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   Chapter 6 The Appearance Of A Star

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Seeing that Moira was in a daze, Amber said, "Mrs. Lois, eat quickly. If Mr. Hans comes back and knows that you hasn't eaten anything, he will definitely blame us..."

"Amber, do you want to eat with me? There are so many dishes that I can't eat alone. As long as you don't tell and I don't tell, Hans won't know." She looked at Amber with a smile.

Amber hurriedly waved her hand and said, "Mrs. Lois, don't say that. We are servants. How can we behave like this? Mrs. Lois, please eat quickly. The food is the freshest in the kitchen." Amber thought that the mistress of other families was very arrogant. Why was this Mrs. Lois so approachable and didn't seem to be condescending at all? All her worries before she came to the Chu mansion were now forgotten. It seemed that she wouldn't have to be so worried in the future in the Chu family.

After a few bites, Moira went upstairs. Since she had nothing else to do, she walked into the study next door. As soon as she entered the study, she saw a photo that was about the size of a wall. The woman in the photo was wearing a long black dress and holding a trophy. The photo froze the moment the woman looked at the audience with the trophy.

——'Is she me? She has delicate make-up and looks confident when she holds the trophy. But she doesn't look like me in some aspects. There is something wrong.'

At this time, Amber, who was standing outside the door, suddenly shouted, "Isn't that Mrs. Lois? You are so beautiful. After you wears makes up, you looks more beautiful. You are really a good match for Mr. Hans." Amber regretted saying these words. She shouldn't have been so rash. Fortunately, Moira was not the kind of person who liked to haggle over everything. She just smiled faintly and left the study in a hurry without saying anything more.

At the same time, a small Ferrari sports car was parked downstairs of the Binjiang Hotel. A well-dressed woman got out of the car. She was in a black dress, holding the latest LV handbag in her hand. Her long chestnut hair was coiled behind her, and she was in high-heeled shoes of more than ten centimeters. As soon as she got out of the car, she immediately attracted many people's attention, and what was even more amazing was that many reporters appeared out of nowhere and rushed over as soon as they saw the woman get out of the car. The sound of cameras taking pictures could be heard

"Miss Ellen, have you invited any big shot to your birthday party tonight?"

"It is said that Miss Ellen has just received the invitation of a movie, which is the latest work of director Shao. What kind of role do you play in it?"

"Miss Ellen, is there anything important to announce at such a high-profile birthday party for the first time?"

Yes, the woman in the car was Ellen Han, who was currently very popular. At present, she won the best actress's crown with the help of the heroine of a movie. For Ellen Han's grand birthday party tonight, the media spared no effort to report the news.

The reporter asked a series of questions, and Ellen Han answered them one by one with a satisfied smile.

At this time, a reporter with a hat said meaningfully, "Please tell your relationship with Mr. Hans, the CEO of the J Group. Many people have seen you enter and exit the hotel in pairs."

Hearing this, the noisy crowd of reporters suddenly quieted down, waiting for the answer of Ellen Han. How could the reporters easily let go of such a shocking gossip.

Ellen Han was stunned at first, and then said with a smile, "You can think whatever you want."

The entertainment headline of the next day, "Ellen Han hinted a relationship in a low-key way, and finally admitted her love with Hans." Ellen Han was the first one to see the report. She was very satisfied with it. Eight years of companionship should have a result. Since Lois' death, she had been with Hans. Although Hans didn't give her any status, and he was always indifferent to her, Ellen Han still loved him. She had been waiting for him wholeheartedly. One day, he would be able to see her true heart, and he would be moved.

Ellen Han knew better than anyone what eight years meant to her. It was the most dazzling eight years on her career as a star, and also the most gorgeous eight years in her youth. Just to wait for someone, Ellen Han had no regrets.

However, she didn't see Hans at the party last night. Although she had invited him earlier, he didn't show up till the end of the party. She called him, but the phone was never connected. She went to make an appointment with his secretary. She was full of expectation and got the news that he didn't have time and was going to a meeting.

Ellen Han had always thought that she was a strong woman in her heart. She could stand the perfunctory and indifference of Hans. Ellen Han always thought that there would be a moment when she could control her heart. Even if this kind of waiting was at the cost of her youth, she was willing to wait for an answer that she didn't know when it would come.

People around her often reminded her that with her family, appearance and status, it was easy to find a person who really liked her, but Ellen Han was so stubborn to fall in love with Hans.

