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   Chapter 28 Crisis Moment

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Early in the morning, Ralph received a call from the fat man, who told him that there was news about Moira.

"Mr. Ralph, the person you are looking for is really capable. The girl had escaped from the Chu Mansion. And the person who helped her was Hans's bodyguard, Judd. "

The fat man chuckled and said, "As for where Miss Moira is now, we don't know."

"You don't know?"

Ralph hesitated for a while and said, "Okay, thank you. If you have any news, please tell me as soon as possible."

"Hey, Mr. Ralph, don't worry. Although our price is high, the service will definitely be good."

After hanging up the phone, Ralph lay on the bed quietly.

Looking at the white chandelier on the ceiling, he felt a splitting headache.

Ralph liked to sleep late, but the fat man called too early today.

However, it was not a big deal to endure the headache as long as there was news about her.

Closing his eyes, Ralph decided to sleep a little longer.

Unfortunately, before he could fall asleep again, his phone rang.

"Damn it! You'd better give me a reason not to scold you!"

Ralph answered the phone fiercely.

"Ralph, I got some news about Moira. She is at the X bus station. She just escaped from the Chu Mansion and asked me to pick her up! "

On the other side of the phone, the voice of Celia was especially sharp and harsh because of anxiety.

But Ralph didn't mind. There were only three words in his mind: pick her up!

"Okay, I'll drive there right away. Where are you? "

Ralph sprang up from the bed and put on his clothes in a hurry.

"I'm at home. Come here quickly. You can pick me up on the way. " Answered Celia.

The two of them had been looking for Moira for a long time.

In order to find Moira, Ralph even went into the Z Group, which he hated most.

Both of them knew that if he entered the company, Ralph would not be as relaxed and free as before.

When Ralph arrived at the building of Celia's house, he picked her up.

The latest Lamborghini sports car galloped on the road like a fierce beast that had just come out of the cage.

But Ralph still felt that the speed was slow, so he stepped on the accelerator all the way to the bottom.

Finally, they arrived at the bus station. Ralph and Celia jumped out of the car immediately and looked around to find the figure of Moira.

"Where is Moira? Are you sure she is here? "

After searching for a long time, they couldn't find any clue. In a hurry, Ralph grabbed Celia and shouted.

"She called me. Look, it's this number. She told me she is here!"

Celia was also very anxious. Where on earth could Moira go?

Ralph's eyes twinkled. He took the phone and called back.

When he heard a man's voice on the phone, his face darkened.

Fortunately, the driver explained the whole story to Ralph.

"Where is Moira?"

Celia asked anxiously as Ralph gave the phone back to her.

"I don't know. I'm just sure that something happened to her."

Looking at the surroundings around the bus station expressionlessly, Ralph's heart was burning like fire.

According to the driver, she stayed at the bus station.

But now there was no one in the bus station. Where could she go without any money?

Was she taken back to the Chu Mansion again?

Ralph had a bad feeling.


Moira moved slightly, her sight became blurred.

She tried to open her eyes, only to feel that her hands and feet seemed to be bound by something.

Even her mouth was stuffed with a thick towel.

Her body was constantly bumping, which made her very uncomfortable.

It was so dark that she couldn't even see the surroundings.

But with the jolt and the roar of the motor, she quickly understood that she was inside a truck.

Who put her into the truck?

Slowly closing her eyes, Moira recalled what had happened before she passed out

After hanging up the phone and saying goodbye to the kind-hearted driver, Moira held her arm and waited for Celia at the bus station alone.

Because it was in the early morning, and that was a station in the suburb of A City, so there was almost no one there.

Moira felt a little cold, and as she hadn't slept all night, she was very tired.

So she walked to the parterre at the gate of the bus station with her arms crossed and sat down.

Just then, a man's voice sounded, "Hi."

And he also patted her on the shoulder.

Surprised, Moira turned around and wondered why there were people who knew her here?

But before she could see his face clearly, a white towel stuffed her nose and mouth the moment she turned around.

There was a special pungent smell in the towel, and she soon lost consciousness.

Is that diethyl ether?

When her memory came to an end, a bitter smile played at the corners of Moira's mouth.

No matter how stupid she was, she knew that she was kidnapped.

But where on earth were they taking her?

The sound outside the car was very quiet, only the sound of truck bumping could be heard from time to time.

Moira moved her hands and feet, but they were all tied tightly.

She had no choice but to wiggle her body to the place near the door.

She put her ear on the door of the truck and listened carefully. Immediately, she gave up the idea.

There was no sound at all.

No matter how

loud the noise she made, no one would come to save her.

