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   Chapter 29 Every Minute Counts

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The fat man's voice brought a good news to Ralph, which cheered him up.

The depression on his face disappeared and he sat up straight.

At the sight of this, Celia's eyes darkened.

Yes, no matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't compare with the position of Moira in his heart.

"But Mr. Ralph, you have to speed up. Our men found a group of people kidnapped a woman at the bus station. It's Miss Moira. "

"According to their route, they should be heading for the warehouse in the western suburb. It's a truck, and they have a lot of people! "

The fat man hung up the phone in a hurry.

He had to keep in touch with his men in case of any new news.

"Oh, no! She is in danger!"

Ralph hit the steering wheel hard and turned the car one hundred and eighty degrees.

He drove madly in the opposite direction as before.

"Call the old house of the Zhou family and tell them that I'm in trouble. Ask thirty people to protect me in the warehouse in the west suburb!"

While driving, Ralph didn't forget to roar at Celia sitting next to him.

Stunned, Celia immediately picked up the phone and told the news to Morton.

Worried about his son's safety, Morton immediately sent thirty bodyguards to the warehouse in the western suburb.


After taking the medicine, Moira felt that the heat in her body was getting hotter and hotter.

The heat seemed to come from the deep of her soul, which made her unbearable.

As this strange feeling appeared, her face became more and more red.

Her eyes seemed to contain some tears.

"Hey, she can't stand it anymore."

Seeing this, Madman said, "Cody, let's do it."

At this time, in fact, Moira was a little rational.

Seeing these people pouncing on her with lewd smiles, she closed her eyes in pain.

Enduring the effect of the drug in her body, she looked at the people in front of her pleadingly.

However, such a pity did not gain forgiveness, but made them speed up.

With a scream, her coat had been torn into pieces.


When they were about to continue, the door of the warehouse was kicked open.

The bald man and Madman immediately looked at the door alertly, where a figure stood with his hands behind his back.

The sun shone on his back, like a God that could not be surpassed.

The man's aura was still so domineering that Madman and the bald man could not help but slightly squint their eyes.

As soon as Hans looked around the warehouse, he saw the embarrassed situation of Moira.

When he saw the broken coat, the people around Hans obviously felt that his aura was a little colder.

"You, go and kill these people. Judd, take Miss Moira to the Chu Mansion with me. "

After giving the order coldly, Hans strode towards the direction of Moira.

As he moved, the bald man and Madman's eyes flickered crazily.

But they didn't stop him.

Because they knew that if they continued to stop him at this time, it would be the price of their lives.

And they couldn't afford such a price.

As soon as Hans lifted Moira up, he immediately felt that something was wrong with her.

This little woman's body was very hot, and her cheeks were red, as if she was trying her best to endure some pain.

"Did you drug her?"

When Hans walked out of the warehouse, he asked coldly.


Hearing such an answer, Hans paused and disappeared at the door of the warehouse.

Judd's eyes darkened when he saw that Hans and Moira disappeared.

The CEO would get that woman in the end, wouldn't he?

But why did his heart ache.

He turned to look at the people in the warehouse.

Since he felt heartbroken, it was better to vent it with them.

When the familiar sound of fighting came from the warehouse, Hans had already taken Moira to the car.

He rushed back to the Chu Mansion as fast as he could.

"It's so hot."

In the car, Moira tore her clothes unconsciously.

The drug had taken effect.

"Speed up."

At the sight of this, Hans turned his wrist and controlled her hand.

But at the same time, the light in his eyes became deeper.

The driver got the order and drove at the highest speed.

On the way back to the Chu Mansion, Moira groaned unconsciously, which made the two men in the car nervous a lot.

Looking at the beautiful woman beside him, there was something burning in his eyes.

"You are my woman. Then, I won't let you leave. Don't worry. "

He gently kissed her forehead and held her in his arms to prevent her from moving again.

When they arrived at the Chu Mansion, under the surprised eyes of Amber and Lillian, Hans went upstairs with Moira in broken clothes in his arms and heavily closed the door.

"Look, Mr. Hans is really something. Mrs. Moira has to come back anyway."

"Of course. It is Mr. Hans. If he can't handle such a trifle, it won't be him. "

Ignoring the discussions of the servants in the hall, Hans directly put Moira down on the big bed.

"Be my woman."

There was a primitive feeling surging in his murmurs.

