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   Chapter 20 A Bitter Night

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Now Vicky realized that it was a test for her.

If she left now, she would really lose. In order not to lose in this place, she'd better not leave now!

Otherwise, she didn't know what would happen if she was caught by him.

The weather was getting colder, but she would rather move more often than leave here.

"Vicky, your insistence will only make me feel that you are a pathetic person. Have you thrown away your arrogance? "

Things were getting more and more interesting. This woman didn't know where the bottom line was now.

She knew he would do everything to insult her, but she still stayed in this place. How interesting it was! It seemed that he wouldn't be bored anymore.

The God seemed to be very angry now. The low temperature was not the worst. There was a strong wind now, mixed with a trace of drizzle. That really made her suffer.


She had thought that there would be no problem with her health. But now, it seemed that... That was not like what she thought.

She felt her throat dry and cold. The cold air kept eroding her. The passive feeling was really bad!

After watching the play, Steve went to rest. Now he totally ignored Vicky who was standing outside.

The weather was getting worse and worse after midnight. She felt as if her body had fallen into an ice hole, but she knew that she couldn't pass out or stop her movements now. Otherwise, the situation would be worse!

The sky was hazy, and the birds on the branches were singing loudly. The birds flapped their wings, and the rain on the branches was stirred by it.

The rain fell on her pale face. The discomfort caused by the rain made her recover her consciousness a little.

It was dawn.

She slowly stood up. Fortunately, there was a big tree that could help her block the wind and rain. But she would feel sad and sick.

"What should I do? I still have a headache. I thought it was not a problem, but I still couldn't recover."

What a bad luck! She had never thought that she would meet such a bad luck.

The door of the Gong family opened. Vicky patted the leaves on her body and walked over with her backpack.

"You are... Miss Vicky, ri

ght? "


"Please come in with me."

The butler knew Vicky, but he still confirmed with her and then took her in.

It was weekend, all the servants in the Gong family were busier than usual. Because their master had to rest at home today. This meant that everything had to be about him.

"Mr. Steve, breakfast is ready."

"Well, the focus of my work these two days is at home. I don't want to go anywhere else. "

This was rare for him, because he had always felt that this place was not suitable for work. Even if a lively bar was better than this cold home for him.

But today, it was different!

Finally, a person who was not bored came to this boring place! This time, he could work here. It seemed to be interesting!

When Vicky walked into the cold hall, he saw that all the photos on the wall had been changed. But the previous style was not as beautiful as now.

"Miss Vicky, Mr. Steve is having breakfast. Let's go from the side door to the back. "

"Yes, sir."

The butler was a very strict person. He had his own way to deal with everything. Otherwise, he wouldn't be hired by all the three generations of the Gong family.

"Miss Vicky, this is your room. Your uniform are inside and you will work here. Besides, you'd better take a hot shower. "

"Okay, thank you."

After Vicky closed the door, she couldn't hold on anymore.

"Butler, where is she?"

"Mr. Steve, Miss Vicky has arrived. She should be changing her clothes now. It rained last night, but she was outside all the night. "

"Well, that's enough. Cut the crap. I'm not interested in other things."

"Yes, Mr. Steve."

As long as she came, everything would be fine. The rest was up to him.

Vicky solved her own problem as soon as possible, because she had no other choice now, she had to do so. Otherwise, who knew what else that guy would think of to torture her.

She changed into the servant's clothes and hurried out.

Obviously, this suit suited her very well. Generally speaking, her suit was different from the others. Because... Her suit seemed to fit her better.

Although Vicky didn't know if he did it on purpose, she felt it strange.

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