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   Chapter 27 I Need A Dancing Partner

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 4504

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No matter how bad Harry's memory was, he would never forget that fat man.

"Why do you suddenly think of Mr. Song? What's up? What the hell are you planning? "

"Ha ha... I've always been interested in a project, but I have to get it through that guy. I was dissatisfied with him before, so I didn't care about that business very much. But now I think that I may still have a way to complete that business. "

Harry sat on the sofa and looked at him coldly. "You mean Vicky?"

"You're so smart. You can see what I'm going to say at a glance. You are right. That woman is beautiful. It's hard to find any other method, but I can try honey-trap. "

"Won't you regret doing this?"

"Regret? Hum... That woman is of no other use to me now. You said I would regret? Harry, I just praised you for being smart. Why do you become stupid so soon? "

Alas... As the saying goes, onlookers see more than players.

"Well, you are my friend. As long as you say you don't regret it, I believe you won't. But even if you want to send Vicky out as a gift, do you still need to spend some time to dress up this gift? Vicky doesn't seem to be very attractive now. "

She worked so hard that she looked like a Cinderella. Mr. Song must have seen many girls like her. If she was not charming, he wouldn't be interested in her.

"That's right. Harry, it seems that I really misunderstood you before. I thought you had a good relationship with Vicky, but now it seems that it is not the case."

"Whatever you say. Anyway... I just told you my suggestion. It's up to you whether to take my suggestion or not. Your birthday is coming. Do you have any plan? Are you going to celebrate it alone this year? It seems a little boring. "

"Yes, you are right. How can you celebrate my twenty-six year old birthday so easily? It will be interesting this year anyway."

The Butler took a large gift box to find her. She had been in the palace for the past two days. It was easy for the butler to find her.

"Miss Vicky, Mr. Steve asked me to give it to you in person. Please put it away."

"Well... What does it mean? "

"Mr. Steve said you will understand when you open it. Good bye."

She took off her apron, washed her hands and opened the box.

Inside the box, there was a delicate purple gauze dress with gentlewomanly collar, which made her slender figure more perfect.

The fake flowers on the waist was vivid and made the dress perfect.

"What a beautiful dress! Is it for me?"

Vicky pushed the box away in disgust. Her intuition told her that it was not a good thing at all and what she saw now were all illusions!

A letter appeared behind the dress.

She was a little curious about what was in the letter, so she opened it.

But there was only one sentence with three words on the paper.

"Put it on."

'What on earth dose Steve want to do? Does he want to make fun of me?'

She was fed up with being at the mercy of others! She had been bullied by others these days. With a heavy burden in her heart, she didn't dare to fight back at all. In an instant, she became the target that everyone could bully.

The butler asked her to see Steve. Seeing that she didn't wear the dress prepared by Steve specially, he asked her to bring the dress together.

"Why haven't you put on that dress?"

"I... Why should I wear that dress? "

Vicky was still struggling. That dress must be a conspiracy. She couldn't just ignore it.

"Have you forgotten? Now you just need to listen to me. You don't have to know so much about other things, remember? "

She looked at the clothes in her hand hesitantly. Why did she still suffer like this? Because of Randy, she had the motivation to continue!

"Please tell me the reason before I wear this dress."

She finally compromised. She didn't want to do it at all.

Steve snorted coldly, but said nothing more.

"I need a dancing partner, understand?"

"You need a dancing partner?"

It was impossible for Vicky to believe it in any case. Or did he think of other way to bully her?


"What's wrong with you? Don't you know what I mean? Is there any problem? "

He was a little impatient. When did he need to explain to a woman?

"Okay, I see."

His explanation would only make her more confused. Since she agreed, she didn't know what kind of person she was now. She constantly obeyed the orders, sometimes changing clothes, sometimes trying on shoes, and even changing underwear they had prepared.

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