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   Chapter 15 Danger Came One After Another

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"Mr. Steve, here we are."


When he arrived at the entrance of the company, he sat in the car and saw a thin and little figure. For a moment, if he didn't look at the clothes, he couldn't tell whether the person was a man or a woman.

"Who is that guy?"

That person was sneaking around at the door of InHo. He seemed to be looking for something, or waiting for something.

"Mr. Steve, let me have a look."

After the bodyguard took a few words with Randy, Steve recognized who was that.

"Vicky's brother, Randy? Why is he here? "

"Mr. Steve, he is here to look for someone, but he doesn't have the employee card of the company, so he can't go in."

"Who is he looking for?"

"He said... He is looking for Vicky Chu. "

"Ask him come in."

The bodyguard was obviously a little confused, but Steve would not let anyone easily see through what he was going to do, so the bodyguard just did as he was told.

"You can go in now. Mr. Steve is waiting for you."

"Mr. Steve? I don't know anyone who is named Mr. Steve. "

"Why do you have so many questions? Just go in! "

Randy was almost pressed into the car by the big bodyguard. When Randy got into the car and saw the man, he seemed to remember he had met him before.

"You are..."

"You remember me?"

"You look familiar to me, but I don't remember who you are. What can I do for you? "

When Steve saw the little boy's clear eyes, he couldn't get angry. He knew that the boy was Vicky's brother. If she tortured him, he would definitely make Vicky more painful.

But... He couldn't do it.

"What are you doing here?"

"I am here to pick up my sister after work."

"Vicky Chu is your sister?"

"Yes, do you know her?"


"Great! Can you take me go into this company?"

"Why do you ask this?"

"I I want to go inside to find Vicky. But the doorman didn't allow me to go in. Vicky should have been home. But now she didn't go home, and I also couldn't get through to her phone. I'm worried about her. Can you help me? "

'Didn't Vicky go home?

Is she still working overtime in the company?'

Looking at the lights on every floor of the company, he guessed that maybe Vicky was also here.

But he was not interested in helping him. But when facing this little boy, he... He agreed without hesitation. "Okay, let me help you. Come with me. "

At that time, Steve wanted to see how nervous Vicky would be. He was bored to see her indifferent expression, so now, no matter what, he wanted to try another way.

The first time Randy saw this place, he was really surprised. "Is this the InHo Group? It's so big! "

"Didn't Vicky tell you that this is a big place?"

"No, Vicky has never told me how big this place is. But she must be working hard now. I don't want her to worry about me. "

"Worry about you?"

It suddenly occurred to Steve that two days ago, he had also received some news. "Vicky has been protecting you for the past few years?"

Randy lowered his head, the bitterness in his heart could not be expressed clearly.

"Yes, Vicky is really great. She has sacrificed a lot for me! I'm sorry, Vicky. I'm an adult now, but I'm still a loser. I can't protect you at all. "

He looked really painful.

He had known Vicky for many years, but he had never seen her really sad. She was always calm, which annoyed him. How could he care so much about that woman?

"Vicky usually takes care of you while working?"

"Yes, she has been taking care of me since she went to school. She is really awesome! I remember that three years ago, I was seriously ill. At that time, I needed a lot of money, but we couldn't afford it at all. Later... Vicky got a lot of money from her work, and I was saved. She is really good to me. She saved me. "

While saying...

Randy couldn't help but feel a lump in his throat. He lowered his head and looked at his entangled fingers.

"Three years ago..."

It seemed that the information was right. Three years ago, it was also because of this matter that Vicky abandoned all her dignity. That woman had never been conquered by him from beginning to end. She had never really lowered her head to him!

Steve silently clenched his fists, he thought that he had succeeded. But now... When he knew that the woman was playing a trick on him, he suddenly became very angry!

At this moment, Vicky was still working. This plan ha

d been completed, but when she looked it over, he still felt strange. What should she do now? It seemed that it was not an easy thing.

She wanted to drink some water, but now... There was no water in the cup and no one around. It was already so late unconsciously.

"Damn it! Randy! Where is my phone? "

Thinking that Randy was still waiting for her at home, Vicky had no time to drink water. She went to get his phone immediately. "Damn it! My phone is out of service. What should I do? What should I do now? I'd better go home first and then come back to continue. "

When she was about to go home, she suddenly remembered that there was a phone in the office. If she called Randy with that phone, she wouldn't have to come back and forth.

She decided to make a phone call, but... She heard some noise from this floor. She didn't mishear. After hearing that voice, she begun to be careful.

"What happened?"

Vicky quickly hid in a corner. Through the thin crack, she could see a person, who was wearing a black mask and a peaked cap. He almost avoided all the blind spots of the monitor and cautiously came here.

"Where is she? Where is that woman? "

'That woman?

He is looking for me! ?'

After finding out the problem, Vicky covered her mouth with her hands for fear of making any sound. It would be terrible if that person found her!

The man was absolutely more than 1.75 meter tall and had a strong figure. He had muscles all over his body and an iron bar in his hand. If he found Vicky, she would be dead for sure!

"Where is that woman? No, the chair is still warm. She must be not far away. I can catch up with her now! "

He touched the chair where Vicky had just sat. The temperature on it hadn't completely dissipated, which exposed the time when Vicky had left.

'Who the hell is he? Why did he do that?'

Vicky was afraid that the man would do something bad to her. In fact, she was not sure, so she was very careful. That man was still in the company at such a late time. It was obviously abnormal.

"No, it's very dangerous. I can't go on like this. I have to leave this dangerous place as soon as possible."

Vicky walked carefully. Now she didn't know where he had gone, so she had to leave here carefully. When she walked out of the office, the long corridor was full of silence, but the quieter the place was, the more dangerous it was.

'I think I'd better take the stairs. In that case, I may be able to escape.'

Steve came to the company and asked his subordinate to look for her. But after searching around, he didn't find Vicky.

"What did you say? Vicky is not in the company? "

"Yes, I just went to the place where she worked, but she was not there. I don't know when she left, but the light in the office was not turned off. "

How could it be possible?

Her work wouldn't be finished so soon, which meant she had no reason to leave now. "Go and look for her again. Maybe she is in the bathroom or the tea room."

"Yes, General Manager."

After hearing no news from Vicky, Randy couldn't sit still anymore.

"Mr. Steve, thank you. I think I should go home and wait for the news now. Maybe Vicky had already gone home. If she goes home and sees that I'm not at home, she must be very worried. "

"Don't worry. Vicky won't go home now. Just wait here."

Randy didn't understand why he seemed to know her sister very well. "Mr. Steve, why are you so sure? Vicky knows that I'm at home alone, she must be very worried. It's very possible for her to go home at this time. "

Ha ha...

He didn't know others well, and he knew Vicky very well!

Now, for her, she knew clearly what was the most important and what could be done slowly.

"Just wait here for a moment. I promise you that you can see your sister later."

Randy looked at him in bewilderment, but it seemed that he was not a bad guy. Therefore, he chose to trust him for the time being!

But now, Vicky was very scared.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The footsteps were slow and heavy.

Wherever she went, the footsteps followed her closely, which made her nervous all the time and dare not relax at all.

"I've already seen you. Come out. Why are you hiding here alone? Everyone is off duty. You'd better go home now. "

Vicky shut her mouth tightly and didn't dare to make a sound. 'I can't make a sound. Who knows whether he is a good man or not?'

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