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   Chapter 21 What A Maid Should Do

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"Mr. Steve, Miss Vicky is... At the door. "

"Okay, let her in."

Now he felt that the work in his hand was just boring, so now... He had to find some fun in her own place.

She walked in step by step, and everyone had noticed her.

More precisely, they noticed the suit she was wearing.

Everyone looked at her. However, Steve didn't even take a look at her. He looked quite relaxed. "Why are you still standing there?"

He began to give orders to her. But now that Vicky was here, it means that she is really mentally prepared. Otherwise, she wouldn't have acted like this.

"Well, now that you have arrived, I don't need to say anything more. Now you know why I asked you to come here, right?"

Vicky walked to the table and began to clean up the table leisurely. Anyway, it was a normal thing for her.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw that Vicky was busy. The interesting thing had just begun.

"Come with me."

'But I haven't finished cleaning the table yet.'


Vicky didn't have the right to say anything like that now. She still had to keep a distance from this man in her heart, a distance that was very tired for her even just thinking about it.

"Do you know where this is?"

"I don't know."

It looked like a garden, but...

How could he ask such a simple question? Since she didn't know what it meant, she'd better not know it!

She didn't need to know too much. Anyway... It was not a necessary for her to know. That's it.

"Go and trim the plants."

"But... I don't know how to do this."

It needed the professional to trim flowers and plants. Otherwise, such a beautiful garden would lose its beauty.

"You don't know? Can't you start to learn now? Otherwise, why should I hire you? "

Vicky endured all these. No matter how he mocked her, these were not the reason for her to be angry. She had a greater responsibility to take.

Now... It could be said that she was testing herself.

Now this matter would make her feel that she was a very abnormal person. She began to look down upon herself after she lost her bottom line.

Sitting in a cool and comfortable place, Steve asked Vicky to do physical work under the

sun. This was what he wanted to achieve. Although there were only two days left, these two days should be very interesting.

She wiped the sweat on her forehead. Her eyes went black and she felt dizzy, which made her a little unable to stand steadily at first. Fortunately, she was able to hold on later and did not fall under the fierce sun.

"Mr. Steve, someone called you."


He left the place, leaving only the maid to watch Vicky working.

As time went by, Vicky felt that his eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. But no one asked her to stop, and she couldn't stop now. The maid also wanted to ask her to stop and have a rest when she saw how terrible Vicky was now.

Moreover, the members of the Gong family would never treat the servants in this way, but... The butler told her to do so. Although she felt it a little scary to treat a girl like this. But...

She had no choice but to pretend not to see anything.

Vicky had been thirsty. She had been enduring it for so long. But now she really couldn't stand it anymore, so she wanted to drink some water.

"Hi. Excuse me, can I go to drink some water? "

She said in a low voice. Maybe she was too thirsty to speak. Or did she feel a headache and have no strength to support herself to say too loudly.

"No, you still have to go on working. Did you see it? You haven't finished 2/3 of the garden. Do you still want to have a rest? Who will do this if you have a rest? "

She had no choice.

Vicky could tell that she had been targeted. Now that she had no choice, let it go.

"Okay, I see."

Steve received a call telling him that they were very satisfied with their revised plan. In other words, they would reach a long-term cooperation of no less than five years.

"Mr. Steve, you look very happy."

"Yes, I'm very happy, because something good happened. But forget it. This good news is within my expectation. "

Her plan was well written. He also wanted to nitpick. But after reading the document several times, he still didn't find any flaws.

She didn't even give him a chance.

"Mr. Steve, Miss Vicky is still working at this time."

"Still working?"

'Damn it.'

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