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   Chapter 22 The Life Of Nonentity

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He was so absorbed in the conversation on the phone just now that he had completely forgotten about this woman. He put down the phone in his hand and looked a little helpless.

Vicky was doing such a hard thing alone. If it was as usual, she might rely on her own will to overcome it. But now... Maybe there was something she couldn't do.

"What are you going to do now? Can you still hold on, Vicky?"

The butler asked, standing beside Steve. "Mr. Steve, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. Let that woman have a rest. By the way, tell her that if she doesn't finish all the work today, she is not allowed to rest tonight. "

'What's wrong with Mr. Steve? It seems a little troublesome. Why is it going in a strange direction now?'

"What's wrong with you?"

Steve had already felt that the butler seemed a little strange. "What's wrong with you? You don't seem to understand why I did that. Are you confused? "

"Yes, I'm confused. Why did you do that, Mr. Steve? I'm really not sure. Mr. Steve, aren't you trying to take back what you had let go many years ago? "

The butler had served the three generations of the Gong family. He had watched Steve grow up.

The Gong family had gone through too much, so he didn't want to see such a thing happen again. But... Now it seemed that it was not that simple.

"Let go? I have never let it go. I still remember what her family have done. Although her father had lost everything, it hasn't achieved what I want. So anyway, I won't forget that. I don't want to do that. But... Now I have met this woman again. How can I pretend nothing has happened? "

"Mr. Steve, these years you..."

"Butler, you've crossed the line."

"Mr. Steve, I'm sorry. I know I was wrong."

With a cold face, Steve continued to look at the back of Vicky. She hadn't had a rest yet, so he thought she couldn't stand it anymore.


He had been kind-hearted and wanted to let go of Vicky for the time being. But when he remembered it now, he changed his mind.

"Don't let her stop. I saw the person I hate most from her!"

He couldn't forgive the Chu family. Even though the Chu f

amily had already broken up, he still couldn't forgive them simply!

"Yes, sir."

The butler had seen too many ups and downs, and also seen too many sad and happy moments. Now there were some things that he couldn't decide.

'Since Mr. Steve have made up his mind, it is okay.

Just be selfish. Otherwise, what else can I do?'

She had stayed up for the whole morning, but it was noon. Everyone could take turns to have a rest, but the schedule didn't allow Vicky to rest.

She had no time to rest at all.

"Hey, what are you doing here? Go to work now! "

"I've been working the whole morning. Even if I'm a worker, I think I can have a normal rest, right? I don't understand why you did this. "

"You don't understand? Let me tell you, there are many things that you don't understand! If you don't understand, you can continue to be ignorant! Forget it. That's all. You'd better work honestly. If you offend someone, this is not something you can solve, okay? "


In fact, Vicky didn't want to make things difficult for others. Besides, there was no need for her to care too much about them now. 'Anyway, just do what I should do.'

Although she didn't have time to rest, she should slow down her work. It was not impossible to find time to rest. Besides, they didn't complain about her. It seemed to be good.

After a whole day's work, Vicky had no strength to do anything else. Today was Saturday. After tonight, she had to stay here for a whole day tomorrow. As long as she could hold on for one more day, she could go back.

She felt painful all over her body, especially her head. In addition to dizziness, there was also an indescribable pain!

The pain made her unable to eat anything. She could only drink some water to fill her stomach.

A maid threw the clothes directly to Vicky and looked at her coldly. "Be prepared to take a shower. You're smelly now. Don't sleep with us."

She felt helpless. It was not what she wanted.

There was a girl who didn't want to be fragrant, but... Things went contrary to her wishes. The person she offended made her life as humble as an nonentity!

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