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   Chapter 28 Cinderella

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 4585

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Vicky put on light make-up, which made her look light and graceful.

When she was completely dressed up, she stood in front of the mirror and doubted if the person in front of her was really her.

She was really beautiful after being properly dressed. She didn't know that she was so beautiful.

"Mr. Steve, it's ready."


He looked at her back. Sure enough, a woman depends on her clothes, and a horse depends on saddle! Although he hadn't seen the front side, her back was enough to attract people.

She wore a lilac dress, which set off her beauty. She was tall and dignified.

"Turn around."

His order made Vicky tremble with fear.

She had no choice but to turn around obediently.

Her eyes seemed to contain all kinds of stars, and there was an irresistible charm in her.

He hated that face, but now... He had a feeling that he wanted to take good care of her!

In this way, he was gradually enthralled. But she began to be afraid. She was not used to being watched like this. The pain that had happened to her before seemed to come back. Vicky wrapped her arms around her chest to give herself a false sense of security.

With one hand in his pocket, Steve slowly approached her.

Vicky kept stepping back. When he took a step forward, she took two steps back. They always maintained a safe distance as she thought.


Steve glanced at her unhappily. Was he so terrifying?

"I have done what you said. What else do you want?"

"What else do I want? What do you think?"

This kind of sight... The suffocating feeling haunted every nerve of Vicky all the time!

"I don't owe you anything. I have agreed to your request. Why do you still torture me like this? !"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

He quickened his pace and stood in front of her, so close that he seemed to be able to feel her breath.

He took his hand out of his pocket and closed it into a fist. When he opened his hand, Vicky saw a diamond necklace in front of her.

"My dancing partner is worthy of this."

"What kind of dancing partner am I? What day is it today? "

In silence, Steve clenched his hands into a powerful fist!

"You don't know?"

Should... Should she know?

She had thought about it several times, and now she was very

sure. Then she shook her head. "I don't know."

"Good. It seems that you still don't know what you should know after we have been together for so many years."

"What should I know?"

Not in the mood to answer, Steve dragged her out.

Her hand was painful, but she held it back and didn't say anything. She knew that he was angry.

She had been living in distress for so many years. She could tell at a glance whether he was angry or not.

In other words, in the past few years, her ability to judge people's expressions had really improved rapidly.

She had never had a chance to come to this hall. It was very big, with golden bricks, white floor and luxurious chandeliers. It was an elegant classical song. Many people were dancing on the dance floor.

Today the place was really lively, but Vicky knew nothing. But it was just because she knew nothing now that she saw it in a very calm mood.

Since Steve showed up, he began to shine from the very beginning, making everyone unable to take their eyes off him. Especially the women present today, they stared at him like wolves and tigers.

As if he was a piece of delicious meat!

However, in fact, Steve was the most attractive to these women. Anyway, those women wanted to know him, even just be an ordinary friend!

However, this was just their original thought. It was not until Vicky lowered her head and followed him that those women realized that things were not as simple as they thought.

"Who is that woman? I had never seen her before. Where does she come from? ?"

"Who knows? But she is really beautiful. Look at her dress. It's the latest style this year. I've been longing for it for a long time. This dress is a global limited edition. It seems that Mr. Steve is really willing to spend money on this woman."

Steve had never been stingy with the women around him, but... It was the first time that he bought such an expensive dress.

Vicky didn't know what the dress meant, but she knew that everyone was guessing who she was. 'Is this his purpose? Make me the target of public criticism?'

However, he didn't seem to appreciate it.

It seemed that this was not his purpose.

"Mr. Steve, long time no see. You look more and more handsome! All the women here are attracted by you."

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