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   Chapter 52 The Purpose Of Attending The Banquet

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"What matter?"

"Who else can it be? Vicky. Are you going to keep her by your side for the rest of your life? She is a girl after all. Isn't it good for you to be like this? "

Steve glared at Harry and Harry was smart enough to know that he really couldn't go on right now.

"Okay, okay, I won't say it anymore. Look at you, it seems that you are going to eat me alive! I'm leaving now. If you need my help, just tell me. "

"Hurry up. You are disturbing me."

Harry shook his head and thought, 'It seems that I'm still annoying here?'

"Okay, okay. I'm leaving now, okay?"

He had no choice but to leave obediently.

"Please take care, Mr. Harry."

"Well, butler, please keep an eye on him."

"Yes, I will try my best to take care of Mr. Steve."

Harry opened the door and was about to leave, but then he thought of another thing. "Well... Please also take good care of Vicky. "

"Miss Vicky?"

"Yes, Vicky. As you know, Steve doesn't really hate her so much. It was just that he couldn't vent all his hatred for her father, so now... He vents his hatred on her. She is not a bad person. If she is a bad girl, I won't say that. The point is that she is innocent. "

"Yes, Mr. Harry. Don't worry. I have understood what you mean."

"That's great."

If the butler could help Vicky, she would be better in the future. This was the only thing that Harry could do.

On the second day, Vicky was well dressed, but this time was a little different. The white dress covered full of her body. The clothes made Vicky feel safe.

"Well, it's much more pleasing."

"I'm ready."

Steve looked at her body for a few more times until he found that something was wrong.

"Put on this."

"What's this?"

Steve glanced at Vicky, and then Vicky lowered her head and opened the delicate box in her hand.

A set of delicate diamond jewelry appeared in front of her.

She could tell that this set of diamond jewelry was really precious. She even... She didn't deserve the jewelry!

"Well, I..."

"What do you think it is? This is lent to you. Take it to the butler for disinfection after the party is over. "


Vicky thought that she had misheard him, but he was right. He didn't like her at all.

"I have a clear estimation of myself. I know it."

"Good. Let's go."

The banquet was held in the evening. Such a grand and prosperous place made Vicky feel that it was completely diffe

e, but also she could make Mr. Barry praise her.

The more they looked at her, the more uncomfortable she felt.

"Can I go back now?"

"What's wrong?" Glancing at her, Steve had to admit that her face did not look good. "The banquet is not over yet. Do you want to leave in advance?"

"I don't feel well. Can I go out for a while if I can't go back now?"

Steve took a deep breath and shook his head. "You can go out with him and wait for me in the car."

He took his assistant with him all the time, and the assistant took Vicky away to have a rest in the car.

Seeing that Vicky finally left Steve, a woman smiled faintly, showing a frightening smile.

When Vicky walked outside, he always felt that there was something wrong, but she didn't know why.

"Miss Vicky, what's wrong?"

"I feel like someone is following me."

The assistant looked around, but unfortunately, didn't see anything wrong.

"Miss Vicky, are you too nervous? No one is following us. "

"Really? Maybe I am too nervous. "

It would be great if she was just too nervous. Unfortunately, Vicky knew that his intuition was very accurate, but it was hard to make people believe in her intuition.

Ella caught up with them, and directly walked up to Vicky. "Hello, Miss Vicky. What a coincidence. I thought I was wrong, but it's really you. "

"Miss Ella, what a coincidence!"

Vicky knew she was right just now. Fortunately, this woman didn't directly make trouble for her, but used the most euphemistic way.

"Miss Zhao, what are you doing here?"

"I want to have a private talk with Miss Vicky. Can I?"


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