira was sweating heavily.

She didn't expect that the doctor would say it was so serious after only a few slaps!

It was disinfected and applied medicine to prevent infection, which made Moira feel that her face was a rare treasure.

"Jeremey, it's so horrible. The doctor has prescribed so many medicines. It's so troublesome!"

When Moira finally came out of the doctor's office, she wanted to cry but had no tears. She looked at the large bag of medicine in her hand.

Moira had always been a girl who was afraid of trouble. What she was more afraid of was taking medicine and injection.

She had thought that the wound on her face would be healed after applying some medicine.

But Moira didn't expect that the doctor here even prescribed her some medicine to take!

"Humph, you deserve it. Why don't you treat yourself well?"

"Anyone with a discerning eye can see that Aliyah is torturing you, but you still bear it foolishly."

Thinking of what had happened today, even though Jeremey was mature and steady, he was still angry.

Seeing that Jere

t Jeremey saved her and hid her!

"Well, it seems that you are going to send out six thousand."

Jeremey said with a pitiful look.

"Six thousand? So I made ten thousand this month? Why are there so much? "

Moira had never thought that she could earn more than ten thousand a month!

"It that a lot? When you become a real star, it's just the cost of a cosmetics. "

Looking at the surprised look on Moira's face, Jeremy teased.

"Well, stop talking about it. I'll take you to eat seafood."

In the roar of the car, Jeremey drove Moira to the seafood city.

The two of them had a buffet in the Sunshine Seafood Buffet City and then went to remit money to Moira's foster parents.

However, both Jeremey and Moira didn't expect that this time, when they transferred the money, Hans would find out where Moira was.

"Mr. Judd, our people found a clue. Recently, Moira's foster parents received an anonymous six thousand dollars. "

The crew cut man reported the news to their leader, Judd.


Hearing this, Judd asked carefully, "Which city is the remittance address?"

"It's B City, which is far away from A City. It's sent from a post office there."

"B City According to the speed of the train, it will take exactly one night to get there. "

"So, this should be the money sent by Moira. Except her, who else would care about the life and death of those two people? "

The more Judd thought about it, the more he felt that his deduction was correct.

He immediately went to find Hans and told him his findings.

"Mr. Hans, there may be some news about Moira." Judd opened the door and said softly.


Hearing this, the glass in Hans's hand fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

His trembling hands made him unable to hold anything.

'Moira, finally, will I find you?

"Say it."

Hans's voice was very low, trying to suppress the throb in his heart.

He was afraid that his hope would be destroyed again.

He was more afraid that he would hear some bad news.

He was so angry that he released that notice with big reward. It was hard to guarantee that someone might have a bad intention on her!

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