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   Chapter 13 Self-humiliation

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"Why? Do you like to use her as a substitute so much? 'You'd better take a good look at her. She is not Lois who you love so much.' Such a substitute is just a puppet! "

Ellen pushed away Judd's hands that were about to stop her, and pointed fiercely at Moira who was about to come down the stairs. The woman's shrill voice echoed in the room, and Hans' face suddenly became extremely cold.

"I told you, get out." Said Hans.

He turned his eyes to look at the stunned Moira.

Did she hear something? At the thought that he might lose this woman, Hans became more anxious. He glared at Judd, indicating him to take Ellen away.

"Miss Ellen, please." Noticing the coldness in Hans' eyes, Judd felt a little contradictory, but he still obeyed his silent order and forcibly "invited" Ellen to the gate of the Chu Mansion.

Although Ellen was struggling, her strength was no match for that of the bodyguard, Judd.

"No, I won't leave! I don't believe that I will lose to such a similar woman. I like you. Hans. I can wait for you, no matter how long it will take! As long as you acknowledge me, I will be satisfied, Hans, Hans! "

"Miss Ellen, please behave yourself!" Judd was a little annoyed. He didn't hit her hard as she was a woman. Why was she still making trouble here?

He pinched the soft spot on Ellen's waist gently, which made her feel powerless and drag her out of the Chu Mansion.

"Miss Ellen, you are not welcome to make trouble in Chu Mansion. It's beneath your identity to shout like this. Please go back. " Judd said coldly and slammed the door.

With a bang, the door of the Chu Mansion was closed, and Ellen closed her eyes, bearing the criticism of the servants inside. Two crystal liquid slid down from the corner of her eyes and dropped on the ground, breaking into pieces. The bitterness filled her heart and spread all over her heart.

The closed door of the Chu family seemed to be closed in her heart, making her bruised all over. However, even if she was covered with bruises, how could she give up on Hans?

The man's eyes were still shining in front of her, with his cold and carved features. Even if he asked her to get out in the end, she still couldn't hate him at all.

Ellen wiped away the tears on the corner of her mouth. Yes, she couldn't give up. This man was hers, no matter how many opponents she had!

"Lois, are you scared?" In the house, Hans anxiously walked forward and held the hand of Moira.

This girl was almost his everything now. Only when he was with her could he have a good sleep, as if Lois was with him.

Only she could break the nightmare brought by Lois. He couldn't imagine if one day, when she knew who she really was and regained her memory, she would leave him resolutely. What should he do then?

Drug abuse was the most horrible thing in the world, wasn't it?

But now, Hans was exactly like a drug addict. He knew that Moira was his drug. He knew that there would be an end to treating her as a substitute, but he just couldn't stop it like a drug addict!

He was determined to have this girl!

"Who is that? She looks so crazy. She was talking about a substitute? A substitute doll? " Moira looked at him with fear.

She heard part of that woman's scream, but only a small part. When she wanted to listen carefully, Ellen was taken away by Judd.

"That's a crazy woman. She always wants to take me, your husband away from you. She said she was willing to be your substitute. But Lois, you are the most unique one. How can I go with her? Don't worry. " Hans said as he gently held her in his arms. Smelling the faint fragrance of milk from her body, he felt at ease for the first time.

"Okay." Leaning against the man's chest, Moira closed her eyes in peace.

Although she didn't know how she had spent the past with him, only he could give her such a sense of security. She must have loved him very much before? She leaned against his chest, as if their hearts were two in one.

Judd, who had just sent Ellen away, saw this scene when he entered the room. He suddenly stopped and felt a faint bitterness in his heart. This slight heartache made him frown.

The CEO must be very happy with her? They hugged each other so tightly that they felt at ease. But why did his heart hurt?

"Well, Lois, come down and have breakfast. I won't spare you if you lose weight because of not much eating much. " On the stairs, Hans let go of Moira and kissed her on the forehead. Moira couldn't avoid his kiss and her face turned red. Her face was as red as a burning cloud, with a hint of charm, which was naturally combined with her pure temperament. Hans could not help but be stunned.

"Aren't you going to have meal? Come down." When Hans was in a daze, he saw that Moira had run downstairs. Looking at the happy back of this little bird, a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

It would be nice if he could always look at her and dote on her.

Hans went to J Group to deal with some business affairs. Now, although the J Group had its own model and could

operate smoothly, he still needed to be in charge of most important matters. Thinking that Ellen might be waiting for him in J Group, Hans couldn't help frowning.

