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   Chapter 29 Once He Made A Mistake, He Would Made More Sequentially!

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 4557

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"Mr. Song, you must be kidding. In my opinion, Mr. Song, you are the most vigorous! "

During their conversation, Mr. Song looked at Vicky from time to time, which was disgusting!

Although Vicky was just a puppet now, she had her own perception.

The ball officially began. People joined it one after the other. Later Steve completely became the focal point of the ball.

She was pushed away. Now even if Steve wanted her to stay by his side, he couldn't find her anyone.

"Are you Miss Vicky?"

Mr. Song, who had just talked to Steve, walked over with a glass of wine in his hand and looked at her up and down with a pair of sneaky eyes.

"Yes, sir."

"Ah... You are so beautiful."

It seemed that the man saw the displeasure on Vicky's face and restrained his expression a little.

"Well, I heard that you are a very capable person. Mr. Steve praised you in front of me! "

'Praise me?

Are you sure?'

All in all, Vicky would never believe it.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me. You young people are so capable now. I really admire you! "

Mr. Song began to touch Vicky's hands in an irregular way, but Vicky withdrew her hand at once.

Her reaction made it clear that she didn't want to have any contact with others, especially with a man!

Mr. Song felt embarrassed to see Vicky refused him.

However, no matter how angry he was, he had to restrain himself in this place!

"Miss Vicky, you graduated from a prestigious university, right?"


"In fact, I'm quite interested in you. Let's find a quiet place and have a good chat, okay? "

"No, thanks."

"Do you know what you are talking? How dare you refuse me so blatantly now? Do you know what it means? "

Mr. Song stared at Vicky angrily. But Vicky just ignored him.

"Bitch, you are asking for it. I think you really don't want to stay here anymore, right?"

Stay here?

It never occurred to her. She knew exactly what this man wanted to do. She wouldn't even think about it at all. If she really did it, she would look down upon herself.

"Mr. Song, I'm sorry. I have something else to do, so I have to go now."

A pair of broad and rough hands directly grabbed her thin wrist. The strength gap between them was too great, and Vicky could not get rid of

it at all.

"Let me go."

"Let you go? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you, you are mine! "

Mr. Song looked weak but was actually powerful. She was like a fish on a sticky board, being slaughtered.

There were still many guests present, but when they saw this situation, it was as if they had automatically filtered it in front of them and could see nothing.

"Don't you regret it?"

"Regret for what? It's just a woman. Do you think I will regret if I get a one hundred million business with her? "

Harry pursed his lips. He looked like smiling, but in fact he was guessing what Steve was thinking.

"Vicky is still sick. She is no match for that fat man at all. It seems that you are really sure about it."

He added. Although his tone was a little indifferent, his words were deeply engraved in Steve's heart.

After taking a sip of red wine, Steve turned around and went back to his room on the second floor.

"You care so much about Vicky. Why don't you go to see her yourself?"

"How dare I go there before you say anything?"

"If you want to go, how can I stop you?"

The two of them knew that they were both testing each other. But at this time, they couldn't panic.

"Harry, that woman is just a pawn for me."

He seemed to say it to Harry. However, it was as if Steve was warning himself not to be stupid and make mistakes.

Not to mention... Once he made a mistake, he would made more sequentially!

They had known each other for so many years, and Harry believed that he knew this guy very well. If Steve really took Vicky as a pawn now, why did he have to work so hard? The truth was the answer that he was unwilling to accept.

"Well, just forget what I said."

Harry waved his hand and walked out of the door with a smile. "Where are you going? Are you going to find that woman? "

"No, I'm not that bored. It is so lively today, of course I have to enjoy it. By the way, do you think it's appropriate for you to stay here all the time?"

"Why not?"

"Okay... You have to show up occasionally. "

"Cut the crap."

He rolled his eyes at Harry and then continued to drink.

At this moment, Mr. Song, who only knew how to use brute force, dragged Vicky outside. What the hell was this guy going to do? ?

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