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   Chapter 50 A Lie That You Don't Want To Be Exposed

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 8743

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Vicky had told a lie because she had no choice.

"Vicky, are you really happy?"

"What? Of course, why did you say that all of a sudden?"

How could she be happy? But as long as her family was fine, she was satisfied.

"Vicky, if you are really tired, it is fine if we will suffer a little. I don't want to see you work so hard."

"Silly boy, what are you talking about? I work so hard not only for you, but also for myself. Over the years, we should change our way of life. You will go to college in the future, and you will have to take care of me."

In this world, they were the only one for each other.

They both needed each other and wanted each other to live a better life.

They had stayed at home for a whole day. Vicky didn't need to go anywhere. She just wanted to stay at home and take good care of Randy. That was enough.

Randy had a good academic performance. With this performance, it was not a problem for him to be admitted to a key university. But the most important thing is to have a strong mind.

Some people were easily to make mistakes when they were nervous. She kept telling Randy that he only needed to have a normal performance in the college entrance examination in the future.

"Vicky, it's best that you are here. If I have any questions that I don't understand, I can ask you directly. I thought it was a difficult problem, but it was just a piece of cake for you."

"I only know some of them that. But I'm happy to help you."

In the afternoon, Harry drove to the apartment where Vicky lived.

"Wow, young man. I haven't seen you before. Who are you looking for?"

"Well, well... I'm looking for Vicky."

"Oh, I see. She should be at home. Why don't you go upstairs to find her?"

"No, thanks. I can wait for her here."

The middle aged woman took a look at Harry. He was gentle and outstanding. The key point was that he was handsome and the car he drove was cool.

It was obvious that he was not an ordinary person!

"Well, if you want, you can go upstairs to find her. That girl is easy-going."

"Thank you."

He had been downstairs for half an hour. Although he had already arrived, he still wanted to stay here and wait for Vicky.

His appearance must be very stressful for Vicky.

Vicky didn't know that Harry had arrived.

When that middle aged woman came to her own home, she looked out of the window and found that Harry was still standing there. She thought it was the first time that something like that happened.

Out of curiosity, she walked to the opposite door of her own house, which Vicky's home.

"Knock, knock, knock.

Harry say it so casually now?

"In fact, I really appreciate you, because you are the only person who can help me there. Although I don't know what you are thinking... I really appreciate it."

Said Vicky with a helpless smile. Randy stood upstairs and watched them talking. Vicky had her back to him, so he couldn't see her clearly.

As soon as Harry raised his head, he saw a furtive person standing there and looking at them.

"Your brother seems to be looking at us. Are you sure you won't leave now?"

"Let's go."

In the end, Vicky knew that it was better to keep Randy in the dark. If he knew what she had done, he must be very painful.

She looked through the documents in her bag and had a lot of things to do. But she was not in the mood at all. "What's wrong? Do you have a lot of work to do?"

"Well, how did you know?"

"I heard that."

"What? I see. It seems that you have ignore me all the time."

"That's not true. You have your own privacy. I'm not a gossip person. But have you ever thought about changing a house for your brother?"

"Change a house?"

Said Vicky in a low voice, but was replaced by helplessness.

"I've thought about it, but you don't know it. I know I can't afford it now. It's good for me to have a place to live."

"Have you had a hard time these years?"

"I'm not afraid of hardship. The most important thing is that my brother can grow up healthily and happily. This is all my wish."

"Your brother is lucky."

Lucky? ...

Clenching her fists, Vicky frowned all of a sudden. She didn't look relaxed at all.

"You mean luck?"

"Yes. What's wrong? Am I wrong?"

"Why is he lucky? His life was more miserable than anyone else. How could you say that he is lucky?"

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