He couldn't let this woman continue like this. Otherwise, she would come to Moira sooner or later and tell her everything about him and Lois, so that Moira could leave him.

In the past eight years, although Ellen had always been with him in silence, he knew how she dealt with the women who had appeared beside him before.

However, he was not interested in those women at all. He just played with them, and soon lost interest. So he allowed Ellen to drive them away. It didn't matter. After all, no woman could really make him feel that he could get rid of Lois' nightmare.

However, Moira gave that feeling to him. This woman could only be his!

"Boss, here we are." Judd's voice woke up Hans, who was lost in thought. For a moment, he calmly tidied up his collar and walked into the company. If that woman was really in the company, then let's deal with these things clearly!

'Moira is mine, and no one can take her away from me!'

Ellen sat on the sofa quietly, waiting for Hans.

Being "politely" invited out of the Chu Mansion by Judd, Ellen felt that all the blood in her body was gathered in her head, "buzzing". Why could that girl be loved so much by Hans, just because of her face?

She, Ellen, had stayed by the side of Hans for eight years. Wasn't she as good as the girl who had accompanied him for only a few days?

Ellen felt that her heart was about to break down. Eight years ago, when Lois and Hans got married, the two of them had a sweet life. Ellen slowly blocked her heart, trying to forget the unforgettable figure of Hans.

Just when she tried her best to reduce the influence of Hans, Lois died!

Overjoyed, Ellen found an excuse to stay by the side of Hans. Knowing that he had suffered a great blow when Lois died, Ellen was not in a hurry to let him accept her. She just accompanied him gently so that she could occupy a more important position in his heart.

But eight years had passed, and the result was still the same!

"Miss Ellen, Mr. Hans is here." The secretary's voice startled Ellen, who was lost in thought. She looked at the door and saw Hans walking towards her with a long face. Behind him was the hateful Judd.

"Come with me to my office. Judd, you stay outside. " Without looking at Ellen, Hans ordered and went into the CEO's office. Ellen bit her lips and followed him closely.

Looking at the tightly closed office door, Judd's eyes flashed a trace of mockery.

"What are you doing here?" After entering the office, Hans directly sat on the luxurious boss's chair. He picked up a cup of coffee for himself. Although Ellen was also in the office, he didn't mean to pour a cup of wine for her at all.

"I'm here to see you." Ellen bit her lips and said awkwardly.

"Oh, see me? Now that you have seen me, if there is nothing else, please leave. "

"Hans." Tears began to well up in Ellen's eyes. "You know why I came to you. Are you really so cruel to me? Although I'm not as good as her, I've been with you for eight years. "

"Oh, did I ask you to accompany me for eight years? It seems that you are willing to do that! " Said Hans sarcastically.

"You!" Ellen couldn't stand his anger words and slapped on the desk in front of him. Although in the past eight years, Hans had been indifferent to her, he didn't say anything hurtful as she looked gentle and obedient.

But today, Hans, who had made up his mind to teach Ellen a lesson, spoke rudely. Each word he said was to lift the scars in Ellen's heart. It was like stabbing a knife in her heart. It hit the nail on the head.

She, Ellen, a member of H Group. How could she bear this grievance?

"Oh, are you getting angry?" Seeing Ellen's angry face, Hans calmly raised his eyes and looked at Ellen who was looking down at him.

"Don't go too far, Hans. You are making trouble here for a substitute of Celine. Is it worth? Don't think that I don't know she is just a puppet! " Ellen gnashed her teeth in anger.

"Clap!" Hans slapped Ellen on her right face!

The office quieted down instantly. Ellen covered her face in disbelief and looked at Hans. The slap was not light. She felt that her right face was red and swollen. The burning feeling made the blood and energy that had been surging in her brain return to her body.

However, the blood was in reverse!

"Listen up, Ellen." Looking at the woman who was still covering her face with her hand, Hans didn't show any mercy. "I only care about Lois in my heart, but unfortunately she is dead. Now I finally get a new Lois. I don't allow you to touch her. I want her. If you touch her, don't blame me for being rude! "

After that, Hans sat on the boss chair and calmly took a piece of tissue to wipe the palm that just slapped Ellen. "Oh, by the way, this is not me teaching you a lesson. It's you asking for self-humiliation! " His cold voice echoed in the office, ruthlessly hitting Ellen's heart.

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