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   Chapter 48 That's Human Nature

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What was wrong with Susanna?

For Vicky, she didn't believe that Susanna had changed, it was better to say that there was something with her now.

"I don't remember what happened in the past. We are colleagues now. Anyway, we have to work in the same place. The past is in the past, right?"

Vicky didn't say that she had forgiven her, but chose a more conservative answer. Of course, Susanna also understood that it was completely impossible for Vicky to let go of her.

"Well, you see, I have said a lot of harsh words to you before. Now I really know that I am wrong. I really hope that we can become good colleagues and friends. Really, this is what I really mean."

Vicky smiled. What else could she say now?

"Well, I have a coupon in a luxurious restaurant. If you don't want to have dinner with me, take it. It's a gifts for you specially. There are two. You can take your friend with you."

Susanna gave the two coupons to Vicky and turned around to leave. Before leaving, Susanna looked at her with a smile.

Vicky shrugged and looked at the coupons in her hand awkwardly.

"It's true. I'm used to her coldness. At least I know what she is thinking and what she wants to do. But now, she is playing this trick. Should I play with her? Or do you pretend to know nothing like a fool?"

Vicky shook her head and quickly changed into her work uniform.

At this moment, the most important thing for her was not how to deal with Susanna, but how to work hard. She didn't want Steve to find fault with her again.

"What a bad luck! I don't know why I'm so unlucky. I can even fall down the stairs."

She sat at the corner of the stairs and looked at her broken knees. Blood was flowing. Fortunately, the bleeding had stopped, but her clothes were dirty.

e than when he read the document just now!

"What did you do?"

"I didn't do anything. I just fell down the stairs by accident. That's it. I planned to come here after cleaning up, but you asked me to come right away, so..."

"Are you still blaming me?"

"No, I didn't blame you."

She fell down the stairs, which was her own business. She was not that stupid to blame anyone. However, Steve was unreasonable. Pitifully, she had to bear everything.

"Go and clean up, and then get over here right away."


Vicky looked wronged. She had been used to it since the beginning. Although she still couldn't forget the three years of torture, she knew that she had no choice left.

Ruby was sitting in her office. She noticed Vicky as soon as she limped off the door.

"Oh, Vicky, what happened? How did you get yourself like this?"

"Ruby, I fell down by accident. I came back to deal with the wound."

"Well, I have some medicine or gauze. Wait a minute."

Ruby was the first person in the department who was nice to Vicky. After Ruby took the first-aid kit and saw the calm look on Vicky's face, she felt a little sorry for her.

"Vicky, is it painful?"

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