Just as she was thinking about how to save herself, the speed of the truck gradually slowed down.

Did they arrive at their destination?

Moira thought.


The door of the truck opened, and the dazzling sunlight came in.

Moira couldn't get used to it for a while and closed her eyes tightly.

"Hey, Cody, this girl woke up unexpectedly. We'll have some fun. "

The man's obscene voice rang in her ears. Obviously, he was surprised to see the sober Moira.

Then he walked towards her, rubbing his hands.

"Madman, stop it. Take her to the warehouse first. "

Another calm voice sounded. When Moira opened her eyes, she found that it was a bald and strong man.

The man called Madman chuckled. He looked so thin that he didn't have much strength.

However, he directly carried Moira on his shoulder and easily took her to the warehouse in front of him.


Madman threw Moira on his shoulder to a pile of straws in the warehouse as if he was unloading.

Immediately, Moira curled up and looked at them as much as possible.

She knew that she was the poor lamb now.

Obviously, there were not only the two men, Madman and bald man.

After entering the warehouse, she was sure that there were more than ten people here.

After knowing this, her heart sank to the bottom.

It seemed that she was doomed this time.

"Cody, she looks pretty and pure. It's as good as that woman. "

The Madman said, rubbing his hands with lust in his eyes.

"How about we have a taste?"

The other men nodded and came up to her.

With her mouth blocked, Moira couldn't speak at all. Two lines of tears fell from her tightly closed eyes.

"No, this woman is still useful to us. You know how difficult that man is. Otherwise, I wouldn't have brought this burden back. "

The bald man stared at the slender figure of Moira. Although he swallowed, he still disagreed.

"Hey, Cody, we won't kill her. We just have fun with her. Even if that person knows, what can he do? "

"What's more, we've worked so hard for that man, but now we can only hide in this damned place. Isn't it too much for you not to let us have some fun? "

Hearing what the Madman said, the other men in the warehouse nodded vigorously. Obviously, they agreed with him.

Hearing this, Moira suddenly opened her eyes and shook her head hard at the bald man.

The tears in her eyes wetted her whole face, making her more beautiful.

But obviously, her pleading didn't get any good result -- the bald man decided to take some actions.

"Madman, go find some medicine and inject it to this little woman. Otherwise, I'm afraid she can't hold on. "

The bald man looked at the figure and appearance of Moira, swallowed and ordered.

"Let's play it after the medicine power comes up. It's more interesting."


Hearing this, the Madman went to find the medicine and wanted to inject it into Moira.

Seeing the bright needle getting closer and closer to her, Moira wriggled her body desperately and retreated.

But Madman caught her easily.

A sharp pain came from her arm.

She could do nothing but watch herself being injected with the medicine. She closed her eyes feebly and endured the sharp pain of the injection.

Two teardrops slowly dropped and evaporated before the effect of the drug took effect.

In the Chu Mansion.

"Mr. Hans, I got some news about Mrs. Moira. But she is not in a good condition now! "

Judd stumbled to the front of Hans. His face turned red because of the rush.

"Take your time."

Hans hated people to be in such a panic.

"Our spies found that they took a woman with a truck and drove to the warehouse. According to my judgment, she is Mrs. Moira! "

Judd finally finished what he wanted to say and looked at Hans anxiously.

"It's these bastards again!"

"Take fifty people with you. Follow me to the warehouse as soon as possible!"

Looking at the crystal table smashed by Hans, Judd swallowed.

It seemed that these people had stabbed the pain in Hans's heart.

In the car, there was a flash of anger in Hans's eyes. He tried hard to hold back the killing intent in his heart.

The scene eight years ago seemed to come back to him again.

On that rainy night, Lois was kidnapped and her clothes were broken

These scenes constantly flashed in front of his eyes. He gritted his teeth and was furious!

Eight years ago, he couldn't do anything about Lois's death, but eight years later, he had to save the woman who made him addicted to.

Even for the appearance that resembled Lois and their similar fate, he would save her.

Hurry up! Time, please slow down! So I can catch up with her!

At the bus station, Ralph and Celia felt extremely disappointed.

They thought they had found Moira, but it was still a vision.

The two of them had no choice but to drive to A City.

"Ralph, don't worry. Moira will be fine."

In the car, looking at Ralph who was biting his lower lip tightly, Celia comforted him.

"Ring, ring, ring."

Ralph didn't say anything. The two were startled by the voice of the phone.

Ralph looked at the caller ID and answered the phone immediately.

"Hello, Mr. Ralph. I got some news about Miss Moira!"

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