Ten years ago,

at her birthday party, the Han family happened to invite the Chu family, and Hans appeared in front of her. Although she saw that Hans had already been accompanied by Lois, Ellen Han still fell in love with him involuntarily. Since then, she had a secret crush on him for two years. She knew that the man's mind was all on Lois, he didn't even look at her, but her love for him was still there. Even more, this feeling was getting stronger and stronger

It was not until the sensational kidnapping eight years ago that the death of Lois Let Hans broke down all of a sudden. In Ellen Han's memory, it was the first time that he had been so depressed. During the whole month after Lois' death, he had locked himself in the room without talking to anyone. Ellen Han still remembered that she had chosen to send someone to open the door. Only when she was checking the door, in an instant, she realized that Hans loved Lois much more than she had imagined. What kind of mess was it?

Bottles and broken glasses were scattered on the floor, and some photos were in a mess. The curtain was drawn, and Hans was leaning against the bed, drinking alone. He was still hysterically shouting, "Lois, Lois..."

But these words sounded so harsh to her. A whole month had passed, he still immersed in pain and did not come out. 'How much did you love Lois, and how much did I love you!"

She couldn't see the expression on his face, but Ellen Han could imagine what he had become at the moment. She walked over, squatted down and hugged him tightly. "Hans, people can't be revived. Even Lois doesn't want to see you humiliate yourself like this." It was the first time that she had held this man in such an occasion. Hans snuggled up in her arms like a baby. Ellen Han wished time could stop at that moment

"But Lois has left me forever. She must hate me for not saving her before she died. Lois is pregnant with our child, and I will never forgive myself for the rest of my life..." It was the first time that Ellen Han had seen a man with tears in his eyes. What kind of relationship could make him love someone so much?

Ellen Han often envied Lois. Even if she left, Hans still loved her. Was it another kind of happiness to be loved and cared by him?

Before Ellen Han could think about it carefully, her phone suddenly rang. When she saw it was from Hans, she was a little happy and couldn't wait to answer it. "Hans..."

"Ellen Han, are you an idiot? Why did you answer the reporter's question like that? You know we are not in a relationship, but why did you make the reporter misunderstand you?" On the other side of the phone, Ellen Han could feel the anger of Hans. It was not the first time that the man had a bad temper and shouted at her. But this time, Ellen Han clearly felt the impatience of Hans.

"What? Are you still so embarrassed because of the gossip? Aren't you more popular now? " Ellen Han was a little disappointed. It was not a good thing for him to call her voluntarily every time. She hoped that he would take her as a listener.

"Ellen Han, you are so unreasonable." As soon as he finished his words, he snapped the phone on the floor. Judd was not surprised at all. His boss had always been like this, and he had destroyed a lot of mobile phones. As usual, he silently picked up his mobile phone and was about to call the buyer to prepare a new mobile phone for Hans.

He had already been used to the boss's temperaments.

Before she fainted, there was a strange man standing in front of her. He was tall and strong, but she couldn't see clearly what he looked like. She tried to recall, but she couldn't. When Moira woke up, it was already eight o'clock in the morning. She rubbed her eyes and found that her head was still aching. Before she could think carefully about the dream she had just had, she found the man in front of the window "You're back. You When did you come back? " When did Hans enter her room? She didn't feel anything. Out of nervousness, she wrapped herself up with the quilt. This man always appeared in front of her so casually.

"Lois, you are awake. Did you have a nightmare last night?" Now, with a peaceful look on his face, Hans was totally different from himself who had just been angry at Ellen Han. He was looking at Moira gently.

"Yes, I had a nightmare. Did you go to the meeting?" She asked while knowing the answer, which made her a little confused. Was she the same as before in front of Hans?

"Yes, Lois, do you miss me?" The smell of pampering was about to come out.

"I'm just curious. You know I've lost my memory. I don't remember anything about the past, especially many things recently. What did the doctor say?" Knowing that Hans was going to make fun of her again, she had to change the topic.

"Lois, don't worry. I've told you. The doctor said that it's just temporary amnesia. You will recover after resting for a period of time. Just take easy and be my fiancee, you can tell me if you need anything." As soon as he finished his words, Hans came close to her, but she dodged at once.

The man's breath was so powerful and unique. As long as the man approached her, her heart beat faster inexplicably, her face flushed inexplicably, and her palms sweated.

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