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   Chapter 9 The First Meeting At The Party (Part One)

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"Hans, I'm pregnant." With a happy look on her face, Lois couldn't wait to share the good news with Hans.

Apparently, Hans was not mentally prepared. He stood there blankly for a moment.

"What's wrong with you, Hans?" Lois was a little unhappy. Why did he react differently from what she had imagined?

"Lois, listen to me. Go to the hospital and have an abortion before things get worse."

It never occurred to Lois that he would say that. "It's the fruit of our love. Why don't you want it? I want to give birth to the baby... "

"Lois, I've just taken over the company and I'm very busy every day. Besides, you know that I don't like children. I'll inform the hospital to arrange the best doctor for you..."

Before he could finish his words, Lois shouted in a voice that she had never heard before, "You can't deny his existence just because you don't like children. Anyway, I'm going to raise this child myself after it's born." It was the first time that Lois spoke so loudly in front of him.

"I can't have this baby." His face darkened and he looked at Lois in a commanding tone.

"You can't deny the existence of a child just because of your selfishness." With these words, Lois walked out of the gate. That was the starting point of the matter. If he had agreed to Lois' request eight years ago, would everything be different now? When he really understood the importance of her, she have already left. The price was too high, and there was no room for regret.

Every rainy night after Lois' death, Hans would have a similar dream, in which he came out of the dirty warehouse with Lois' corpse in his arms, it was raining. The wind was blowing fiercely, and the rain rushed to Lois' corpse, mixing with the blood on her body. Thinking of that stormy night, he still felt frightened. At that time, he just wanted to call out from his heart, 'Lois, you must be joking again. You must be pretending to be asleep...'

——Lois, could you please wake up and have a look at me? How could you leave me, where is that lively and innocent girl? Don't you want to give birth to the baby? Let's give birth to the baby and bring it up. If it's a boy, it will be like me, if it's a girl, it will be like you. As long as you wake up, I will promise you everything

However, what he held in his arms was a cold corpse. No matter how hard he tried to warm Lois, he always felt that the colder it was. His heart ached so much that he couldn't even shed a tear. Was it a luxury to cry in extreme pain?

In the end, he could only shout her name hysterically, but she had left him forever, and would never came back in his life.

At the thought of this, he held Moira even tighter. Memories always devoured his soul. Although the woman in his arms was not Lois and he knew that treating another woman as Lois was deceiving himself, he still chose to deceive himself as usual

Leaning against the headboard of the bed, Ralph had been suffering from insomnia for half a month. Every time he was in a daze until dawn. Maybe only when Moira appeared in front of him c

ould he change the situation. He had never had a good sleep since the day when Moira disappeared. He had sent the best people to inquire about her whereabouts, but there was no news at all. The girl seemed to have disappeared from the world, and there was no news at all

At eight o'clock in the morning, Hans had already sat at the table and had a cup of coffee. He still got up early.

Suddenly, his phone rang, breaking the silence in the morning. When he saw it was a stranger's number, he picked it up. "This is Ellen. I heard that Mr. Ralph is going to hold a party tonight. You must have been invited, right? Let's go together tonight, and I can be your female companion."

Hearing the sweet voice from the other end of the phone, Hans felt a headache at first. "Don't you think the media is not making enough noise? I have just dealt with the report last time. Do you know how much I have paid to the reporters to settle that matter?" Speaking of the gossip last time, Hans couldn't help but press his temples. He really couldn't stand that kind of report. It was settled with a lot of money. Now Ellen was going to go to a party with him. It was obvious that he was very bothered by such a thing.

"Fine, fine. Why are you so angry? Besides, I just made a suggestion. It's okay if you don't agree." Ellen had expected such a result, but she still couldn't help asking. Even just to hear his voice, his voice was always so attractive to her, and even the tone of scolding was always so charming in her eyes.

Without saying anything more, Hans hung up the phone. He'd better stay away from this woman, especially now that she was a star.

Without thinking too much, he dialed another number. "Send Lois' dress here on time today. If you delay this important work, resign and go home." He didn't have any patience for anyone except for Moira.

The party was held at the Zhou Mansion at 6 o'clock on time. As expected, all the real estate tycoons in A City gathered here, and people came in one after another. Ralph's father had prepared gold cards, and only those with gold cards were qualified to attend the party.

Ralph was wearing a suit. Needless to say, the protagonist tonight was him. The purpose of the party was to make a scene for him, and naturally, he had been dressed up carefully. However, as the protagonist of the party, Ralph was not in a state at the moment. He was not interested in such a party at all. Moreover, his mind was full of Moira now. How could he have the mood to hold a party? If his father hadn't forced him to come, he wouldn't have come.

In the parking lot of the Zhou Mansion tonight, there would be a sighing luxury car every now and then, and the people around it could be said to be feasting their eyes.

Ellen arrived at the parking lot first. She had no choice but to go to the party with her good friend, racing driver, Carter Cheng. As soon as she got out of the car, Ellen attracted a lot of attention. This famous star always attracted people's attention all the time. "Isn't this Ellen of the H Group?"

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