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   Chapter 17 Aren't You Afraid Of Being Misunderstood

Possessive Love: All My Adoration Goes To You By Yi Shi Characters: 4512

Updated: 2020-08-22 22:01

Vicky saw that someone opened the door and saw them, but the person closed the door immediately as if she saw nothing. Vicky didn't want to be misunderstood!

"Let go of me. Someone saw us just now."

"Oh, I know."

"Aren't you afraid of being misunderstood? Aren't you afraid of losing face if this news spreads out? "

Vicky was really scared. It was not easy for her to forget the past, but now...

He let go of her hand and she staggered to stand up. He still looked relaxed and unaffected. It was hard to see what he was thinking.

"Wow, look at you. You are right. I should be worried that others might misunderstand that I have a crush on you. You are not worth of it. Your figure has become worse over the years. Besides, look at you. You are not attractive at all to me! "

"That's good!"

That was exactly what Vicky wanted!

She didn't want to fall into this man's trap after so many years. Otherwise, in the end, both sides would suffer great losses!


"Randy, what's wrong?"

"Vicky, will you go home for dinner tonight?"

She had been home very late these two days, and Randy would ask her when she would go home and if he needed to pick her up. But since the operation, Randy had been in poor health. She protected her only brother, her only family. So she wouldn't allow him to go out alone every night.

"No, I'll be home as soon as possible tonight. You don't have to wait for me for dinner. After dinner, take the medicine. Got it? Don't forget to take medicine again. "

"Vicky, don't worry. I know."

After hanging up the phone, Vicky rolled up her sleeves and went on cleaning. She didn't have much work to do now, but she didn't want to be looked at as idle.

"That woman is really a coquette. She is so capable that even the General Manager is attracted by her!"

"All right, all right. Let's stop discussing here. What if that woman holds a grudge and speaks ill of us? By that time, we will make ourselves suffer! "

"Okay, I see."

Vicky could heard them. They deliberately let her hear what they said. She said to herself in the mirror in the bathroom. "You don't have to care about what others think. The most important thing is that you don't care about it at all. You just nee

d to do your own things. Don't care about anything else. "

She told herself again and again. She didn't care about the verbal harm at all!

After work, she went to do her last thing. She secretly brought the revised plan to Steve.

"I'm here to send the document. Here you are."

Seeing her dodging him like this, Steve wondered, 'Am I so fearsome?' "Why don't you look at me?"

"I'm just here to send the document. I'm leaving."

"Wait, did I allow you go? I haven't told you whether I am satisfied with the plan. Why are you leaving in such a hurry? If I am not satisfied, do you still want me to correct it myself? "

He didn't care about the document in his hand, but was more interested in the person who was afraid of him. She seemed to step back intentionally or unintentionally, and her eyes were full of resistance.

"This plan is correct. I have checked it many times. Well, General Manager, if you don't believe me, you can read it now. I have no objection. "

"Good. Just wait here."

Although she was reluctant, what could she do now? Although she wanted to go home early, but... If he didn't say anything, she really couldn't leave now.

Didn't know why he was so slow to read the document. He used to be efficient. Vicky had been standing here for about an hour, but he hadn't finished yet.

Vicky looked at her watch for many times to confirm the time. She wondered whether Randy was waiting for her to have dinner at home at this time.

Steve looked at her with a smile. 'Was this woman unable to stand it anymore?'


He closed the file that he had read dozens of times and looked up at her, who was still expressionless. "This document has been revised very well. I can see that you are not a loser. Well, you can go home now. "

"Okay, I'm leaving now."


Before Vicky touched the doorknob, she was stopped again! "General Manager, what else can I do for you?"

"Nothing. I just want to tell you that if you are in a hurry, I can drive you home. By the way, take your belongings with you when you go home. Tomorrow is weekend. You don't you forget to clean my house, do you? "

"Can I go there tomorrow morning?"

"Tomorrow morning?"

Steve frowned and was displeased.

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