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   Chapter 30 Contact In Secret

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"Send the food upstairs for your Mrs. Moira. Remember to cook her favorite food. "

After getting dressed and going downstairs, Hans ordered the kitchen in an indifferent manner.

This little woman was still unable to walk. Let her have a good rest in the room.

Looking at the receding figure of Hans, Moira pursed her lips.

She was a determined person. If she really made a decision, she wouldn't change easily.

"You forcibly occupy my body, and now you treat me like this. Of course I will let you suffer. "

"Remember, anyone who uses me as a substitute or a duplicate will come to no good end. I'm myself, I'm Moira. Not anyone else. "

Looking at the lush trees outside the window, she swore firmly.

These things seemed to be manipulated by a big hand, and Moira decided to know the truth.

Why was it her? Did she really bump into him by accident?

At that time, her adoptive parents decided to send her to someone. When she went out for a drink, she met Hans, which made her have to think in the worst direction.

"Mrs. Moira, dinner is ready."

While Moira was lost in thought, Amber pushed the delicate dining car and called out.

This was the order of Hans to give the best treatment to her.

The pain in her lower body made Moira unable to stand up. Amber considerately told her not to get out of bed, and Amber brought her the food and let her eat it on the bed.

Looking at Amber's smiling eyes, Moira felt her face burning.

Amber made the bed for her again. The 'red flower' made the two blush.

It was already ten o'clock in the morning when she got to stay in her room quietly.

Shrugging in a corner of the bed, Moira crossed her arms over her knees.

The gentle wind outside blew her long black hair in the air.

The white clouds in the sky formed different shapes, as if they were the purest.

Looking at the sky blankly, Moira was a little stunned.

"I want to find out the truth. I can't stay here like a puppet."

Looking at the white clouds in the sky, she suddenly made up her mind.

Now that Hans was willing to keep her by his side, then let him see that she wasn't unable to do anything.

Since Moira was no longer imprisoned, she could easily use the telephone and network in the room.

She looked at the time. Hans would come back late at night.

After locking herself in the room, she dialed Ralph's number secretly.

Maybe it was good to have a man to help her.

"Ralph, it's me. I'm Moira. " The moment the phone was connected, her hands were trembling.

"Are you okay?"

Ralph asked in a low voice after a moment of silence.

Tears welled up in Moira's eyes when she heard his gentle concern.

It was as if the river had burst its banks and could not stop at all.

God bless her that there was a man here who cared about her and truly loved her.

"Moira, why don't you speak?"

Ralph couldn't get an answer from Moira, so he was very anxious.

Did that bastard really bully her?

Or was there something else that made her unable to speak?

"I'm fine. I just feel a little wronged."

Said Moira in a choked voice.

She was not a girl who liked to cry in front of boys. She always felt that it was too pretentious to do that.

Therefore, it was the first time for Ralph to hear her cry.

"Moira, you are crying. Tell me, did that bastard bully you? I'll help you vent your anger! "

The paper in his hand was crumpled into a ball.

Ralph was so angry that everyone in the company was surprised.

It was the first time that he had been so furious in public.

This made everyone wonder what had happened.

"I'm fine. Don't worry."

Said Moira calmly after calming herself down.

It was not until Ralph felt that she had returned to normal that he breathed a sigh of relief.

If Moira said that she was wronged, then he would make Hans pay for it even if he lost all his property!

"I want to find out who is behind all this. Although I'm 90% sure that it was Hans who did it, I don't have enough evidence. Ralph, can you help me? "

Said Moira softly.

"What can I do for you?" Ralph asked softly.

"I don't know. You are just a photographer. What can you do for me? Alas. "

Although Moira had some plans, she was a little discouraged when she thought that Ralph was just an ordinary person like her.

As the CEO of J Group in A City, it was obvious that Hans had great power.

It would be difficult for Ralph to fight against him.


After a long silence, it was not until then that Moira realized that she had gone too far.

"I'm sorry, Ralph. I didn't mean it. I just felt sad then. "

"You are right. He is the CEO of J Group. I'm just a nobody. How can I compete with him? "

Ralph smiled with self-mockery. Although he always looked on the bright side, he was brought into comparison with Hans of J Group since he was little.

Now that Hans had handled everything well, Ralph, who had just taken over the company, was a little behind him.

"Ralph, I didn't mean it."

After a moment's silence, M

oira said softly.

