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   Chapter 19 Being Tricked

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Randy knew that her sister had suffered a lot because of him. But she had never complained to him.

He had grown up, but his sister still had to work so hard for him.

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have worked so hard! "

"Randy, I have never blamed you. And I know you are the best. So I'm willing to do anything for you. You are the only one I can rely on in this world! "

Damn it!

Vicky looked at her watch and found that it was almost three minutes left. She rushed to the room to get some simple things and rushed out immediately, but the process didn't take more than one minute.

"Randy, I'm in a hurry, so I'm leaving now. You eat and have a rest first. Tomorrow is weekend, if you have any problem at home, call me immediately, okay? "


Before Randy could say anything else, she was anxious to go downstairs.


No matter how fast Vicky ran down, it was too late. Now there was no car outside. It seemed that after seeing her go downstairs, Steve asked the driver to drive away as soon as possible.

"What should I do now? Should I really walk there? "

Steve did it on purpose. She had no choice but to do so.

With her backpack on her back, she walked to the Gong family's house, which was the simplest and direct way.

She knew the house of the Gong family very well. In fact, this place often brought great pain to Vicky. But she had no choice. She had to go to the most painful place for what she needed.

An hour later, after finishing the last work in her hand, Steve walked to the large French window with a cup of tea in his hand and raised his head slightly to look at the dark night sky.

"It's so late. Why haven't you come yet?"

"Mr. Steve, it's time to rest. You..."

"I see. You can leave now."

It was time to rest. He didn't want to do anything helpless anymore. Who knew how long he could insist in terms of his health?

On the

way, Vicky kept accelerating. Although it was not far, it took time for her to walk there.

When she arrived, she found that the gate of the Gong family had been closed.

She wanted to go in now because she was afraid that they would let dogs bite her. Although she felt aggrieved, she really had no choice but to wait here until tomorrow when they opened the door.

The butler checked this place before going to bed at night, so he did the same now. When he saw that Vicky was still standing outside the door, he wondered why that girl would stay there.

He was about to ask someone to check the situation, but was stopped by Steve who stood behind him. "Just forget it and have a rest."

"What? She is... "

Although the butler was a little confused... He did it unconditionally.

He looked at her back, expressionless. It was a little interesting.

"It's interesting. You look lofty, but... Now I'm still controlling you. Vicky, it seems that there is no way for us to change our relationship. Right? "


Vicky gently rubbed her nose. She went out in a hurry and forgot to put on a coat. In fact, it was very cold after midnight.

She kept rubbing her arms with her hands. Although she decided to wait here, there were still several hours before the door could be opened tomorrow. During these hours, even if she could endure not to sleep, but... She might catch a cold.

"Yes, he did it on purpose. Even if I'm not here, it doesn't matter. "

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She had already lived a better life, but now she was forced to do such a thing. What should she do? Continued to stay here, or... Left first?

In fact, she thought it was better to leave now.

'Are you leaving?'

For the first time, he hadn't slept yet, but... He was looking at the woman outside quietly.

She seemed to have lost her patience and stopped when she was about to leave.

"No, I can't leave now!"

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