When the fight in the warehouse in the western suburb was about to come to an end, a crazy Lamborghini sports car stopped.


hout looking at the sports car that had almost stopped in an instant, Ralph and Celia rushed into the warehouse.

The bald man and Madman had been completely subdued.

It only took ten minutes from the beginning to the end of the battle.

The gap of five to one made no difference even if they resisted madly.

"Where is Moira?"

Seeing that the gangsters in the warehouse were completely controlled, Ralph grabbed Judd's collar and shouted.

He drove the sports car at the top speed all the way, regardless of whether it was dangerous or not at such a high speed. He just wanted to see Moira.

However, when Ralph entered the warehouse, he gave up.

There were all men here, and there was no sign of Moira at all!

"She is safe now. Don't worry, Mr. Ralph."

Judd easily opened his arms and waved his hands to the bodyguards to take them away.

"Did Hans do it? He took Moira away, right? "

Holding Judd's hand, Ralph's eyes flashed with madness.

As the heir of the Z Group, how could he have no information about Hans?

Since Judd was here, then Hans must have been here before.

And he also took Moira away!

Thinking of this, Ralph gritted his teeth.

He almost succeeded in rescuing her.

"Although Mr. Ralph's speed is fast, you are a step slower than us. Now there is nothing else to do here. Please go back, Mr. Ralph. "

Judd's words made Ralph feel insulted.

He took a step forward and was about to fight him, but was stopped by Celia.

Before the fifty bodyguards arrived here, there was nothing they can do.

"Tell Hans that I will let it go about what happened this time. I wasn't faster than him!" said Ralph

After saying that, he left the warehouse in the west suburb with Celia.

He knew that it would be difficult to release Moira now that she was in the hands of Hans again.

However, how could he give up Moira?

The second morning, the dazzling sunlight shone into the room through the screen window, waking up one of the two figures on the bed.

Slowly opening her eyes, Moira moved her body a little and felt a stabbing pain in her lower body.

All of a sudden, she came to her senses and sat up, pulling back the quilt——

There was a touch of bright red on it, which was particularly dazzling.

Moira felt dizzy and fell on the bed.

She turned her head, and the culprit was sleeping soundly beside her.

In deep sleep, his long eyelashes covered his face, casting a shadow on it.

Because of the quiet sleep, his face was less domineering and masculine.

But from this point of view, there was more warmth and childishness.

Moira's heart throbbed a little.

However, when she looked down and saw the delicate clavicle, the memory of yesterday wildly appeared in her mind.

It was this man who had occupied her!

After confirming this, Moira's eyes widened.

Looking at the white ceiling, she suddenly had an impulse to cry.

She was no longer a clean person.

Looking at the man who was standing next to her quietly, Moira suddenly had a feeling of killing him. That was hatred!

How could he treat others like this!

How could he hurt others just to please himself?

Moira closed her eyes tightly, and the hatred in her heart was devastating.

From the day of the car accident, all the scenes seemed to have been played in her mind like a movie.

There seemed to be a pair of huge hands controlling the whole process.

But who could it be?

Turning her head to look at Hans, who was still sleeping, Moira suddenly nodded firmly.

It must be Hans.

Was she just a puppet for him to use?

Or a replica of a dead person?

A self-mocking smile appeared on Moira's face.

It turned out that she had such a great effect. She hadn't found it before.

A strong bitterness exploded in the bottom of her heart and gradually wrapped her whole heart.

She was so despaired that as if all the vitality had disappeared.

"I hate you, Hans."

Looking at the man's face, Moira said softly.

Hans's eyelashes moved but he didn't open his eyes.

When Moira wake up, he was already awake.

But he didn't know how to face this woman, so he pretended to be asleep.

He could feel her every move, but he didn't have the courage to face it.

She must hate him very much.

In such a state, being occupied by him unwillingly.

Thinking of the silent and stubborn character of Moira, Hans could not help but smile bitterly.

"You are awake."

However, he had to do what he should do.

Since he had decided that she was his woman, he would not give up!

"Why are you awake?"

Said Moira indifferently.

"Yes. What a coincidence! "

After saying that, the two of them fell into silence.

Somehow, Hans felt annoyed.

He didn't like this kind of atmosphere, especially after last night.

"I will keep you in Chu Mansion. You are not in good health now. "

After keeping silent for a long time, Hans said softly.

Hearing the last sentence, Moira's face turned red.

She opened her mouth but said nothing.

Well, there is something that couldn't be said, and there was no need to say.

It was wrong if she spoke it out.

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