"I, I know."

"But don't worry, Moira. I have my own power. If you want, I will let you leave Chu Mansion today. He won't stop you. "

Ralph suddenly made up his mind and said to Moira.

For her, what could he not do even if he sold a part of the interests of the Z Group?

After all, there were a lot of things happening in the business world. It was a disadvantage at this time, and maybe tomorrow it would be a profit?

"No, thanks. I decide to stay here by myself. To find out all the facts. If what you said is true, we have to deal with this man. I'm afraid he has owed me countless things. "

Taking a deep breath, Moira said to Ralph, "I hate him. I decide to stay in Chu Mansion!"

Hearing the news, Ralph seemed to be hit by a flash, unable to breathe for a long time.

Why did she want to stay in Chu Mansion?

"Moira, tell me the reason."

All of a sudden, Ralph calmed down. However, his calmness brought a sense of death, which made people feel cold in their hearts.

What should he do if Moira told her that she had feelings for Hans?

At this time, Ralph panicked, but he looked particularly calm.

"I just told you that I hate him. I want to know that the controlling hand behind all this. Who on earth made me so miserable for so long? "

Gritting her lower lip tightly. He could tell that she was really angry.

"Since you have decided to stay and look for clues, our Z Group will do our best to help you!"

Ralph said word by word. The words seemed to weigh a thousand pounds.

Hearing the news, Moira was stunned.

Was he a senior executive of the Z Group?

Ralph Zhou, Z Group, a new CEO had taken over Z Group

When all this was connected, something was about to emerge.

"Are you the young master of the Z Group?"

The woman's scream came through the phone, and Ralph threw the phone on the table.

Five minutes later, he slowly picked up the phone.

"Ralph, why didn't you tell me before?" Moira said angrily.

"I didn't tell anyone before. I just take myself as an ordinary photographer. My family asked me to study business, but I refused. "

Ralph took a deep breath and explained.

He felt relaxed after telling the biggest secret to her.

He had wanted to tell her earlier, but he didn't expect that so many things would happen to her in succession.

Ralph lost the chance to confess.

Then, the two of them discussed a lot of things, especially the matters related to the stay of Moira in the Chu Mansion.

Ralph promised her that he would come as soon as there was an emergency.

After getting Ralph's affirmative reply, Moira became more confident.

Now, let me see what kind of person you are, Hans

"Did she go out today?"

As soon as Hans arrived at the Chu Mansion in the evening, he asked anxiously.

This little woman was drugged last night, and he was so greedy.

He was afraid that she still didn't want to move as if she had broken up.

"Mr. Hans, Mrs. Moira is resting in her room. If Mr. Hans is not in a hurry, how about I make you some soup first? "

Lillian flattered.

"No, thanks."

With a wave of his hand, Hans went upstairs to the second floor and headed for the room of Moira.

Since the door was not locked, he opened it easily.

While practicing the piano, Moira didn't show much surprise when she saw Hans.

It seemed that she had already known that he would come.

"You are back."

Moira smiled at him.

The smile made him feel a little confused, as if eight years ago, there was a same smart figure sitting in front of the window. "Hans, you're back."

However, when he regained his composure and sat beside Moira——

"Does it still hurt?" Asked Hans in a low voice.

There was a 'rash' on her neck.

Since her memory had been restored, of course she knew what it was.

And Moira felt embarrassed to be laughed at by the servants when she went to the hall that day.

It turned out that at that time, Hans had already touched her.

"Well, do you still care about others?"

Said Moira coldly.

The atmosphere between the two suddenly fell silent.

An inexplicable anxiety flashed through his heart, but he tried hard not to show it.

This damn woman!

"Will you still leave?"

Suddenly, he asked in a low voice.

Of course, Moira knew what he meant.

Looking at the expectation in the man's eyes, she suddenly didn't have the heart to refuse him.

If only time could go back.

"I will stay in Chu Mansion."

Looking at the expectant look in his eyes, she said calmly.

Her eyes were filled with coldness, like the calmest sea.

Of course, Hans saw the flicker in her eyes, but he didn't say anything more.

In his opinion, as long as Moira was willing to stay.

Sooner or later, he would make this woman stay for him willingly.

"Is this love?"

He had asked himself, but he didn't get an answer.

He just wanted to keep her by his side.

It was just like a man's dependence on cigarettes, and the feelings of Hans to Moira were also so unclear.

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